Friday, 19 April 2019

In with the New - Easter Edition

My 'In with the New' - Easter Edition

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Autres fessées

C'est-à-dire, cette fois, des fessées reçues par des hommes et données, dans l'immense majorité des cas, par des femmes.

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Enjoy and please try and find the time to stop by.

Happy Easter to all - have a fun one. See you after the weekend.


Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Only in the Daily Star

It was published last week in the Daily Star (and no I don't read it, Google sent it to me) but I only saw it the other day. It has to be what Mr Trump calls fake news, doesn't it?

I mean, the University of Vienna allowing (sold out) workshops on anal sex, tying up and spanking. They even have the amounts in €uros which the university contributed and a few comments from a university spokesperson. 

Can it be true? I guess they could get sued if there wasn't some substance there.


Monday, 15 April 2019

A cane shortage

So for some reason there is a shortage of kooboo cane of a certain size. I'm not saying there is less being grown but the amount arriving in the UK, or at least in the sizes I need for my little business, seems to have virtually dried up. One importer told me the shipping rules in Indonesia, where ours come from, had changed and they now had to be routed through China which causes a delay and, apparently, changes in the way they are sorted.

Length isn't the problem, it's diameter that's missing. The most purchased diameters, 8mm and 9mm, haven't been available since before Christmas and I'm almost out. I've found a supplier in Holland but it will be a couple of weeks before we get them and then they have to be cut and shaped. I told P about it and he asked me if other vendors were taking certain sizes off sale and in fact some are. He said it was an opportunity so double up on my order with Holland and start wholesaling. Haha everything is so simple to my husband.

I wondered why I'd been getting a big increase in overseas orders, I mentioned it on here, from mid January onwards and now I think I know the reason there must be shortages in other countries. Well I'm not as bold as P so I won't be ramping up my order too much but I would hate to think bottoms across the globe were missing out on the attentions they need from time to time:)


Have a good week.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Tender moment

Well more than one tender moment actually. My husband impaled his head on a pear tree branch, I got my bottom tanned and hard too, and - the most tender moment of all - I attended to his wound so lovingly even after he'd spanked me. In fact more lovingly than I would have without the spanking. What do I deduce from that, well I already knew it actually, a spanking generates certain emotions which, in our case, more often than not draws us closer.

We were helping the kids out last weekend preparing some ground for turf laying. The men were doing the heavy stuff we girls alternating between light weeding and baby cooing. It was sunny, P thought it was warm and took off his sweat top, I told him not to work bare chested it wasn't exactly the height of summer. He insisted it was but then asked our son if he could lend him a summer t-shirt which of course he did. I laughed when he put it on, it had a bright motif on the front with a 1950s VW camper and Surfing Champion on it, not quite the sort of shirt he normally wears, I told him he looked funny in it. He turned away and got back to work, then five minutes later shouted 'Oh fuuuucck! Fuck fuck fuck!' and threw his spade down. He stamped his foot, work stopped, I said there's no need for that language what's the matter. He said he'd bashed the top of his head into a branch end. He was still muttering fuck under his breath as he bent to pick his spade back up. I thought he must be ok as he was picking the spade back up and said something like 'there there be a big boy' but our son saw the top of his head as he bent down and told him to stop, it was a nasty gash.

It turned out it was and son said maybe a trip to AandE or at least go inside and clean it up and get a better look at it. Well that's what they did, I was holding our granddaughter so could only follow them and they'd be quicker finding their first aid stuff than me anyway. In the end P settled for plenty of warm water rinsing and a good dollop of Savlon. He was back working within ten minutes and a few hours later finished the job and we got home in time to watch the Grand National (I had the winner!) and put a roast on. When P came out of the kitchen with a cup of tea and sat right in the window seat where it's light, I got my first good look at his head. I told him the wound was deeper than I'd thought and a bit bloody again and I reached for a wet wipe but he stopped me and said it was ok, he'd go and get a shower after he'd finished his tea and spanked me and then I could put something on it.

I said I didn't think he should be spanking me, he must be joking, the activity would start it bleeding again but he said he felt fine and I shouldn't have tut tutted about his swearing earlier and I shouldn't have laughed about his borrowed t-shirt and it should have been me putting the Savlon on not our daughter in law. Well I had answers for everything he said but I didn't use them; instead I just got across his lap after he'd finished his tea and said I was sorry. He pulled my joggers down and spanked my bottom really soundly, I'll swear his hands double in strength when he's been doing physical work. God it roasted my backside faster than I can remember for ages but I didn't even struggle too much, I just kept saying sorry. When he'd finished he told me to get off and pull my joggers up and be a bit more considerate in future. Then he went off to his shower.

"Don't soap it or rub it," I called after him, "just let the water do it and dab lightly with a towel after. I'll come up and take a look after I hear you come out."

When I went upstairs he was sitting on the bottom of the bed with a towel around his waist, he was dripping water, he's not one for drying too much any time. I looked at his head again, the blood had washed away, it wouldn't have done any harm at all to have called into AandE, I told him, they might even have popped in a stitch or two. P asked me if it was was still bleeding but it wasn't, he said there isn't much blood up there anyway and repeated what he'd said earlier about being fine. He said if I could just but some more cream on it he'd be happy enough. So I sat next to him and had him lower his head against me and just dabbed gently before coating it liberally with more Savlon.

"There, that's clean and as long as you feel alright I suppose it will do. And I really am sorry about not taking it serious earlier. And you had every right to say 'Fuck' as many times as you liked. And I deserved to be spanked." I added that last bit for good measure.

Then I noticed the bath towel around P's waist tenting rather obviously at his groin. I put my hand on it and asked him if it was side effect from his injury. No, he told me, it was an after effect from spanking his woman and receiving her gracious apology and looking after him so tenderly. Well that got me. I slid to the floor, pulled his towel from around his waist and looked after him even more and in less than a couple of minutes out came that fuck word again but this time for quite a different reason.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 10 April 2019

A Smile for Today

Dear Husband,

This is a hairbrush. Most women use it in the way the name suggests; to brush their hair. I am not most women and you are not  most husbands. Yes I will still brush my hair with this brush, but I will also use it to make you a better man. When you break one of my rules I promise to:

Take you to our bedroom
Pull down your pants and underpants
Put you over my knee
And use this hairbrush to blister your bottom.

You have been warned.

your wife


Let me know if the picture is yours.