Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Do you know how to give a BJ?

Girls, would you say you know how to give your man a blowjob?

Some lady thinks not because she's written a book giving us some tips.
"All you ever wanted and needed to know about how to give a blowjob, from basic moves to multitasking. Men are suckers for blowjobs. According to The Hite Report, almost all the 7,000+ men polled listed fellatio as their favorite pastime.

Unfortunately, many women don't have the first idea how to handle a penis. They grab, fumble, and then give up. This book offers no-skip steps to a knock-em dead blowjob that he'll love to get and you'll love to give."

I mentioned it to P and he said in his opinion it's true a lot of women just don't know how to give a good BJ. I'm wondering how many women has given him a blowjob recently :)



Kategory 5 said...
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PK said...

That's an excellent question for P but I'm guessing you already know the answer. I'm not sure I'm ready to write a how-to book but I sure haven't heard any complaints from Nick!


redxxx said...

Education is always rewarding.As one enjoys different implements when spanking or being spanked, different positions, and out of nowhere spankings, variety in technique and suggestions for out of nowhere blow jobs will have it's own rewards. Definitely worth a look for every woman. We now await your suggestion on a book describing pleasuring a woman orally!

Baby Girl said...

Not to brag (ok, I'm totally going to brag right now!), but I give my Daddy/Master a bj every single day that we're together (and sometimes more than one a day). Said blow jobs bring him to a screaming climax every single time. I'm thinking that there isn't too much that Ms. Sussman could teach me about being a good little cocksucker! ;)

Great post! :)

Take care,
Baby Girl :)

Hermione said...

Seems to me I did read something about that somewhere. Possibly in The Joy of Sex. It was really quite detailed (but I'll spare you those).

At university I had a female housemate who found out about - as she called it - "sixty-nine" and was so horrified she vowed never to get married or otherwise put herself in danger of having to have sex, just in case her partner wanted to do "that".

Wonder if she ever changed her mind.


Anonymous said...


ronnie said...

PK - It's one of my favourites pastimes :)

Red - Your quite correct, you should never stop learning. I was quite tempted to buy the book for research purposes :)

Baby Girl :) - Welcome. Brag away girl, good for you. It's something a lot of women still don't like to do. Thanks.

Hermione - I bet she's married now with loads of children LOL

Thanks all, appreciate you stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Is it is ok to say that I don't need any lessons in this? I rather enjoy it and ahem have developed a taste for it.


But really, I love to do this but have only ever loved doing it to Himself. But I am too shy to talk about it, I would rather just do it.

Great topic. :)

ronnie said...

Pppy - Sorry only just spotted your comment

"devloped a taste for it" I love that. As I said to PK, it's one of my favourite pastimes. A lot of women don't like to admit they enjoy it. So good for you.