Friday, 19 February 2010

Joyous heart, red bottom.

I had an interesting comment to my post on Wednesday, 喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾 , which according to Google's translator means 'Joy's heart is healthy medicine, a broken spirit makes marrow stem' so I'm still not much the wiser but it's nice to know I have some Chinese readers, you're very welcome. I actually got the translation from P after sending him the text, he said the google translator often gets it a bit wrong but it gives you a general idea, he thinks it should be a 'joyous heart is healthy medicine' but he was stumped on the marrow stem, then he asked me what the comment was about and I linked him to my post, which he liked and said a man's work is never done.

Wednesday afternoon P had his physio session, he came back happy, he'd rotated his pelvis or something and the physio un-rotated it and gave him a couple of stretches to carry on for a week or so. I told him he seemed happy, did it feel that much better, he said yes it had put 'joy in his heart', that and the image I sent him earlier of the girls. Then he said so much joy he thought I deserved a spanking, music to my ears of course but unfortunately it didn't happen, he got busy and it was forgotten or so I thought. Wednesday evening we ate late, P cooked, son was working late so we all ate together around 8.30pm, P even started on the dishes, joy apparently was still in his heart though not as yet in my backside. When I took over from him he pointed out some grease he'd noticed on the hob and a couple of areas where grease and dust looked to have combined, he said I shouldn't neglect my wifely duties, women got spanked for less. I refrained from telling him the grease had most likely been caused when he panfried the meat balls, I accepted full responsibility for the neglect, god am I an opportunist or what. I still didn't get spanked because our son was in.

Then yesterday I got a double surprise.

Just after lunch P asked me if I fancied eating out later, same place we found a couple of weeks ago after a cinema trip, they do really great steaks, super meat and simple trimmings. I said yippee because we haven't been going out as much lately, then he said I'd have to clean up the kitchen before we went, he hadn't forgotten about the previous night, I said I'd done it already and again didn't mention him being the most likely cause, instead I said I was sorry and wouldn't let it happen again. I know, how low can I stoop when I want something. Anyway P took charge and said he'd give me something to be sorry about before we went out. Promises promises, he sounded serious and I didn't know whether he really thought I was letting things slide or not.

At nearly 6.00 I was ready to go home, he asked me to hang on a while to check off some mail merge data with him and he'd be much quicker than doing it himself. I hung on but we never checked any data, he went out of the office for a couple of minutes, came back with a satisfied look on his face and took our recently acquired 'doggin bat' out of his desk drawer. ''Everybody's gone, at least on our floor,'' he said, ''it's time for a little reminder that wifely duties shouldn't be ignored, no excuses.'' I gulped I honestly couldn't tell if he was serious or not, I mean I knew he was seriously going to spank me but I didn't know if he seriously thought I'd been neglectful, which I don't think I am.

I didn't have time to dwell on it because a minute later I was trousers and pants down over his desk getting pig-slapped or whatever the official use for that implement is, and it stung from the word go and made a lovely slapping sound every time it connected, its bark worse than its bite actually, at least early on, then the sting got deeper and hotter and I got wrigglier wanting to escape it and get more of it at the same time. P had to restrain me while he administered his final volley, I think its bite was worse than its bark by that stage in fact I could hardly hear the bark over my own stifled cries. Phew, when he stopped and told me to let that be a lesson to me I hardly knew what to say, I was hoping he might have fucked me over his desk but he didn't so I just said I was sorry and he told me to pull my pants up and go on home and he'd finish off and lock up, oh and to phone and book a table just in case they were busy. I went off, bemused.

An hour later I was in the shower, son in London for the day just me in the house, and had the shock of my life when the shower screen pulled back, thank goodness it was P standing there, I hadn't heard him come in over the noise of the water and I hadn't locked the door. He asked if there was room for one more and I moved aside, he was clearly in a state of some arousal and I commented that he must be feeling a LOT better, he just smiled and said he still had joy in his heart and wanted to share some of it and I was more than happy to accept.

Later when we were out, he told me he knew it was his fault about the grease. ''You b*****d.'' I said. He just smiled. So thanks to my Chinese reader for the joy and thanks to my friend PK for the joy:)



Hermione said...

Ronnie - what a fine story! I always love hearing about P taking a risk and spanking you at the office.

I'm glad you liked the dogging bat. It does bark quite loudly, doesn't it? But I like the bite too, and it's Ron's favourite implement.

I'm glad P confessed about the grease being his fault.



I'm very sorry to tell you that your Chinese commenter is a spammer and has probably never genuinely visited or read your blog.

I have had problems with these on both of my blogs, bad enough on the kinky blog but totally out of order on my vanilla blog, as these comments always contain a link, sometimes to a dating or dodgy pharmaceutical site but very often to an adult orientated site. I want to keep my vanilla blog child friendly.

I recommend that you delete the comment, as they tend to multiply if you leave them standing. I had over thirty on one post, on the vanilla blog and only stopped them by closing the comments box on that post.

I hate being the bearer of bad news over something that at first sight seems so nice but it is farer that you know what you are dealing with.


PK said...

I'm so glad you liked the dogging bat. I think it great for that fun sexy spanking but when Nick gets going it can be something to reckon with!

Have a great weekend!


ronnie said...

Hermione - Thank you so much. A little risk adds to the fun :) I love the sound it makes.

Prefectdt - Appreciate you letting me know, thank you. I've deleted the comment. Never thought of it being a spammer.

PK - Thank you so much for sending it to me. P said he liked using it and I know it will become one of our favourites.
Enjoy your weekend and I hope you'll let us all know about LJ's play.

Hermione, Prefectdt, PK, thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a great weekend.


Not My Original Vows said...

I love that he spanked you in the office. Does it bring up the element of excitement of hoping not to get caught? Sounds like you also had a happy ending.

ronnie said...

Katia - Thanks. Oh yes, a little risk certainly ads to the excitement.


Anonymous said...

I about spit wine on the screen reading he'd admitted his grease spill & your verbal reflex.

I'm so glad he's better! And it is nice to know that even two dedicated spanko and spanker have trouble fitting it all in. Makes me feel normal.. well as much as that is possible - I'm not advertising such by any stretch ;)