Friday, 5 June 2020

I do

Me, me, I do and I'll make sure I get one this weekend:)

Hope all my readers and their families are OK.

Stay safe and try and have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Inverse Spanking Theory

What? I thought, as I lay across my husband's lap late Saturday afternoon, hot and sweaty from the heat in our little office, with its window tightly closed to contain noise and my bottom freshly spanked. Hard, I might add. He'd used his hand followed by what I call our 'bogey paddle' because it was Bogey who made the evil thing and gifted it to me ages ago. I don't know how come it was lying on the bookshelf, I assumed P must have fetched it out from our cache earlier so he must have intended spanking me even though he pretended it was spontaneous and made it feel that way.

I'd riled him apparently over the past couple of days (really? so why not say at the time) and on Saturday morning I told him I wasn't going with him into town I had other things to do. Then in the early afternoon I'd asked him if he'd come with me to one of the DIY stores to help me choose a wall covering and he declined, saying it wasn't a necessary trip and nor was my intended use for the wall covering. He added that he wasn't prepared to fit it anyway as it simply wasn't needed. I went into a huff and took my mug of tea out into the garden to be away from him. He came out ten minutes later, looked in my mug, which was empty, and told me "You know what you're going to get don't you." It was a statement not a question and I didn't answer but I felt a butterfly in my tummy as he picked my mug up from the table and ordered me inside. He took my mug in with him presumably to the kitchen. I stayed seated outside, if he was going to spank me then he'd have to come and fetch me, I didn't see why I should jump to his orders. He came back. "I told you to go inside, didn't I?" This time it was a question and I answered with one, I just said, "So?" I said it as insolently as I could and it settled my fate, not that there had been much doubt about it.

He took me by the arm and guided me back through the house and up the stairs to the office where the window had already been closed. I told him it was too hot and stuffy to be spanked but he just said it was going to get a lot hotter and that I needed spanking good and hard, he wasn't going to have me playing my face, as he called it, and he wasn't going to entertain the idea of doing things pointlessly and he sure as hell wasn't going to stand in zig-zag queues just to get into a store which you're not supposed to mooch around anyway. Then he started spanking me.

I had shorts on, they're thin cotton and his hand hurt. He went on for a couple of minutes, alternating hands and laying the law down on what I could and couldn't do but mostly on what he would or wouldn't accept in terms of behaviour from me and throwing a tantrum definitely counted as unacceptable. Then he paused and mentioned some minor things from the previous two days, after which he reached under me and unclipped my shorts and pulled them down. I gasped as I always do when that happens and then cried out when the first splat from the paddle landed on my already tenderised bottom. I got another couple of minutes, enough to make me squeal out and really mean it and to wriggle and writhe furiously in spite of the heat. After it stopped I just lay there getting my breath back and sweating and wondering what was next as he didn't order me up. I could feel his cock against my left hip and knew he was aroused. I had been downstairs when the tension had started but I wasn't now. I told him I was sorry and then felt him rest his hand on my almost de-sensitised bottom and then slide down between my cheeks feeling for wetness. There wasn't any apart from the wetness of sweat. I told him he'd spanked it all out of me. He seemed oddly pleased to hear it and that was when he came out with his little theory.

"Ah, the inverse spanking symptom, or maybe that should be theory," he said.

"You guys get all excited at the prospect, then you get what you deserve and as the pain goes up the horn level goes down, then later as the pain diminishes the horn level goes up again as you've learned your lesson and are eager to make amends."

I laughed and told him I didn't know about the last bit but it was true that a good spanking could kill the desire but only for it to come back stronger later. I slid off his lap and told him it had been a good spanking and I was pretty sure I'd be wanting to make up later or maybe I should start right now and I ran my hand up his thigh and inside the leg of his shorts. He moved instinctively and I saw the bulge in his shorts grow. I would have wanked or sucked him but he said no it was too warm, we should be outside making the most of the weather, pretend we're on holiday even though we can't be.

