Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Whipping Post

I was searching on Ebay, still looking for a little something different for P's birthday (Hey, don't knock Ebay I sell there sometimes!), saw this little gem it was for auction and I was really tempted, but then I thought where would he display it? I mean he couldn't really have it on his desk, certainly couldn't go in the house, OK he could lock it away somewhere safe but what's the point in that. So I passed. Lovely though.



Anonymous said...

How delightful! What a pity you can't find a place for it. I'm sure whatever you give P for his birthday will be equally lovely.....and hey, you could always recreate this for him as a living breathing model!

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

It's the thought that counts. Of course, I can't say what I'm thinking right now.

PK said...

That is beautiful. I think you should have gotten it for his desk. It's a great conversation starter! LOL! Although I imagine that while it would make everyone wonder I bet few people would mention it.


BabyMan said...

That's awesome. I'm sure the bids are coming in furiously.

Hermione said...

Gorgeous! Not for the office, I agree, but perhaps the bedroom?


Sara said...

Maybe he could make a special box for it...just look when he wants to enjoy her. But then he has you for that doesn't he? ;)

Not My Original Vows said...

That is a beautiful piece. I am sure you will find something just as lovely for his birthday.


ronnie said...

Anonymous - Hello. What a great suggestion, that's what I could give him for his birthday me :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Mick - I'd love to know what you were thinking when you stopped by.

PK - LOL, yes a great conversation starter that nobody would dare ask about.

BabyMan - I just looked to see what price it was, it's £29.01. Auction finishes later tonight.

Hermione - No, not the bedroom. We have a long mirror in there and son uses it when he goes out.

Sara - Exactly, why would he want a statue when he can look at me :) Thanks Sara.

Katia - I hope so, getting nearer and I haven't found anything yet.

Appreciate you all stopping by and leaving comments, thanks.


M:e said...

Hi there Ronnie, 'anonymous' was me. Had a feeling that might happen as Blogger comments seemed to be playing up this morning.


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, that would make a beautiful gift. Yes, one must admit, it would surely be difficult to display openly. But he knows your heart was in the right place. Make it up to him by displaying your voluptous bare bottom to him most provocatively, for a good spanking.

黃峻帆 said...


ronnie said...

M:e - Thanks for letting me, I know Blogger can be a real pain as times.

Sixofthebest - Excellent idea. I'm lucky, not only do I get a spanking on my birthday but I get one on P's birthday as well :). Thanks for stopping by.


redxxx said...

Great thought... would always bring a smile when you see it.

Thomas_III said...

Now, I suddenly want that, and I'd put it somewhere in my bedroom, no matter what happened. I wonder if it's still on eBay. Too bad that I allowed my Paypal account to lapse. There even appears to be a couple of stripes on her backside, perhaps from a caning?

ronnie said...

Red - It would have been such a shame to have bought it only to have it locked away. Thanks for stopping by.

Thomas_III - Hi, I would definitely say the stripes are from a caning. It sold for £29.01. Thanks.

Red, Thomas, thank you both.