Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Perverted Laptop

My laptop is still sick I'm afraid so I might not be posting or commenting as much until I get it back restored to health.  The tech man said I had corrupted it LOL I wonder what he meant by that, I may have perverted it a bit but not corrupted. Anyway he said he's got to reinstall windows and I need him to back up everything and return it with all my settings and emails intact, should be ready by end of week. There's a desktop in the office but we have a part timer using that a few days a week and I'm terrified of leaving footprints. Have to use P's when he's not in.
It was a Public Holiday here in the UK yesterday, we had friends over. Jen wanted to go shopping which was fine by me, the boys stayed at home and played cars, Jen's husband's just bought an old, really old, VW to do up. In the evening we had dinner which P cooked, think I told you he's better than me, has to do with his side of family having a catering background and his dad was a chef, maybe its a genetic thing. Jen and hubby wanted to go for a walk after dinner, P said lets turn it into a walk and a pint so took a short drive into our local city to show them the sights and a lovely old pub which keeps good traditional ales. The city is one of the smallest in the UK and parts of it date back to the 15th century, walking around it is lovely, we probably take it for granted, when we came to the Cathedral Jen and hubby were gobsmacked, it would put many major cities to shame, I'd forgotten how grand it is at night when the facade is lit up, I snapped it on my new(ish) nokia, goodness knows how I ever managed before without a camera phone, at least one that works. It was a revelation to our friends now they want to come back daytime and go inside, it truly is a beautiful cathedral.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love technology.. can be such a pain in the butt at times :-) The cathedral picture is amazing!! Very beautiful structure. It's nice to be able to have a couples evening.


M:e said...

Baaaaaaaaad girl....corrupting a poor innocent little laptop!! lol.

What a beautiful cathedral. I could imagine spending lots of time wandering around looking at all the carvings and absorbing its atmosphere.

love and hugs xxx

selkie said...

hope you didn't lose too much stuff - it SUCKS when Laptops GO BAD....sounds like a nice evening and yes, HOW did we survive without cells?

Daisychain said...

THINK I know that cathedral, it IS lovely.... xxxxxxxxxxx

Spanked Italian Gal said...

I believe that I used to live not far from that cathedral.
Great picture Ronnie.
I Gal

ronnie said...

Hi all, Great, P's just popped out so he said I can use his laptop :)

Kitten - hi, It is a very grand cathedral, the picture does not do it justice. Your right, isn't it lovely to be out with friends should do it more.

M:e - hello, you would absolutely love walking round. It is amazing inside, very large, always give me goose pimples when I go inside.

Selkie - hello, lovely to see you. It's been over a week now since techno man had it, now says, he's not sure if he can re-install all my emails :(

Daisy - If you do, you will know how beautiful it is.

I Gal - hi, I'd be interested to hear where you used to live.

I will try and take a better photo in daylight.

Thanks for stopping by all.


PK said...

You are so lucky to get to see things like this. The cathedral is beautiful.

I am ashamed of you for corrupting that little computer! Sometimes I worry about asking friends and family for help not knowing what they may find on my laptop.


Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhh.. corrupting a laptop.. now tell me how could you do that... but as you were commenting today I guess it is working again...

I am always afraid to leave traces to... when I am on someone else's computer I only go to 'decent' blogs..lol...

love the picture... I love history and historical places...

love, Lessa

Hermione said...

A lovely cathedral indeed. Over here, our "old" buildings are scarcely over 100 years old.

It's true, we rarely appreciate the lovely attractions that we all have right in our own back yards. there's a campaign on to do that this summer, since with the economy, travel will be less likely. So people are being encouraged to play tourist in their own cities and towns, to help local economy.


Lessa said...

leaving goodmorning hugs....

xxx, Lessa

ronnie said...

PK - It is beautiful, you would love it. PK, he actually said I had corrupted it :) I'm the same, but had no choice this time, P couldn't fix it.

Lessa - Oh thank you lovely, good morning hugs to you too. You would love the cathedral Lessa, lots of history.
No, it's not fixed yet, hopefully end of week, having to use P's when I can

Hermione - hi, what a good idea. You'r right we do take places where we live for granted. I must say we have some lovely places to visit in the UK (not sure if you have ever been over here. This summer you can walk right to the top of one of the spires of this cathedral (it has three)and on a clear day you can see for miles. They are charging £5.00.

Thanks all, hope your days goes well.