Monday, 25 May 2009

Red Bottom Green Fingers

Beautiful weather the last few days, at least in our part of the country, unusual as its a long weekend, I think later today its going to revert to normal British bank holiday weather. Never mind, it'll water in the summer flowers we planted yesterday. Not that I've got green fingers, and certainly not P, but the extra colour is nice and should last right through summer and hopefully several barbecues.
I think the sunshine put P in holiday mode because when I came down for breakfast yesterday he was browsing the Ryanair site tut-tutting about all sneaky charges they make.
''Ooh are we going somewhere?''
''Just checking,'' he said. He doesn't just check so he obviously had something mind.
''Do I need to get me bikini out?''
''I'll give you plenty of notice for that. I think you need to get bikini fit before you worry about fishing it out,'' he was smiling as he said it, even so my hand went to my tummy which doesn't seem to respond to running, dieting, crunches which I always cheat on anyway or anything else I try to flatten it. If I diet too much then I lose weight from areas I don't want to lose weight from, in particular my backside which he forbids me to lose weight from.
We have a scale in the kitchen and he heard me get on it.
''Well? How's it looking?'' He shouted through.
''I'm er a tad over my average, well according to this scale anyway,'' I said making a mental note to check the bathroom scale later. But actually you don't need a scale to tell you when you're a bit up or a bit down and I knew I was a bit up, about three pounds up actually. He came into the kitchen and asked me to get back on, he made sure the needle was set to nil first. Hmm definite lack of control in the weight department, he concluded.
''You better report to my office after breakfast,'' he said. He always calls it 'his' office not 'the' office when he's going to spank me. The guilty stomach flipped, its owner finished her breakfast, a little less cereal than usual, and made her way up to his office where he was reading mail, another little thing he does when he wants to appear serious, he wouldn't have a flights page or a yummy Spanish beach resort on display, he likes it to seem like I'm disturbing his work, an errant girl reporting to him, a nuisance, he'll have to stop what he's doing to deal with her.
''Ah good, you're here,'' he said still looking at his inbox, ''close the door please and wait there.''
He turned round after a couple more minutes and told me he was thinking maybe we could squeeze a long weekend, possibly even a week, in between now and August, not business just R&R, but he could see I'd got some work to do if I was to feel comfortable on the beach. Ha! whatever the truth of his words, no girl likes to be told she needs to shape up a bit so I told him he should take a look at his own weight. I think it didn't go down well, he pushed his chair back from the desk, reached back for my arm and pulled me right alongside him my knees touching the chair edge and his right thigh. We have a small sofa type seat in the office, it converts to an occasional bed, it's the other side of his upright chair and when he positions his chair close enough I can land my upper body on it, it's safe and it facilitates longer spanking without un-necessary discomfort, except to my bottom of course. He'd positioned his chair just right so I knew he was going to take me forcefully across his lap any minute and I knew it would last a while.
''Well I think I can see I'm going to have to help you shape up seeing as you're not doing very well yourself,'' he said.
''I think it might be that scale downstairs,'' I said unconvincingly. He didn't even reply, just pulled me sharply across his knee. He adjusted his position presumably for maximum swing and then laid into my backside. No warmup, not like maintenance, just straight in, my cotton shorts didn't offer much protection and my bum was soon burning and I was writhing and telling him in between 'ouches' and 'no, pleases' that I'd be trying harder, increasing my runs, cutting down wine that was the culprit, it was wine, it wasn't my fault at all, we'd had several social occasions and wine was always there.
''No excuses, I'm not interested in excuses, I want to see results, in fact I'll be expecting to see results and you can be sure I'll be checking and you can expect to get spanked good and hard each time I check and find you're over your average,''
''Maybe we could adjust my average,'' I volunteered. He ignored my suggestion but the spanking stopped.
''Now lift your hips a little for me,'' he ordered. I did. His hands came round to unclasp the waistband and they were pulled down round my thighs in a flash. The spanking resumed, harder.
''This is for trying to divert attention from your own shortcomings by suggesting my own weight could be looked at. I will take a look at it but I won't have you trying to use it to help your own situation, do you understand?''
''Yes...SLAP...YESS!!!!... SLAP.....I do understand, I do.
''And this will help you remember your manners.'' ......SLAP....OUCH!....''PLEASE......really I will remember my manners and I will sort out the excess...OUCH... really I WILL!''
He spanked me for a further five minutes at least, and five minutes is a long time when you're bare bottomed over a man's lap getting lectured and spanked. I think he ran out of things to lecture about because the last two minutes were pure spanks and my bottom and upper thighs were on fire by the time he stopped.
'''Well I hope we'll see some improvement soon now that I've taught you a lesson,'' he said. It was a statement and a question, I told him I'd be trying my best and I'd be grateful for his help, he started stroking my tortured cheeks, hmmming in satisfied way. I started murmuring deeply in a not-yet-satisfied-but-hoping-to-be way and wriggling my bum appreciatively. He told me that as I'd apparently learned my lesson I could get up and we could get on with more pleasant matters, I had a moment of doubt, I shouldn't have, his hand stayed on my bum as I got up, he steadied me, stood up himself, shoved his laptop aside and bent me forward across his desk. I was very wet and horny as hell and I squealed with delight as his cock rammed into me, his thighs slamming hard against my punished bottom and I came in no time stifling a scream as I could hear kids playing outside. P wasn't done, he followed half a minute later and when I felt him spurt into me I came again and then collapsed across his desk.
So it was with a sore bottom that a well sated but a tad overweight girl got the planting done and overall had a very pleasant day indeed.


