Monday, 17 August 2009

Wearing boys pants can get you spanked

Our family bathroom is way overdue for re-decorating, there's some flaking paint on the skirting. So on Saturday I told P I'd give it a quick lick of paint, only take an hour or so while he was at the office.

I put a pair of P's old underpants on and then joked to him that as I was doing boys work (I know it's not only boys work) better dress appropriately. "Wat do you mean", those aren't my jeans".

So I loosened the button and pulled the waistband of his pants up for him to see what I was wearing underneath my jeans. He doesn't wear them anymore they're years old, I keep them in my drawer because there's a story attached to them, anyway there was soon to be another one, or so I hoped, short sharp and sweet. He took the bait. ''Well you can take your jeans right off and come with me into the bedroom before you get started, I can see you're in a cheeky mood and I wouldn't want you doing a less than exemplary job so I think five minutes across my knee should help you take it seriously. You'll get the 'boys' work done with a sore bottom, and you'd better do a good job or it'll be the bath brush when I get back from the office''.

Now this was all in good fun as you can imagine from my telling but even so the spanking was carried out with P's customary efficiency and I did indeed have to get on with it with my cheeky bum well warmed, I enjoyed it too and looked forward to his return, making sure I'd missed a few bits. I got the work done minus the missed bits, left the brush out, silly dizzy me not knowing it needs to be washed.

Then what happened, our son came home unexpectedly early, I called to watch out there's wet paint in the bathroom and went about some ironing. Twenty minutes later son appeared in the kitchen, ''You missed a couple of bits, Mom, I filled them in for you and cleaned the brush up.'' And with a peck on the cheek he went to put the brush and paint away in the garage.

When P returned a bit later he said I'd done a good job, he probably figured the threat of the bathbrush may have helped, I told him actually I hadn't done a great job at all, I'd missed some and if it hadn't been for our son the paintbrush would have dried up and gone rock hard. He just smiled and said oh well it all turned out fine so no problem.

Well maybe it wasn't a problem for him but I'd been primed and I'd been looking forward to a telling off from that bathbrush for my girlie carelessness and it didn't happen. And I was horny as hell for the rest of the day.



Anonymous said...


Your purposeful (as would be mine)acts of insuring a spanking are exactly what don't get me spanked for punishment! He's seen into my devious desires and wishes not to deal with my 'sabotage for spanking' heart. I'm only spanked for being good!! :( Needless to say I'm jealous of P's intuitions and your permission to invoke them! Arghh and sigh.... KayLynn

PK said...

See what we get for raising our kids to be thoughtful and responsible! A day of intense longing and unfufilled fantasies. Oh well. At least you got the first one. I loved the way it came about!

Thanks for sharing,

jim said...

It's said that no good deed goes unpunished; but sometimes naughty ones do, unfortunately.

Meow said...

Who'd ever think a responsible, thoughtful child would be a pain in the butt - or NOT! Meow

Sara said...

AGHH! Such effort. Such carefully laid plans! How frustrating! I think you need new plans; a brand spankin' new plot!


You would have been better off leaving the uncleaned brush on his favourite chair, for him to sit on. That would have done the trick. Oh well better luck next time.


Hermione said...

Maybe there's some more painting that needs doing?

I loved the part about wearing his underwear. Ron won't let me wear his tshirts; he says I stretch them :-)


Spnk MeRed said...

next time you will need to spatter a little paint on something that shouldnt have paint on it(i.e. the mirror or something the paint can be removed from with out too much trouble)...that way no matter how helpful and great your son is it should ensure a nice warm bottom...better luck next time ;)

Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhh Ronnie... you made me laugh so loud my guests came down again to ask what was going on... and I could not tell I'd read this.. my mom would have a fit.. grin... so told them about a funny joke in my mail... and Guitarmam told me he'd give me something to laugh about when I get upstairs... mmmmmmm


Greenwoman said...

*wicked grins* Now that's a terrific story. One of the best spanking stories I've heard in a long time.

Daisychain said...

Normally we are frustrated with our kids for being INconsiderate!!!! Who could ever have imagined we would get miffed because they were so sweet and kind and helpful and thoughtful???

OMG, this was hilarious.... because I could picture this happening to know, the ONE AND ONLY time my son decided to help, would be the ONE time I wished he hadn't!!!
Love hugs and giggles,
Daisy xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Kaylynn - we both love fun spankings, me receiving and P giving and as life has a habit of getting in the way, I try and do my little bit to help them along and P's normally happy to oblige. That works for us.

PK - Thanks but I wanted the other one as well :)

Jim - Hello and welcome. So right, why why that is?

Meow - LOL a bit pain in the but that day.

Sara - That's the trouble with best laid plans, they never seem to work.

Prefectdt - If I'd done that, it would have just been my luck, I wouldn't have forgotten and sat on it myself :)

Hermione - I've already started looking. LOL, stretching his T/shirt. Mmmm maybe I should start wearing P;s might get me
somewhere :)

SpnkMeRed - Trouble is I splatter all the time when I paint so wouldn't help me.

Lessa - Hello. Sorry didn't mean to disturbe your guests :)

Greenwomen - Thank you. I take that as a huge compliment coming from you.

Daisy - I could have strangled
him :)

Thank you for all commenting.


Tiggs said...

Now Ronnie, you KNOW that P knew exactly how you felt after having your naughty plan thwarted! But had he given in and spanked you that way, on those terms, well, you would have been taking control... he couldn't have THAT!

At least you got a good warmup!


ronnie said...

Tiggs hey - me take control never :)

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

great story!

ronnie said...

Maryann - Thank you.

Hope your weekend is going well.