Monday, 22 February 2010

Off to Ireland

Not me unfortunately, but P has to go to Waterford, never been there before, I'm booking him the early Ryanair flight from Birmingham Wednesday morning and he'll be back Thursday night. I wanted to go but it's not practical, I told him he'd have no one to spank as he always says he needs to spank when he's travelling, relieves the tension especially when it's business. ''Ah well, perhaps one of the flight crew will need a spanking,'' he said, ''if they played their cards right - or wrong - who knows.''

''Very funny,'' I said, ''I don't think flight staff are as flirtatious as their image used to be and certainly I can't imagine one volunteering to be spanked.''

''Who said anything about volunteering,'' said P, ''didn't you read that story about the Luton stewardess who got spanked?''

''Oh yeah sure,'' I lied, ''headline news no doubt.'' I know when P's having me on. ''No really,'' he said....''apparently it was was her first real working flight, after all that training they've done and feel they've climbed mountains but actually there's a whole load of new challenges during their first week of short hops and an unexpected extra for this particular new kid, she got spanked by the captain.''

Later in the day he emailed me the following:-

.......For me my inaugural was Luton Alicante, twice in the same day, it was doubly memorable, because it was my first real day and I was all adrenalin fuelled and thrilling because I got spanked by the captain, can you believe that, I can hardly believe it myself, looking back I'm still amazed I didn't report it to the chief steward but then again she'd probably have told me to get over it. I wasn't the kind of girl who messed around and as far as I was concerned spanking was Tom Brown School Days and private members clubs only, it didn't happen to real people, normal people. But it did to me. The captain was mid late forties and a bit like the guy off the VA ad, he'd had to wait ages for his coffee, it was my responsibility as newest team member to serve the flight deck staff, anyway I did get round to it and apologised for the delay. He made some sarcy comments and I responded in kind, nothing more was said.

Then at Alicante newest member had to stay on board to re-stack and clean, the co-pilot and flight engineer both got off, captain stayed on deck. He came back into the cabin, pulled the door back, which made it overwarm because even at eightish in the morning the sun was up, then he called me out of the galley and told me I had to learn who was boss on an aircraft, I told him I did know but he said I didn't know respectfully enough and he folded one of the jump seats down, sat on it and pulled me across his knee. It all happened so fast I don't think I even struggled, he yanked my skirt up and he spanked me over my tights and knickers, he did it really hard too, maybe twenty spanks and then he told me to get up. I was panting, hot, flustered, red faced, I didn't have words I didn't know what to say, and then he broke the silence and told me I might find stockings and suspenders cooler than tights and recommended I wear them in future especially on his flights. He said a spanking was more memorable that way too. God I thought I was already blushing scarlet but I'm sure I went a deeper shade. Then he opened the door to let some air in and it was back to business.

Forty minutes later the crew returned, I was still smarting from the incident, I wanted to tell someone but at the same time I didn't want to cause any trouble, so I didn't say anything at all, just carried on with my work.

I went upstairs immediately, ''Where did you get this from and where's the rest of it?'' I asked. ''Oh so you didn't read it then,'' he said, ''well perhaps you should keep up to date,'' and with a condescending smile and a pat on my bum he was off for a shower.

I didn't find out where he got it from, we had his Mom, SIL and kids visiting and it was just forgotten, but the image in my mind of the captain from the VA ad spanking a cheeky stewardess over his knee stayed with me, I rather liked the thought.



PK said...

Gee I can't imagine why something like that would stay with you! LOL! I never thought I would want to work as a flight attendant but it sounds like it could have made an interesting career.

I'm sure everyone on the flight will be respectful but remind P that he'll probably find a cheeky wife waiting at home. That will give you both something to work toward.

Big hugs,

ronnie said...

PK - You know I did enquire about being a stewardess and maybe would have carried it through had I known you got spanked by the captain LOL.

Thanks PK.


Hermione said...

Aha! Now we know where to buy suspenders. at the air hostess uniform shops!

It certainly makes that job sound so appealing!


Paolo In Dublin said...

Hope the trip over here to Ireland goes well...although God Help you on RyanAir :)

Anonymous said...

And now Ronnie, those visuals are on my mind... as if I don't obsess enough... and I'll be flying a bit this spring... if it wasn't for stories floating in my head... I'd certainly implode!! I'm thinking private leer jet... instead of oxygen masks dropping down....

I wish P safe travels and calm moments!

Florida Dom said...

Is he going to visit the glass factory at Waterford?

Not as much fun as spanking, of course, but an interesting experience.

And today's flight attendants are so frazzled and overworked that they don't have time to flirt, but much get spanked. LOL.


ronnie said...

Hermione - I wonder if female flight attendants have to wear regulation underwear.

Paolo - Hello, thanks for stopping by. To be honest we have travalled with Ryanair lots of time and no problems as she quickly tries to find some wood to touch :) but have heard real bad stories, think we must have been luckly.

KayLynn - I'd love to read one of your stoties about an airpline pilot. Thanks.

FD - He wont have time, I would have loved to have gone and seen the glass factory. I saw them blowing glass one in Venice.

Thanks all.

PS - Are there any ladies who could please let me know where they buy their suspenders from because for the life of me I can't find them anywhere x