selkie said...

now that sounds like a wonderful way of dealing with getting healthy!

Tiggs said...

Yeah! Another willing "victim" for Todd and Suzy's Spanking Diet! I think it is positively wonderful that P is taking such a vested interest in your health and well-being!

And if you don't cheat (as often, lol) on those crunches, maybe you can avoid the more unpleasant effects of the diet. Remember, as I just said to Spanked Hubby the other day, hard exercise produces the same endorphins without the painful posterior!

Loved this post! Best of luck!

Hermione said...

Ronnie - that was a delicious way to start a weight control regime.

Sigh! My beloved simply tells me that I look just fine to him and don't need to lose any weight. He knows that's a safe answer for a man to give, even though I DO need to drop a few pounds, and could use that kind of motivation.


Daisychain said...

(grumble) Davey thinks I am perfect as I am, though I am WAY overweight! But, for that sort of incentive, I would STAY overweight, lol!! A wonderful spanking, followed by fantastic sex!!! Damn, you're lucky!!!
YUMMY! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brambleberry Blush said...

Delicious recounting of your morning, Ronnie. At least, your readers enjoyed it! Nice that P is so helpful in keeping you motivated. You'll be sporting a bikini in no time.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie, there may not be much of an incentive to lose weight when you get a good session like that for not losing it. lOL.

Anonymous said...


You're so good to me on this rainy dreary morning! Work hard, August is just around the corner! My best, KayLynn

ronnie said...

Selkie - Yes it's wonderful that P is taking an interest in my health in that way :)

Tiggs - Thanks. LOL unpleasant effects of the diet, I like that.

Hermione - Thank you. I think he'll have to motivate me quite a lot as I find it hard to loose extra weight but will have some fun and a sore bottom trying :)

Daisy - LOL, I thought about that myself but I really need to loose these extra pounds.

I'm wishing and keeping everything crossed for you both.

Carly - Thank you. I'll let you know if I manage to get into my bikini :)

Florida Dom - hello. LOL, I agree.

Thanks to you all.


ronnie said...

Kaylynn -hello to you, I missed this, must have been replying to comments when yours came in.

Thank you, sorry to hear about your deary weather. Our summer is here at long last. Hip hip hooray.

Thanks for stopping by Kaylynn.