Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Anyone for Volleyball?

My sister-in-law and two nephews were up in the Midlands for the best part of last week, we had a nice large family meal out on Friday night, they were going directly down to Bournemouth Sunday morning for a week's sun and sand holiday. I was talking with the elder of her two boys he asked me what there was to do down there for kids of his age. So on Saturday I found quite a few activities and local attractions on the Internet, beach volleyball was amongst them because he's sports mad.

Obviously I didn't show him this particular part of my research but I couldn't help thinking all the places we've been and I've never come across the game looking as interesting.

Reminds me of holidays, I'm still due one, reminds me of bums too. Mine's feeling under used again.



Spanky said...

This makes "touching the net" a whole new kind of penalty!

selkie said...

all I can think of is OUCHIES .... hot burning sun where the sun usually never shines LOL I remember seeing a girl in Greece way back when i was a backpacker, and she shed her clothes on the beach at the begining of the week, 3 days in her, her boobs were like headlights and I used to wince in sympathy every time I saw her...

PK said...

To me that looks like a great spectator sport! Wouldn't want to play myself, but I'll take front row seats!


FunKayLynn said...

I'll assume there's no spiking the ball(s). Sorry maturity is not my strong suit. As I age I realize I'm becoming a female version of those (considered then) rude men who hooted and whistled at women. All this to say, "love it"! I'll bring the popcorn PK!! KayLynn

Lessa said...

beach volleybal is great.. but this way... I would be wayyyyyyyy to distracted by my team mates... grinnnnnn

Daisychain said...

I hate the beach, personally, but I can think of the odd thing that could change my mind.... LOL

Complicated Kitten said...

I would love to visit that beach ;-)

ronnie said...

Spanky, Selkie, PK, KayLynn, Lessa, Daisy, Kitten,

Thank you all for stopping by, really appreciate it. Sorry for not answering each of your comments but have to go out now and do not have access to computer until tomorrow.

Kitten, I hope you get your blog up again.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - Volleyball was the only game I was remotely good at in high school. Perhaps if we had been allowed to remove our one-piece rompers I might have enjoyed it more.

I hope your bottom finds some relief soon. It's no fun not feeling the burn.


ronnie said...

Hermione - I'm sure you were good at other sports.

One piece rompers, want on earth did they look like?

Thanks for stopping by.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, trust me, I was terrible at sports! My happiest times were when the captain kept me on the bench for the whole game.

Here are a few pictures of rompers pretty much like the ones we wore, only ours were maroon.