Saturday, 3 January 2009

Padded seats

I said I'd do it and I did, and it certainly worked.
Came back from shopping this afternoon, I went upstairs, fished out what I was looking for from P's drawer, you can see it's a small towel with a very clear message on it, it came with the pre xmas cane-iac delivery but P hadn't given it to me but I knew it was in his draw as I'd seen it. I stripped off and lay on the bed with the towel strategically positioned.

P called after a few minutes wondering where I am, Oh just trying to sort something out, could do with your assistance actually, I say.

Up he comes and into the bedroom, I'm lying on the bed, I've even placed his mobile on the pillow hoping he might take a pic for me.

I certainly had been VERY naughty, he was in no doubt about that, and VERY naughty girls get spanked VERY hard. Music to my ears. First he did the decent thing and obligingly snapped me with his mobile, then he took me into our little spare room office which is at the back of the house and noise doesn't travel, put me over his knee, I was totally naked, he told me he wouldn't have me brevitting in his drawer... SMACK... SMACK...he was going to give me the towel anyway but when he decided to....SMACK SMACK.....and I'd have to learn to respect little privacies.....SMACK....HARDER.....Ouch!......and not snoop about for my personal amusement....SMACK....dah dah dah...he'd warned me about this before and he was going to make sure...SMACK SMACK........Ooowww Please!!....I didn't do it again any time soon......SMACK....Ouch!! No!!.........well he spanked me long and hard, holding me with one hand spanking with the other, then alternating to give his hand a break. Unfortunately I didn't have a spare bottom to alternate, it went on for about 5 minutes and I was VERY satisfied my little towel ploy had worked like a dream; at the end he eased his grip and I lay there cooling down. Boy I was hot.

Then we returned to the bedroom and I ended up back on the bed but this time without the naughty towel over my bum, just his hands massaging, rubbing, kneading, working their way to where I had a different type of heat entirely now requiring urgent attention.......................which it got.

All I need now is a Sunday morning maintenance tomorrow and that will be a full set for the weekend Fri, Sat, Sun. Lucky girl, we're out for lunch tomorrow I can't remember if they've got padded seats.



Daisychain said...

I'm so jealous, but, my time will come! xxx

Brambleberry Blush said...

Oh, that was a good one. I like a stern lecture along with a spanking.


PK said...

I think you are great at getting things started! And your husband is great at finishing things up. Good for you both!!


Tiggs said...

Ooooh, that WAS a good story, with a wonderful pic of the towel and your lovely posterior!!!!

Things sure are heating up for you! And it seems you have a positively wonderful man, too! *grins and bounces*

Can't wait to see where this leads you two next!

Love and hugs,

ronnie said...

Hello Daisy, I hear you go one, will stop by later.

Carly hi, yes I love it when P lectures when spanking. Makes me want another one just thinking about it.

PK - welcome back, happy you had a wonderful time.
Sometimes you have to get things moving but Friday was unexpected but so much needed and Saturday,I just couldn't resist carrying it through.

Tiggs - are you bouncing now, I hope so.
Thanks, P is great and always ready to oblige. Getting a ittle late but sill hoping to get my maintenance spanking.

Thanks to you all and thanks for your support.


Spanked Italian Gal said...

You are a clever gal. Can i borrow that towel J is taking me away next weekend.
I Gal

ronnie said...

Hello I Gal, its yours but dont think it would get to you in time.

I couldn't resist carrying it out.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully a couple of spankings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
I just LOVE your posts. First I love your picture, its great. Second I love the towel, I think I mite have to order from Cane Iac just to get one of those and Third I love the way he lectures you thru-out the spanking....Yummy...Just love it.
Fourth I love your Picture of the's Fabulous
You are one lucky Chic.
Take Care,
Andrades Girl

ronnie said...

Hi Andrades, maybe I should acution it for charity, I wont be using it again.

I love to be spanked and lectured at the same time it certainly hit the right spot for me.

Thanks for coming by again and your comments.
Hurry up and write your next post, Please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
I just read your post to my husband....little helpful hints...I love the lecturing. I am almost finished with my next post. I had 2 spankings close together and it just wiped me out. And it was hard to keep them separate in my mind.
Take Care,
Andrades Girl