Friday, 18 January 2019

In with the New - Another January Edition

Some interesting finds for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Le Blog de Maitre
Exploring the sensual, caring side of BDSM, one stroke at a time

Tasha Lee - Twitter
Legit professional actress, author, and editor interested in spanking, erotica, film, and writing.

Everything you've always wanted to know about spanking.

The Happily Spanked Girl
This blog is about those who come alive at the thought of being spanked; Girls who love strong men and don't mind a boundary system that would include a spanking; Masculinity that magnetizes but does not crush her.

I'll Never Tell  - Twitter 
Mischievous good girl craves firm loving discipline and knowing that someone cares enough to give it to her.

Mitch-Philbin Twitter
Blogger, Spanko. Keep those paddles popping.

Eric Twitter
Caring, professional spanker for fun, therapy, stress-relief, and disciplinary spankings.

My School Room
There is a place in rural northwest Arkansas decorated as a vintage school room. Naughty (adult) girls and boys visit there for their corporal punishment.

My First Spanking
Alice has been thoroughly trained and disciplined in erotic spanking, mild bondage, sweet submission, and the bliss of surrender. She now both spanks and seeks spankings.

Cherry Derriere Twitter
A sensual and stern Domme/Mistress who enjoys spankings, kink, and lovely people who enjoy the same.

Spanking Emporium
Spanking, female masturbation, and much about the female bottom.

Spanking Film Review
Reviews of one couple's favourite spanking films and videos.

The Venus and Cupid

A blog about consensual adult spanking, focused on women spanking men.

Let's make 2019 the best year yet for finding new writers/blogs . So - get searching and if you spot a new adult spanking-orientated blog let me have the link. 

Thanks to Bonnie and Hermione for their contributions.


Let me know if the picture is yours.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A Smile for Today

Monday, 14 January 2019

New Year Resolution / I really mean it ???

Does anybody ever keep them? I've made loads in the past but unfortunately never recorded them so I can't really look back and judge myself. Some were probably frivolous anyway, especially those made in the company of friends on top of several glasses of wine and in the party atmosphere which surrounds the annual occasion. But one I made this year, privately to my husband, and not verbally or indeed on NYE itself but a day later by Whatsapp. It got me spanked. Hard.

You see we bantered a bit about things we wanted to do in the year ahead but that was all. P was supportive of a couple of the things I suggested, I don't know if they'll happen, one was visiting the US which appeals a lot to me but not so much to him because he doesn't like long flights. Anyway next day we were apart and I got a message from him saying it would be OK with him if I wanted to visit the US alone, I think it was because he'd been talking with his brother whose girlfriend travels between Colombia and the UK alone frequently and think nothing of it. So I told him thanks and we'd see how things go (have a few other things going on this year) He told me back that we have to make things happen, not 'see how they go' which was for bystanders. Then after a few minutes I messaged him again and told him something I intend to do in the year ahead, something I have wondered about from time to time and more recently read a lot more about: I told him I intended to spank him this year. And added 'how's that for not being a bystander:)'.

I almost regretted it when I pressed send. There was no reply. I googled how to unsend a Whatsapp message, stupid I know.

When he got home a few hours later he told me he wanted to see me upstairs, he'd got my message and he wanted to discuss it with me. I asked if I should bring a cup of tea up but he said it wouldn't be that sort of discussion. He wasn't at all cross looking, if anything I'd say he'd been mildly amused by my message. So a few minutes later I followed him upstairs, I guessed he'd be in the office for the type of 'discussion' he had in mind. Bedroom if it's sex driven, office if it's 'discussion' driven. He'd cleared some of his stuff to the side of the desk and our razor strop lay on it. He was seated in the middle of our futon. I went to draw the desk chair out to sit on and face him for our discussion but he told me not to bother I wouldn't need it for our discussion and he doubted I would want to sit on it after.

First he asked me if it had been a joke. I said plainly No.

"Unbuckle your belt then."

