Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Difference Between Women & Men



Lessa said...

ROFL.. this is sooooooooo true... grin....

PK said...

Totally true and totally unfair! Who can I write to correct this??


Janet said...

Too funny but also too true!!! Why is it that mens middle age spread is okay but it isn't with women???

Luckily I am blessed to have a husband who loves me either way.

Where do you find these???

Hermione said...

Do you think we women are too hard on ourselves? Maybe we need more self-confidence in ourselves and our bodies.


Little Butterfly said...

LOL So true!

spirited one said...

LMAO... so funny, but so true!


ronnie said...

Lessa, PK, Little Butterfly, Spirited One - Thank you.

Hermione - Your right. I think though as you get you feel more comfortable with your body, I know I am pretty happy now, well if I could just loose a couple more pounds :)

Janet - Thanks. Just find them on my travels around the web and if I sport anything I save it for some later post.

Thanks all, appreciate you stopping by.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: This is so true and so frustrating for women.

We men can look in a mirrow and think everything is fine. A woman -- even a movie star -- thinks she should be better looking.


Dave The Rave said...

This is funny, because women almost always see themselves as imperfect compared to the models, etc.

Guys, on the other hand, tend to see themselves in more realistic terms, although some DO try to recapture their youth, as in this picture.

As a 40-something male, I accept my age, although I do tend to act like I am younger than my age. Still, people accept me "as is". It helps that I am of medium build and in shape.

My father tried dressing younger when he was in his mid-50's and he looked very out-of-place. Didn't make a difference to him.

The old Carly Simon song is still true - "You're So Vain".

So, women - calm down and just acept yourselves and be realistic.

Guys, get over it!

ronnie said...

Dave hi,

Funny I saw Carly on TV the other day. I loved that song.

Some men and women who try to dress younger just don't get it right.

Thanks for stopping by.