Monday, 13 April 2009

Music to my ears

I've told you before we have business links with China, an article in Sunday's press about Tiananmen square, complete with rolling tanks, reminded me of a visit we had to make a couple of years back, I've got more than one story to tell from the visit, the first one isn't the raunchiest but it was the funniest, for me anyway.

When you're jetlagged after travelling half round the world after 3 flights and some frantic airport auctioning and bidding for final leg flight tickets, spanking isn't naturally at the top of your thoughts but it was when we finally arrived at our destination.

Don't worry it's not too much of a travel log. The trip was arranged hastily, visas applied for express and received by courier, we couldn't get a straight through flight so we took Birmingham - Copenhagen - Beijing with KLM, you don't get sleep on these things just read, see movies, eat, doze if you're lucky, we had a row of seats to ourselves on the 2nd leg and P said 'ever had sex over Mongolia?' very funny, needless to say I hadn't and still haven't.

We arrived Beijing and were met by our Chinese partner and host whose name is Chun, I think I'm safe using that, it was mid afternoon, we'd been travelling 20 hours with the Copenhagen connection, Chun said he'd made an appointment for himself and P at the British Embassy in Beijing in about an hour's time! This was unexpected and P wasn't happy, he could have insisted it be postponed but after a 5 mins with a vended freshen-up pack in the gents and a change of shirt, he said OK lets go, and it actually worked in his favour because he'd obviously just come from a long flight and everything was very natural and they got what they wanted. Whilst P and Chun hobnobbed with Embassy staff, I was in the basement of the building where the Embassy is situate, sitting outside a Subway cafe (yes I was amazed too) and talking with Chinese students who kept coming up asking if I was American, looking disappointed when I said no, then beaming when I said British, 'Ah that's OK too, you speak English then', that was what they wanted to practice their language and connect with Westerners, it was lovely actually.

After the Embassy meeting we had a choice - stay in Beijing overnight or go straight on to our final destination Dalian, a one hour flight, which was Chun's preference. We agreed so it was a taxi back throug the smog to Beijing airport and then the most amazing ticket booking system I've ever witnessed, it was like a scene from a stock market trading floor, no queues just a mass of people shouting and waving money at 3 or 4 harassed booking staff who were raised on a platform, there didn't seem to be any order to it at all, it was manic and P was on the verge of telling Chun to give up when suddenly one of the booking staff shouted to him, there was frantic nodding of heads and smiles and we had 3 tickets to Dalian on China Airways.

The flight was delayed, we finally got to Dalian past midnight where we were welcomed by Chun's staff, two charming girls, and a driver to take us into town and the Swiss hotel near the centre. Chun stayed at reception to deal with the formalities and the girls escorted us up to our room which was on the upper floors reserved for Western visitors. Standing outside the door waiting for one of the girls to swipe the keycard, we heard a commotion coming from the room opposite, it was raised voices a woman and a man, the woman's loudest, heated, and then several hearty slaps and the woman's voice again, shrill, protesting, followed by more slaps and grunts from the man. Our two girls looked at each other and burst into embarrassed giggles, they apparently recognised the sounds and we certainly did, its was music to my ears, there was plainly a sound spanking being delivered in the opposite room but the funny thing was the girls didn't seem outraged but accepted it albeit with a dose of the giggles. Perhaps they'd heard stories about Westerners or perhaps the Chinese are into spanking, we never found out, when Chun arrived at the room they spoke to him in Chinese about it but he listened impassively then told them not to be rude and speak in English (perhaps with the threat of spanking who knows). Anyway it was well into the early hours and they bade us goodnight after making sure we had everything we needed. We were both shattered and just wanted bed and sleep but it was the first time we ever actually witnessed a spanking in progress and under different circumstance I think we might have lingered in that corridor fumbling with the keycard for some while.  

We woke about 7.30 later that morning, P went and pulled the blinds back and called me over, it was wonderful, clear blue sky and we were overlooking one of the parks which was full of groups of Chinese doing their morning Tai Chi exercises. On the way down to breakfast we both looked at that door opposite and smiled, all was quiet, I hoped we'd see them at some time, curious to see the people behind the spanking but it didn't happen.

I got spanked later that day, P got propositioned by a Chinese hooker in the hotel bar, we ate in Chairman Mao's summer house where the Clintons and Lady Thatcher stayed, P got terrible food poisoning, I also got spanked in Beijing after strolling round Tiananmen Square, we did the Wall, Forbidden City etc and even got some more business done all in the course of the week, stuff for another day.

Some Pics....

Great Wall

Tianamen Square

Forbidden City



PK said...

What interesting travels. You description of trying to get those tickets is my biggest fear of traveling - being somewhere I don't speak the language, trying to get tickets, worrying about making flights. I can't even watch the TV show 'Amazing Race' without breaking into a sweat.

But had I gotten there the bonus of hearing a good spanking might have made it worthwhile. Wish you could have see the couple. Keep telling us more. You may get me wanting to travel after all.


Hope your email is up and running soon.

Daisychain said...

What an exciting life you lead, *sighhh*
and I can't even get my husband into the same continent as me..... *sad sad sigh* Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

Lessa said...

wowwwwwwwwww.... I do love the pics and I'd love to see China... sounds great to me...

love, Lessa

ronnie said...

PK - lucky it was our host getting the tickets, I couldn't believe it.
Would have loved to have seen the couple as well.

Daisy - hi,I do like travelling, think I could spend all my life doing it, maybe I should have been an air hostess.
He'll be with you before you know it.

Lessa - China was amazing. Walking around Tianamen gave me goose pimples.

Thanks for taking time to stop by.


Malcolm said...

Nice to hear about that and see some photos. I was born in China and my parents worked there, my father for 35 years. Dad kept a couple of carriage whips hanging in the wardrobe at home, fearsome implements; I've no idea whether he ever used them for purposes for which they were not originally intended, but possibly he did, my mother never spoke about that kind of thing. They wouldn't have seemed too much out of place there as my father was born before motor-cars were popular, while horse-drawn vehicles were usual.