Friday, 18 December 2009

My Naughty Christmas Wish Lists

I have two, one I've emailed to P and the other for family and vanilla friends, I think you'd know which would be which :)

On P's are the following items:-

The Sapphire Spiral I've always wanted to try a glass dildo so when I spotted this over at Angle Brat's blog, I just had to put it on my wish list, no idea who stocks them if anyone in the UK

Hermione and PK recommended this but I can't for the life of me find one on any UK website. I've passed the impossible task of getting one to P it's called a dogging bat, I even asked at Pets4Us and the sales girl didn't know what I was on about. So it's rare here. So I want one.

This was at the very top of my list. And it doesn't cost anything, just a little time. Well quite a lot of time preferably, I mean if a job's worth doing......

This delightful flogger caught my attention.

On my vanilla are the following:-

I genuinely need some new cooking utensils actually....

Hermione spotted this one for me.



Eliane said...

Argh, how frustrating, I'm sure I saw one while browsing for implements last night... If I see it again I will let you know.

PK said...

I think you have a lovely list and I hope you get everything on it. For my dogging bat I went to a site that provided horse tack - saddles, bridles and such.

I sure hope you sent the right list to the right people - could be embarrassing otherwise!


ronnie said...
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Anonymous said...


You've got to get the Littledeer Pan Paddle it comes in many sizes. The wood is killer - maple. But the feel of it should appeal to P. It's quite wide. Of course you may be tipping your hand if you legitimately ask for that on your vanilla list!

Hermione said...

Oh, yes, Littledeer! I have the pan paddle (ouch!) and a narrower one too (for real cooking). The bamboo implements look so pretty!

I'd never heard of or seen a dogging bat before until I saw one on a spanking blog. Since it's used in Western games, You'll probably need to order it from an American site.


M:e said...

Hi Ronnie...not sure if they stock that specific glass dildo but a lot of the UK online stores sell a range. Can be great fun, especially when warmed or chilled!

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try one of those glass dildos too! Maybe I should make a bad girl list ;-)


Lil Sam said...

Ronnie you have a great wish list, Hope you get them all. I only have one wish on mine , first is to have my hubby home, but that won't happen not til middle of jan
Oh Well, Merry Christmas to you and yours
Hugs lil Sam

ronnie said...

Elaine - Oh yes please let me know if you spot it again.

PK - LOL, yes I made sure I sent the list to the right people.

Elaine, PK, for some reason I deleted my first comment to you sorry.

KayLynn, Hermione - Didn't kow what a pan paddle was but I do now and I want one :) Thanks.

Hermione - Yes I think it will have to be ordered from an American site but I'll wait to see if P comes up trumps.

M:e - Chilled mmm. Your giving me naughty thought when I should be working :)

Kitten - Oh yes a "bad girls list" sound good.

Lil Sam - Thanks. Sorry to hear your husband wont be home for Christmas. I'll be thinking of you both.

Thanks all. Hope you have a good weekend.

I'm in work for a few hours, then home to deck the halls and at our clients Christmas fancy dress do tonight. More Christmas shopping so a busy weekend for me.