Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Spanking Horse

Having a book clearout for the Oxfam shop on the weekend, I came across 21st Century Kinkycrafts, it's by Janet W. Hardy and it's about...well.. Kinky Crafts as the title says. It's full of DIY tips for making your own playthings, I bought it for P one Christmas a while back but he's never made a single thing from it and I guess he's not going to start now. So if anyone spots that red cover and finds the book in ? Oxfam store for about a pound (a considerable discount to what I paid for it) you'll be getting a bargain and you'll know it probably came from me....and that I probably live not many miles away. 

A few photos from the book before I consigned it amongst others to the Oxfam collection bag -

Tit Wringer - I've tried nipple clamps and never liked them, goodness knows what this device would be like, happily P is more for butts than tits so it never inspired him. 

The  Tongue Condom - this totally confused P, he said babies don't get made that way so why the condom. 

The Spanking Horse - now this one did grab his attention, at least momentarily, then he thought about all the work involved, then he said he wondered if our neighbour (an excellent carpenter) would construct one for him. Not on your life I said, so that was that. 



PK said...

Hmmmmmmm... Nick has quite a workshop and can make anything. We have a lovely paddle and a home make flogger in our toy collection. I may need to look through more used book sales!


ronnie said...

PK - Nick made a paddle and a flogger. I'd love to see them.

He should start his own business making them. I'm looking for a new paddle but don't tell P.


Tiggs said...

Uh, Ronnie, if you're looking for a new paddle but don't want P to know, then either it's a gift for him (which he will ultimately use on you anyway) or you're just being silly, since he will use it on you no matter what, lol. ROFL at this silliness!

The spanking horse actually looks a LITTLE bit like a funny shaped knee chair. Come to think of it, I guess you could modify one of those...

Hugs and let us know if he gets your neighbor to help. *winks and grins*

Hermione said...

Ronnie - the tongue condom looks like something a dentist might insert in your mouth prior to a root canal. As for the breast thingy, no thanks! I'm SOOO glad Ron is an ass man.

I like the horse. But then, I like all horses!


Brambleberry Blush said...

The horse thing actually looks like it would work, but where on Earth to keep it? It would look odd in the living room!

By the way, thanks for being such a loyal reader, stopping by my blog and giving me encouragement. I really appreciate your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday gift for the Handyman in my life :) I'll have to start looking around for a copy.


Lessa said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnn, Guitarman is not a DIY type of guy eithers... and he loves to be in control without the heavy material... with his voice and my scarfs...

but I just read a book I never am gonna send away again... Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.. all dominant alpha male.. mmmmmmmmmmmm

xxxxx, Lessa


A quid! thats a bargain. I have the original Kinkycrafts book and although I never directly made one of the things in it, it did inspire some interesting creations :)


ronnie said...

Tiggs - LOL, It's a present for his birthday which is quite soon and I certainly hope he uses it on me.

Hermione - Couldn't understand the tongue condom but the horse, I certainly would like :) I'm glad P's a butt man as well.

Blambleberry Blush - Hi Clary, thanks,I really do enjoy stopping over at yours.
Maybe could pass the horse off as some modern seat.

Kitten - Oh yes your handyman, now he definitely would have no problem making a spanking horse.

Lessa - Mmmmm, I love scarfs.
I'm going to Google that book Lessa, dont know it. Thanks.

Spankedhortic - hello, I think there are a couple of different Kinky Craft books out there. I actually wished I'd kept that one now.

Thank you all for stopping by.


ZED and ginger said...

now, the spanking horse I could go with but the tit wringer???? yeeeeooooowwwww!!!


ronnie said...

Zed and Ginger welcome, I agree horse great but the tit wringer noooooo.

Thanks for stopping by.