Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Spankez-vous francais

nakedBrowsing in an old bookstore at the weekend when we stayed with family in Oxford, I came across an unusual book, the images on the cover caught my attention and the title 'Jeux de Dames Cruelles' did nothing to diminish it. It was marked down to half price, the only copy they had and obviously no one was interested in buying it. Well I was and I got it for even less than the offer price which I was very happy with. It's full of black and white spanking photos and a few accounts from back as far as 1850, so the photo quality isn't always great but it's a wonderful book, I've copied a few of the photos for you. I love the old black and whites and that era in France...I think I missed my century.

punished girl

Nice to see they took some time and trouble to prepare a girl


Surely it didn't take two girls to spank in those days?

bare bottom

This lady was obviously keen to make her mark on the poor recipient

And it looks like girls had daydreams in the 1850's too



PK said...

Wow! What a find, I would have grabbed it in a minute myself! I would love an sit and go through it slowly. I hope you will post more pictures. What does the text have to say?


M:e said...

Grins....there was something deliciously salacious about a lot of the books from back then. I think it was because it was all a little less obvious than it is now. There's something about an air of mystery....of leaving at least a little bit to the imagination which I find delightful.

love and hugs xxx

Tiggs said...

A very special book and a GREAT deal for you (and for all of us by association, too)!!!! Please share lots more about and from this book... can't wait to read more about the content.


Hermione said...

Those pictures are lovely. Great find! I think I'll stroll over to the local second-hand bookstore tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
Wow, what a great little treasure you found. I love the pictures. I find it fascinating that almost all of the vintage photos I have seen are of females spanking females. I wonder why that is. Is this true of most of the pictures in this book? I can't wait to see more pictures.
Take care.

ronnie said...

PK - hello, glad to see you here. Yes a nice little find, some lovely pictures in there, will post some of the text, a lot is in French will have to have it translated.

M:e - lovely to see you here, I agree, leaving a little to the immagination is quite delicious.

Tiggs - hi, thanks for popping over, when I saw it, I thought some of you would be interested in the pics, I know I was.

Hermione - welcome, thanks, first time I have found a book like this but will be on the look out for more.

Andrades - hiya, yes all the vintage ones (or at least the ones I have seen) are all girls spanking girls, not sure why that was, think I will do a little googling.
If I remember correctly, there is only one picture of a man but he isn't doing the spanking.
The title of the book says (hope my translation is correct "Games of Cruel Ladies" interesting.

Thanks everyone, glad you liked them, will post more as soon as I can and some of the text.