Friday, 20 November 2009

An Unbelievable Meme

Prefectdt recently posted an interesting meme. I also spotted it over at Hermione's Heart and at My Bottom Smarts. I thought it would be fun to have a go.

Below are 5 facts, only one of them is genuine the other four are untrue. What you have to do is decided which one is the true fact.

1. I went to an all girls school and we had to wear regulation green knickers, the teachers used to make us line up and do spot checks to make sure we were wearing them and if we weren't, we would be sent to the headmistresses office where she would make us bend over the desk with our skirts up and give us 2 strokes of the cane for first offence, 4 for second, 6 for third. I can assure you not many girls got higher than 2 and it only happened to me once.

2. After dinner at a friends house we played strip poker and the loser got spanked. It wasn't me.

3. I had just started going out with P when he invited me to go with him to a friend's wedding. After the meal and speeches the bride and groom took to the floor for what I imagined would be for the first dance, well it was, but before dancing the groom took his new bride over his bended knee and gave her a couple of swats. Apparently this was a family tradition on the groom's side.

4. I was dressed in top hat and tails for an occasion evening at an entertainment venue we owned and at the end of the evening we were locking up, I went in and checked the ladies loo and P followed me in and jokingly started spanking but didn't get very far because our trusty German Shepherd thought it looked like a great game and jumped on us.

5. A long time ago my friend decided to have a tattoo and persuade me to have one as well so I had a small heart put on the right cheek of my bottom.



PK said...

Hmmmmmm... a few of those could be possible. I think I'm going to guess 4, then again 3 sounds like a possibility. But I'll stick with 4 and I'll be back to check.

Have a great weekend.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Since you've had romps at work before, I'll guess 4 but I'd love it to be 3. That would be a great tradition.

And if it's 5, are you going to share a photo?


Hermione said...

I vote for number 4 as well because that's true GSD behaviour!

I suspect parts of number 1 are also true.


Anonymous said...

I'm all over four, sounds classic. Greg had a male GS when we dated who used to wander over after our moments of pleasure and start to nuzzle me. Greg would shoo him out the door with a caveman command "Go get your own!"

Elle said...

I will go with 3 as well. It just sounds fun!

mouse said...

Just to be difficult I'd guess number 2...

Can't wait to find out....

Lessa said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm, and I am guessing numer I can imagine you with a tattoo... :-)


#1 sounds great a little too much like a lot of peoples fantasies to be true, So I'll go for #3 as it sounds implausible but not impossible.