Monday, 8 November 2010

Appreciation of the cane

I love the movement of the cane, so sinuous, faintly menacing in it's snake like flexibility. The stored power restrained in my grasp as I bend it and the attaching strength as it springs free.

I love the feel of a cane, that silky smooth rattan, faintly lustrous, polished with use. The curve of the handle sitting comfortably in the hand.

I love the sound of the cane. Hissing and swishing as it arcs through the air; the heavy thwop as it strikes cloth over flesh, better yet the faintly liquid swatt as it strikes a naked quivering bottom.

I love the power of a cane: it is my swagger stick, my mace, my staff of authority. I threaten with it: I point and poke with it. I use it to direct the miscreant to assume the position to taste it's aching caress.

I love the vocabulary of the cane - 'Go and fetch the cane'; are they 'strokes or strips' - and 'how many is it going to be this time? The dreadful finality of 'Now bend over!' And as I reluctantly grasp my ankles I reflect that I don't love the cane nearly so much when it's 'her' turn to use it.....

I had to smile when I re-read it, I was clearing out some old drafts and came across it, can't even remember where it came from. If anyone knows the author please let me know so I can credit it.



PK said...

It sounds good but I know one thing for sure - I didn't write it!! The cane and I are not really very good friends. Maybe it's a cultural thing. I never heard of one when I was a kid - the cane is not that widely used in the States. Except maybe among 'us'.


redxxx said...

Just wondering, are these your feelings. I believe they are many persons feelings (including mine), until just after you first hear the first swish.

Hermione said...

I thought perhaps P had written it :)


sixofthebest said...

I have always loved to cane a naughty woman's bare bottom with a pliable stinging cane.

Michael said...

Very poetic. Thanks to whoever wrote it, and thank you, Ronnie, for presenting it. :)

mouse said...

Wonderful.....and can't disagree!


ronnie said...

PK - Give it time PK, I', sure you'll get to like it :)

Red - Love hate relationship with the cane. There's something about the cane that I just have to have it. Probably not having had it used at school.

Hermione - LOL no.

SOTB - I'm sure you would.

Michael - Your very welcome. Thanks.

Mouse - Certainly cant :)

Appreciate you all stopping by. Thanks.