Monday, 31 May 2010

The Tawse

Hello all, hope you've had a good weekend. Bank holiday here today and Memorial Day for our friends across the pond.

A nice weekend for us with family and friends, though no spankings for me. Worked part of Saturday and out on the night. Yesterday an unexpected visit, one of P's nephews and wife drove up from Worcester and dropped in on P's mother who is the nephew's grandmother and now a great grandmother as they have a baby girl, so we went to say hello as we hadn't seen them for a while. We had friends over last night.

P's had to cancel our China trip, I'll tell you about it another time but basically with BA strikes, dust clouds and uncertainty from our new government on immigration policy there were too few to make the trip viable.

I've been doing some more Internet searches looking for implement ideas for Ps birthday. Still plenty of time. I spotted two leather tawses on ebay, similar to these I would hope.

I've never felt the tawse on my bottom so I'm wondering maybe that's what I'll get him, but I'm also thinking mightn't it be much the same feel as the belt or strap. What do you think, does anyone have a tawse? They do call the tawse "the belt" in Scotland.

I know they were used mainly in Scottish schools and were administered on the palm of the hands (what a waste!).

Read a little history of the Tawse here "The best-known Scottish tawse maker was John J Dick of Lochgelly. He made Tawses in four weights: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy. A typical Light tawse of his manufacture is 3 cm wide, 54 cm long, 5mm thick and weighs 80 gm. A heavy tawse, while not being significantly larger in any dimension, weighs 110 gm. They are divided into 2 'tails' about 23 cm long at the operating end. Wider Tawses might be divided into 3, 4 or even 5."

Apparently original Lochgelly tawses are now considered collectibles and may be sold for several hundreds pounds each. The ones I spotted can't be originals then because they certainly weren't several hundred pounds but they were stamped John Dick, Lochgelly.

I also spotted this old bill of prices for school straps from1966.



Anonymous said...

I have never used the tawse on a Mrs.A's behind but I would imagine, as you say, that's its effect is very like that of the strap or belt.

On a different tack, have you ever felt a long shoe-horn across your backside? I find it to be a very effective implement to use on Mrs.A's naughty bottom! Apparently, it creates a painful stinging sensation which lasts for some considerable time.

Hope you have a good Bank Holiday, spanking or no!


PK said...

Hey Ronnie,
We have a tawse I ordered a while back and I don't like it at all - one of my least favorite and it's strange because I love it when he uses the belt. I think it's the one we have. It may be an inexpensive leather but it's always had a plastic look and feel to me. Sting for sure but nothing lasting and that's what I go for. I like the picture of the one you have here.

Talk soon,

Hermione said...

I liked the addendum at the bottom of the price list - only sold to the teaching profession.

In response to Aristotle, Ron used a long wooden shoehorn on me for the first time two weeks ago, and he really enjoyed it. As for myself....!

I'd like to try a tawse. I guess from PK's response that you should buy a good quality one.


Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie,
A shoehorn is evil. Not a good idea at all!
A tawse sounds good, but once bought as a gift, if it freakin hurts, you may regret it!!!!

Let me doesn't go on MY shopping list till someone tells me what its like! hahaha! xxxxxxxx

Elysia said...

Very new to implements over here in Bliss-ville, so I've noted the above comments (iks-nay on the oe-horn say)and will be back to find out the verdict on the tawse from you if you decide to go ahead.
Implements as birthday presents?
I'm a bit surprised, yet delighted at the same time. I suppose it's much like buying them lingerie, eh?
Ahh, perks!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Love the idea of you buying the implements for his birthday. Let us know what you decide on and when he first uses them. Have fun and hope you're enjoying the holiday the way we are here.


Sara said...

I think we still need to hear from someone who has experienced BOTH a belt and a tawse to get the down and dirty report. We don't have a tawse either, but I am wondering if the multiple thinner strips would give more sting than a belt? Sometimes less is more when it comes to implements, you know?


The Tawse was used in my school (I never got it there though but since then!!!) in England. Our area education authority was the only one in the whole of the UK that used the Tawse on the back side rather than the hands.

The Tawse is a lot harder to take than a normal belt or strap. Go for it, buy one and find out for yourself :)


hestia said...

mmmmmmm Ronnie, I think you have to be sure it's an OK quality indeed... a friend of mine has one and I've felt it once... and then the after sensation is mmmmmmmmm... but what PK describes does not sound alluring at all....

maybe a more safe gift... grinnnnnnnnn

love, h

ronnie said...

Aristotle - Yikes a shoehorn, no haven't. Now that would be something different. Thanks.

PK - The two I'm looking are apparently good quality leather but you never know. I wished Cane-Iac sold them. Thanks PK.

Hermione - I wondered if anyone would spot that. I just can't imagine a shoe-horn. Is yours made of wood or plastic? I spotted a Canadian prison strap on my travels around the web.

Daisy - It's good to have recommendations but a bit like a film, you could enjoy it but the other person not :)

Elysia - I always buy something spanking related for P's birthday, may not always be implements but this year that's what I would like to get and has to be something I haven't felt yet :)

FD - You know me, I like to share. So you will definitely get a full report :)

Sara - Yep was hoping somebody would give the real low down. PK made a point about quality. You could be right about the strips, that's why it could be different from a belt.

Prefctdt - LOL, smiple, why not - buy one and find out for yourself. I think that's what I'll have to do to find out. That's interesting Prefctdt, I thought English schools only gave the tawse on the palm of the hands. Thanks.

Hestia - The after sensation sounds just perfect :). Thanks.

Thanks all, appreciate you stopping by. I'm off now to google shoehorn, Aristotle, Hermione and Daisy you got me curious.


redxxx said...

Whatever you buy, it must be good quality, otherwise a waste of money and spanking time. I doubt I would buy on ebay, having little idea of quality.
Good lluck with whatever you decide.


I have heard that MC Customs have a good reputation for Tawses and their prices seem reasonable. Try this address

ronnie said...

Red - Thank you. I've decided I would like a tawse if I can find one at a reasonable price and of course good quality.

Prefctdt - Thank you for the link, will check it out.

Thanks both.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

"I've never felt the tawse on my bottom..., but I'm also thinking mightn't it be much the same feel as the belt or strap."

It could feel the same or totally different. There can be large differences in all three, belts, straps, and tawses. It depends on the leather used and how it is tanned. The only difference between some straps and tawses are the fingers of the tawse - which don't add anything to my way of thinking and can led to hitting places you don't want hit.

The only way I know to determine if it is something for you is try it. Ideally you would be able to hold it before you buy it.

You can make your own - very easy. Go to a store that sells leather and find a piece you like. You can stain it as you like. It's easy to cut to shape. And you can add a wood handle if you like.

ronnie said...

OBB - The belt and the strap are certainly a different feel or at least the ones we have are so with the fingers of the tawse should be different, shouldn't it, maybe.

We don't have any stores around our way where we can go in and "try before you buy"

I like the sound of making one but I'm not very good at making things.

Thanks for stopping by.