Monday, 15 February 2010

Look what I received

P said thank you for all your good wishes.

Now look what I received in the post last week - a doggin bat or a pig slapper whichever you prefer to call it.

One of our favourite bloggers and good friend PK sent it to me after she read that I was having trouble finding one in the UK. How kind is that, somebody who you've never met sends you something that's going to cause you pain :) Thank you PK, that was really a very special thing to do.

PK sent it to our office. I wasn't in when the package arrived but a note was left in our post box saying there's a parcel in the main reception office for me. When I went to collect it, Mary said the postman had a smile on his face and said he'd never heard of a dogging bat before, so what is it she asks - so I said "it's for slapping bottoms, friends have told me how effective they are and I wanted P to try it on me LOL." No, not really, I said, ''I don't what the package is, a friend ordered it for her husband and asked if she could have it delivered to me so it would be a surprise for him.'' Then I told Mary I'd ask my friend what it was but I know she'll forget all about it, well I hope she does.

I was hoping P might have put it to good use on the weekend but he's still not totally confident about his back which is giving odd twinges and his physio isn't back off hols till next week, he'll see him Tues or Weds. I did get a few fun swats from it when I gave it to him on Saturday and he said he'll enjoy using it. He's hung it on the wall by his desk, coincidentally next to a SWOT notice he's had on the pin board for several weeks, note that's SWOT not SWAT. I told him Mary had asked about it so no doubt he'll move it on Monday, I think Clare's in Monday afternoon too so wouldn't do to leave it on display. Looks like I'm going to have to be patient and wait for a real taster but good things come to people that wait, right?

On another note, I hope you all had a lovely spanking Valentine's Day. This is a little card I had made for P, I'm not showing what I wrote inside :)

Hope you all have a good week.



PK said...

It was more that a pleasure! Spanking implements need to be shared around the world. And I've told Nick he can use it all he wants but only if he promises never to call it a pig slapper!!

I hope P is soon feeling good enough for a complete work out with your new toy. I think you will really like the feel. I still think you should be completely honest with your co-worker and explain the full use of the dogging bat - perhaps a short video should go along with the explanation. Don't forget to post it here too!!

Big hugs,

ronnie said...

You just made me spray tea over my laptop screen, a video, I'll ask P if he can oblige :)

I haven't told him it's called a pig slapper as well. I'm looking forward to P using it and yes I will give you a full report.

Thanks again PK.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I think the RSPCA will take a dim view of slapping pigs, so better not call it that.

I think you should send Mary an email with links to all the blogs that recommend dogging bats.

Love the valentine!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have it on the bulletin board! And I almost collected my eyes from the keyboard reading your pretend comment to Mary! Go PK! I'm sure that only P will be happy for it in the long run! It looks daunting! I love the card you had made... very "cute"?! Will make one for D's bday. "Feel younger use these!"

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I already told you they are called pig slappers in the states, but now your British readers know. Their use is to move pigs along. Nothing harmful.

Please define dogging.

ronnie said...

Hermione - The lady who makes the cards is very open to suggestions and will make any card you want. I had one made with a paddle for his birthday :) Wondering if she may be part of our communtiy but I don't think I could ask.

KayLynn - It's not hanging there any more P's moved it but only to his desk drawer and said he thinks I should come into the office early on Saturday, now I wonder why he wants me in? :)

Our Bottom Burns - Yes, thanks, so if Mary remembers to ask, I'll can tell her "it's to move pigs along".

In my opinion there's no definition of doggin. Dogging (with a g) in UK means for engaging in sexual acts say in car parks and have people watching is encouraged.

Thanks all.