So I opened the window wide to let some air in and we both went downstairs and outside, both hot and sticky, me with a sore bottom and him with a hard on. I went and fetched us some Magnums from the freezer to cool us down. He agreed to come with me in the week when it was quieter and perhaps cooler to see the wall coverings. I suppose that could have been done right from the start but then I wouldn't' have got spanked. Nor would I have got the pleasure of putting his theory to the test later and finding that, as we all know instinctively anyway, it really does work.

Stay safe.


Monday, 1 June 2020

Smiles for Today

Couldn't decide which one to share so you got them all:)

I'd like to be spanked in one of those train carriages. Do they still have them on trains?

Stay safe and try and have a good week.


Friday, 29 May 2020

Butt Rub

A reader sent me this and when I first saw it I really thought it was a rub for a spanked bottom until I looked closer  (I hadn't got my glasses on st the time|) and realised it was a BBQ rub:)

My reader can't remember where he found it - so please, if it's yours let me know so I can give credit or remove.

Stay safe and try and have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Video/Phone consultations

Strange how these events, catastrophes, call them whatever, have consequences aside from the obvious tragic outcomes which affect families so horribly. We all know the way things are done have changed through necessity and some of those changes will be refined and built into daily life long after the virus headlines have calmed down. Working practices in particular have been forcibly turned around, mostly I think for the better and I can give two examples both very close to me and one of which is almost certainly going to lead to a sound (hopefully) hand spanking.

They both involve the health service, the first being me getting a phone call from a hospital consultant as I was walking along the main road as part of my daily exercice; it came only two days after I emailed my doctor's surgery about a concern I had. It was unexpected, he was extremely polite and used layman terms so that there was no misunderstanding. He also said he would call back if the traffic was affecting my proper hearing (it wasn't). Think back six months or a year or so, was emailing a surgery even allowed? and how long did it take to get an appointment with a consultant - which had to be in person, big waste of time for both parties - which then usually just had to organise tests for which another waiting period. This was all very fast, brilliant, put my mind at ease, a scan was recommended just as a precaution and that was done within three days.

The second concerns P and a shoulder problem he's had lingering on for far too long and which he's dragged his heels over and then lockdown came along and he virtually gave up on any prospect of getting a one-to-one with a physio. But he was wrong and it was my nagging insistence which changed his mind and his outcome, well it's still ongoing actually but starting to show some encouraging signs and he's pretty pleased so far. I told him to call or email the doctor, he chose to call, and explain his exact symptoms, he's quite precise and got his message across. Next day he got a call from a physio group just logging his particulars and confirming the info he'd already given, they said a therapist would call him next day, fixed a time and asked him if he'd prefer a standard call or video. P chose video. Long story short, it happened, was very straightforward, he was able to demonstrate exactly what and where the problem was and physically show her how debilitating it could be in certain positions. The session lasted thirty minutes, it couldn't have been better, and she said she would email him a set of exercises, with a video clip to each one, which would target and, she thought, improve his condition within a few weeks and she diaried to call him after three weeks to see how things were going but gave him a number he could call if he had any problems. He has used it once with an issue and she sorted it; he was over-exercising and has now adjusted.

He is starting to feel improvements, definite changes are afoot, tiny muscles which had forgotten what their job was, are coming back into play. Now this is his right shoulder and has been affecting his right arm in certain positions, not load bearing positions just weird slightly turned this way or that with his forearm or wrist could trigger pain. So as you can imagine, there have been times when his right arm has been deployed correcting his nearest and dearest, to ahem keep her on the straight and narrow, and it has shall I put it...underperformed.

He's used his left arm and implements of course but I think his manly pride was hurt a bit by not being able to deliver a good solid sniffling-close-to-tears hand spanking when he's had a mind to do so. When I've deserved such immediate and summary treatment of course:)

So there we are, two definite changes to the health service IMO which in my opinion are massively to the better and which I hope they will continue to the benefit of all users.