He asked me what had inspired me to make such an outrageous suggestion. I told him it wasn't outrageous, lots of women did it, I see websites and blogs all the time when researching my 'In-with-the-new' data, there were more than ever. I put my hand on my hips waiting for a response.

"Don't stop, stud and zipper, and jeans off and be quick about it my girl. If that's the sort of stuff you're looking at I think you need a sharp reminder of who does the spanking in this household and always will."

I got my jeans off and kicked them aside. I told him I knew who did the spanking I wasn't challenging his authority or anything like that, it was just for us both to experience it properly.

"Over my knee, my girl, now! If that's the sort of subversive reading you're doing  you're way overdue a very sore bottom and if it carries on after I'll have to consider restricting your time on the Internet."

OMG that did it for me, I gave him a mouthful about what he could and couldn't do and stopping me - really STOPPING - me from doing anything I truly wanted to do was a big no-no as he'd find out if he ever tried doing it.

SPANK SPANK SPANK..."You'll do as you're told"...SPANK SPANK SPANK.."so save your breath I don't want o hear any more of your nonsense." And he pulled my knickers down to my knees and spanked away while I remonstrated indignantly and wriggled futilely, objecting that he couldn't order me around and I wasn't a child, using much un-unchildly language which didn't help my case. My bare bottom was an inferno after ten minutes of discussion. He stopped and asked me if I'd learnt my lesson. I told him if he thought spanking my backside so hard that I thought I'd lost feeling in it would alter my thinking then he had another think coming.

"And don't you dare ever threaten me with restrictions again," I said. "And I can assure you I won't do as I'm told," I added for good measure.

"I was afraid of that," said P. And he lifted me up from his lap and took me over to the desk. "You really do need a sound lesson, don't you," he said as he pushed me forward and told me to hold the far side of the desk and not to let go until he told me I could.

He made me put my tummy down flat on the desk but then had to ask me to raise it again because it was covering the razor strop. It made him seem a bit silly and I almost laughed but I didn't feel like laughing when the stropping started. And if I'd thought my bottom had been numbed the razor strop soon convinced me that I'd been wrong. It stung like hell even though I'm sure it wasn't the hardest ever and the right side of my bottom got the worst of it because there wasn't room for him to strop from both sides. So I was twisting away to the left and yelling out loud and swearing at him all at the same time, I didn't care if people outside could hear, not that I saw any passers-by but I knew many of our neighbours had house-guests and was sure some might hear. Maybe they'd think it was kids playing. I was pleading with him to stop eventually and saying I was sorry repeatedly near the end, which of course I didn't know was the end until it happened. Then it went quiet apart from my panting and P's breathing as he relaxed from his efforts.

He told me to pull up my knickers and put my jeans back on. I stood and pulled my knickers up with my back to him. I asked him to pass me my jeans please and put my hand back for them, I remained looking out of the window. I still didn't want to turn round. Neither of us had said anything. He put my jeans onto the desk in front of me and then his hands were on my shoulders and upper arms. Warm strong hands, I sniffled my nose a bit as I felt them but resisted the urge to turn round and bury myself in his chest.

"Now have you learned your lesson?" He asked softly. I said I had but then I turned round and looked right up into his eyes, I didn't care if they were watery.

"But I'm still going to spank you this year. And I really mean it." I felt quite proud of myself for standing my ground. The only response I got was "Hmmm", then he kissed my forehead and told me to come down after I'd put my jeans on and calmed down. He said was going downstairs to make some tea and he was away out of the office.

We didn't discuss at all what had happened. My backside was sore for more than an hour. Later, in the evening, we had hot sticky unstoppable sex in the lounge.

As for my resolution, well the year is very young.

Have a good week.


PS I did spank my husband many years ago, it was in fun, I wrote about it. He didn't like it but he was hard after it, that may just have been because he sensed sex in the air, I didn't know and still don't. Perhaps I will by this time next year:) 

Friday, 11 January 2019

A Smile for Today

Our home printer wasn't working the other day so I had to go into the office to do my printing

 Reminds me of the times I've been bent over our office photocopier being spanked.

Shame P wasn't around this time:)

Have a fun weekend.