Monday, 26 July 2010

I've fallen in love

What, I hear you say, but don't worry it's not with another man but with a lovely supple leather implement I bought for P's birthday, known as a tawse. I can't believe I'm saying this looking at it again this morning but it's true. It's my new favourite implement. It's not logical because it's heavy and it hurts, and I do mean *Hurts*, but for some reason its the sort of hurt I can take more. And more. And ........yep you get the idea.

I could scream and shout it hurts so much, but it would be screams and shouts of joy. I've heard tales of sub space and I've never really managed to visit there myself but now, with this discovery, I think I might make the trip, in fact I think I was halfway there last night but it ended too soon because I think P reckoned I'd had enough and I didn't want to do an Oliver Twist. I haven't told him yet. I will of course, otherwise I'll never make that trip, but I worry that if I tell him how much I really like it he'll be inclined to use it less because he'll say 'you're not supposed to like it that much', which is probably true. So I guess I'll tell him it was so-so but either the leather must be a bit wimpy or maybe his technique is lacking because it didn't seem to do what tawses were revered for doing....or something along those lines. That should prompt him of his own accord to raise the bar.

Why do some implements work that way? I really don't know. Why does one person like green when another prefers red, why does P like tomatoes when I hate them, I think we just have to accept sometimes without digging for reasons. Anyway I didn't tell you why I was receiving this Scottish treat, the subject came up after his mother had asked him if he'd worn any of the (ghastly and almost iridescent) t-shirts she'd bought him for his birthday and he'd lied that he had. I admonished him for telling porkies and then reminded him again there was still another unused item, so he corrected the situation. Robustly:)



BabyMan said...

Thanks Ronnie! I'll have to surf around and get an all angles view. Perhaps I too can fall in love with one!

elle said...

Its sometimes good to just accept it is what it is without analysing why....though not always easy for a 'muser' like

I'll look forward to hearing more of your time with your new love...and to see if it does, indeed, take you to new places.

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...

Thanks, Ronnie, for the eloquent report. That sounds like an implement I'd be happy to own. I'll bet eBay is already sold out of them!


Anonymous said...


PK said...

It sounds so much better than mine! I'm so glad you have found something you like so much. I'm jealous!! Should you see another one like it for sale anywhere let me know!


L. said...

I agree, I love our homemade tawse!
Just the right sensation, the right amount of "bite".

ronnie said...

BabyMan - Having tried it I would say an excellent addition to any toy box but SugarAnne may not think the same :)

Elle - Except and not analyse not always easy :) I like that "your new love" it's what it is and yes I will indeed let you know if it ever takes me to new places.

Hermione - Thank you. I'm sure you would love it. After reading about the tawse used in Scottish schools I wasn't sure what to expect. I've just looked and there are a few interesting tawse's on ebay for auction starting at reasonable prices. The original Lochgelly tawses go for quite large amounts. Ebay is where I purchased my tawse and the wooden bat but we wont talk about the wooden bat :)

PK - When I was looking around you said make sure you buy a good quality one and this one is quite lovely. I'm already looking forward to having it used again.

L - Hello and welcome. Your right it's the bite. P made a leather strap but it's not the same as the tawse. Thanks L, hope you stop by again.

Thanks all, appreciate you taking time to stop by and leave a comment.



The Tawse is something special. I will have to buy one, I have never had one of my own.

Hope you make it to subspace in the not too distant future.


Daisychain said...

I have no special spanking implements; no point building up a collection till we can do it together. Sounds like a purchase we will make early though, as soon as Davey gets here!xxxxxxx

Dante d'Amore said...


That headline made me do a double take, lol.

Looks like my tawse (well, "my" until I'm finally able to sell it). Always one of my absolute favorites!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - I would recommend it:) A few good quality ones being auctioned on ebay.

Daisy - I think you should starting making your list of all the implements you want Davey to try out :)

Dante - hi,lovely to see you here. I think you should keep that tawse and not sell it. A shame.

Thanks all.


redxxx said...

Sounds like a wonderful implement. Might you become a salesperson for the company. I have forgotten but does P read the blog? IF so, it will be interesting to see his reaction. Glad you had a great time.