Friday, 10 September 2010

Erotic Alexandre Dupouy

Dreaded dentist appointment this morning, new dentist too, wish me luck.

Before I go I want to share more photos from my favourite erotic photographer Alexandre Dupouy. Enjoy.


12 comments: said...


Dreamy. Love this artist; thanks for posting.

And best of luck at the dentist. :) That's a smiley for how beautiful your teeth will look.

PK said...

This is true art! Thanks for posting them.

I hope the dentist is over by the time you read this but whenever you go I hope it surprises you by being a calm, pain free visit!


BabyMan said...

Really good stuff!

1manview said...

Great pics Ronnie, really like the second one, such a sexy derrière pepping out....

redxxx said...

Sigh: why couldn't I have been a photographer as a career. thanks for sharing... open wide... by the time you read this the dentist will just be a memory.

Hermione said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I think my favourites are the first and the last. And the second one too.


ronnie said... - Your very welcome.

PK - Simply lovely., PK, Red - Lady dentist was fine but she doesn't polish your teeth, have to make another appointment for that and she charges extra:(

BabyMan - Thanks.

1manview - It is rather a nice one, isn't it :)

Red - I think you would have been a very good photographer:)

Hermione - Thanks. I like them all but especially the first one, I love the yellow of her dress, it's striking.

Appreciate you all stopping by, thank you. Enjoy your weekend.


Sara said...

Nice pics, and I hope your dentsit appt was better than mine was yesterday! At the end I told the Dr I was heading for the liquor store, and she said she was too! :)

ronnie said...

Sara hi, LOL, it wasn't that bad but don't like her too much. The old dear I used to have was such a gentlemen, much better.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend.


Daisychain said...


ronnie said...

Glad you enjoyed them Daisy. Thanks.


His mountain girl said...

lovely pics...thank you.