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Thanks for visiting me. Please read my tips page at the bottom if you're new to caning. Caning stories can be fun to read and sometimes very sexy but in practice the cane can be very ouchy!

I sell several canes and variations. All are made from natural kooboo so no two are the same, all have their own curves and joints, lengths and diameters vary. Here they are, with some special offer combinations at the top of the list:-

1. Trio of Spanking Implements

Set of 3 comprising 1 kooboo travel cane 40cm, 1 Loopy 36cm, 1 Pine Paddle with a drawstring bag to hang them in the wardrobe of lay them in the dresser.

*Please note all dimensions are approximate

Special Offer the Set £24 plus carriage

2. The All Blacks Spanking Trio

Comprising, as per the picture, 1 Travel Cane 40cm, 1 OTK Cane 50cm and 1 Long Whippy Cane 76cm.

All the canes are kooboo sanded for smooth nodes and points, with soft grip comfortable handles and hanging loops for your convenience

*Please note all dimensions are approximate

Special Offer the Set £24 plus carriage

3. Travel Set

Comprising 1 Red Handled 40cm Travel Cane and 1 36cm Loopy, both very convenient to travel with and fit within standard airline cabin baggage sizes. Both pack an adequate sting so no need to let discipline slip when you're on the move.

*Please note all dimensions are approximate

Special Offer the Set £18 plus carriage

4. Travel Cane £12

40cm kooboo rattan cane with soft grip handle and hanging loop, conveniently fits into handbags and manbags.

Not too long to use OTK and still packs a delicious sting.

Please note - normally also available with red or black handles, please state when ordering.

5. OTK Cane £12

50cm long for extra swing, slightly thinker than the travel cane for firmer control, easier to handle than the the full Long Swishy.

Please note - normally also available with red handle. 

6. Crook Handled Cane £12

Long time school deterrent before corporal punishment was outlawed. The naughtiest girl ot boy would tremble at the very mention of it. Hang it behind your desk or tape it underneath as my husband does.

75cm x 7-8mm thick, sanded to smooth edges and nodes, lightly fed with linseed to help maintain flexibility and reduce flaking

7. The Loopy £12

Standard length 36-38cm x 6-8mm thick, sanded smooth and treated, with black easy grip handle, no hanging loop required of course.

Also available in the following sizes if you prefer more acoustics:-
Severe Loopy  42-45 cm
Yeowchie!! Loopy 52-55cm

Please state preference when ordering

8. Long Straight Swishy £12

72-76cm of uncompromising swishyness, the sight and sound is almost enough to bring tears to the eyes!

Available in various lengths and thicknesses, ranging from 70 to 84cm long and from 7 to 9mm thick. Please state preference when you order.

The longer and thinner the whippier they are.

All prices are plus carriage.

UK...£ usually 2 days
US...£ usually 7 days
EU...£ usually 5 days
The above are unsigned for. If you want 'signed for' please tell me and I'll get a price.

How to Order:-

Email me and I'll send you an invoice which you must pay by PayPal. You'll need to give me delivery address. Canes will be dispatched next available post after payment and will be confirmed by email.

Any problems or queries just mail me.


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