Monday, 15 June 2009

Don't you think I look a bit pale?

All quiet here, well it has been, on the spanking front at least but that changed on Saturday. And the holiday front too,I got the green light to source and book a triple S (sun-sand-sea) break as he calls it at the end of last week, actually I prefer to think of it as quintuple S because sex and spanking better be on there too, anyway I was going to try and do it Sunday but I've got a limited time frame now because P told me Saturday afternoon he wants to go to an exhibition at the end of June and we've got some other commitments commitments early July, one of which involvehis mother which he didn't need to do in my opinion.

So Saturday P was at work doing a couple of hours, he always does invoices on Saturdays and usually makes a few client calls, to those he knows will be working. I was at home, jobs done, decided to try on my swimwear and to take a picture of myself, not that I don't trust the mirror anymore but I was going to send one to P and ask him how he thought I was doing, not as easy as I'd thought trying to find somewhere to balance a little nokia and setting it just right, I'd have been better with the digi but that's a hassle to transfer the pics. I took several terrible shots and then found just the right position so I took a few extras, a couple of naked shots one showing my bum with me pretending to smack it. I felt quite naughty doing it and decided to send that one to P, forget the swimsuit, I was into soft porn it was much more fun. I sent it to P with a message "Don't you think I look a bit pale" and I waited, it didn't take long.

''What do you mean with this are you OK'' he texted. ''Don't you think I'm too pale'' I texted back. My phone rang ''Are you alright, what does that message mean, are you feeling unwell?''. ''No, not at all, haven't you seen the picture?'' ''No, I can see it's multimedia but no pic showing, hold on I'll press edit instead of play...pause... Is that your backside?'' he enquired. ''Why are you disrupting me with rude messages? Haven't you got anything better to do, I'll be leaving in about half an hour you can tell me then.'' End of conversation.

Two minutes later, presumably the penny had dropped, I got a text ''If you mean does it look untanned, I'd say yes. I will correct very soon.''

He certainly did. I heard his car pull onto the drive and busied myself unconvincingly in the kitchen, he came in, pecked me on the cheek, ordered me upstairs to the bedroom and wait for him. When he came up he had my nokia in his hand, he told me to strip, I did. He came over, scrolled the recent images, showed them to me, really no need for that as I'd taken them but P likes a little drama. He asked for an explanation, I didn't offer one, just looked sheepish and found-out if that's a look. He told me to go into his office where he would attend to the matter of my pale backside and then add a considerably less pale image to my gallery.

He was true to his word and corrected the under tanning most effectively, choosing suitable words about rudeness, idleness, cheek, disrespect (Disrespect? I had to ask him about that one, he said I'd been disrespectful by inferring that he'd been falling down in his duties somehow, I didn't argue), pornographic etc.. while I wriggled and squealed uncomfortably across his lap. God I felt very tanned indeed by the time the spanking stopped, and P snapped me as promised. I think the paleness had gone completely.



PK said...

Excellent outcome!! I love a husband who is willing to help bring a rosy glow to his wife's cheeks. And with the vacation plans I believe P is willing to help make all 4 cheeks glow.


Meow said...

Great results with just a little hinting! Hooray for the SSSSS vacation! Meow

Anonymous said...

You naughty girl taking pics of your naked bum and texting them to P.. WEG! I got the biggest kick out of the light bulb coming on in his head and texting you back :-P regarding your pale bottom.


Brambleberry Blush said...

My bottom is feeling decidedly "untanned" too. Perhaps I'll try your method to get some response.It certainly worked out well for you.


Hermione said...

That sounds like so much fun! Maybe I should get Ron a cellphone with a picture viewer in it, then I could try it too. Do you think I'd need a tripod for my camera?

Glad the weekend shaped up well.


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Ohhh lol!...Did you learn your lesson...Never to send pic's of your pale bot again...{{{HeeHee}}}...

Karen x

Mrs M said...

What a great story, I loved it - you truly do recall some of the best spanking experiences!

It was cute that he finally got the meaning behind the message, and was able to give you a 'helping hand' (excuse the pun).

Thanks for sharing,
Mrs M

ronnie said...

PK - hi, thank, didn't know if you were taking your computer. P certainly knows how to makes all four cheeks a lovely shade of red.
Hope your trips going well.

Meow - What's a girl to do when she's in need of a spanking :)

Kitten - thanks, felt a little guilty for a sec when he asked if I was feeling OK. He couldn't see the picture only the words of the text.

Carly - We girls have to hint sometimes, don't we. I just like to hint in a different way :)

Hermione - Oh yes, I couldn't do without my picture phone, it's real handy when you want to take a quick pic and pass it on. I wish I'd had the tripod when I was taking the picture, could have got a better shot but not so much fun.

Karen - hi, thanks, I certainly did and I wont be sending any porno pics again LOL.

Mrs M. hello, thank you, your very kind. Yes I Iove it when P he gives me a helping hand LOL, he's very good at that.

Thanks to you all.


Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhh Ronnie, that sounds absolutely like a plan to do... now I will have to wait till I know for sure Guitarman is not in any company... lol...

I love the way P picks up your signs... *smiles*...

and sunshine, as long as I can order that for my vacation the rest will come I think..

love, Lessa

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie, how thoughtful of P to make sure the paleness was gone. A good tanning goes well with summer.

ronnie said...

Lessa hello, Oh no, definitely don't do something like that when he is with company :)

Our sunshine is on hold at the moment :(

FD - hi and thanks for stopping by. He is very thoughtful like that LOL but I did feel a little guilty when he read my message as he thought maybe wasn't feeling well but the guilt didn't last long.

Thanks both.