Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween + Anne Summers takes a Spanking

An amusing news article I spotted whilst I was travelling on our local train.

Anne Summers takes a spanking. ' Offensive' Halloween Radio Ad blocked.

Anne Summers lingerie retailer's ad was blocked as it featured 'fairly overt sexual references in terms of sound effects', and it comes despite the firm applying for a post-watershed time slot.

The ad starts with screams of pain, fitting in with the Halloween theme, which are then later replaced with 'screams of pleasure'.

Jacqueline Gold, chief executive of Ann Summers, said 'We are proud of our brand that always sparks debate and we hope this gets people talking about sex in a positive way.'

A spokesperson for the firm went on to say that it believes Britons are broad-minded enough to understand the 'topical and cheeky nature' of the radio advert.



Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm glad they think it will encourage people to talk about sex and spanking in a positive way. That's encouraging.

Happy Hallowe'en!


Florida Dom said...

Let's hope that one day, spanking becomes more mainstream. Thanks for posting this Ronnie.


Sara said...

Most interesting. It points to their marketing team's idea that WAY more people are spanking out there than any of us might think.


Some controversy and therefor some free publicity, well done the Ann Summers marketing team :).

Happy Halloween

Anonymous said...

Such pretty pictures!
Good on Ann Summers- that advert passed me by.

Happy Halloween.


Dr. Ken said...

Happy Halloween, Ronnie!

All female trick or treaters over the age of 18 should stop by my door tonight. I'm giving out spanks instead of candy....

Dr. Ken said...

Happy Halloween, Ronnie! I want to hear these commercials...

Gorgeous pics, too!



ronnie said...

Hermione - Hope you had a lovely evening. Thanks.

FD - Your welcome and thanks for the mention over at yours.

Sara - I thought that as well. Good marketing.

Pref - In my opinion there's sometimes more controversy when something is pulled than just letting it go ahead.

Poppy. Just lucky I was on the train (unusual for me) that week and picked up the Meto, not sure if you have it over your way.

Dr. Ken - Oh dear, am I too late to pop over today Dr. Ken:)

Pink - Thanks. Yes me too:)

Thanks all. Hope your week is a good one.