Monday, 16 July 2018

Plain-speak 'Trumps'

According to my husband the plain talk we in Europe have been hearing over the past week from a certain US visitor is better than the weasel words of conventional politicians and diplomats. I have to stress that this is the opinion of my nearest and dearest, who is often scant with words himself, and does not reflect any opinion he may have about the actual meaning of the words. Or whether they're necessarily accurate:)

Between ourselves and in our small circle of family and friends I usually take a negative position whenever Mr T crops up in conversation. I don't like him or what I've read or heard about his attitude on loads of issues, but I have to admit to agreeing with P on his point about hearing things straight and calling a spade a spade. Love him or loathe him he seems to make things happen and you can't say that about many politicians (especially ours) and jobsworths who are more interested in keeping their jobs and lifestyles intact.

So why did this conversation come about, well it was because I made a comment on a photo I saw in a newspaper of Donald 'taking exercise' as he called it, which seemed to involve him getting out of a golf buggy, thrashing some Scottish heather then getting back into the buggy and driving off. I was joking about it I suppose making fun of him, and thought P might join in and say something about his girth but he didn't. Instead he told me off and made his point about straight talk and getting things done.

"Ooh sorry," I said, "didn't mean to be rude about one of your heroes."(he's not one of his heroes) And I stuck my tongue out.

"He's not a hero, I'm not suggesting he is, just saying he gets a bad rap from an establishment and media that doesn't like mold breakers."

I started to 'what about the way he views women and race and immig...' but my husband put his hand up. Like when a policeman does it in traffic, it means stop.

"I'm not debating it, don't want to go into all that crap, others have been doing it the world over, we don't need to. I was just making a simple point."

"Yes but..." I started.

"There's no yes but, the subject's closed, finito, out of bounds. No more, or you'll be spanked. I've got other things to do." Then off he went, presumably to do his other things, one of which I knew was re-coating some of the garden furniture before the sun got too high.

Now that was the sort of plain speak I definitely like to hear, I felt like saying well hold on a minute, what about....(basically anything I could think of about Trump, bad of course)....but I didn't. I thought let him get the garden furniture done, I could always revert to Mr T later.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

It seems that your husband is not alone in his opinion. Have a good week and try and get your spanking soon before he goes back to the USA.

Roz said...

Trump is definitely a straight shooter, you have to give him that, it's what he says that's the problem lol. He should give you some good fodder for that spanking Ronnie :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

He says what's on his mind. That's true. I could do with hearing less from him. Didn't watch his TV show years ago because it was just too much of him. We need another Prez like Silent Cal.

Fondles said...

I suppose there is some merit in having a politician who tells it like it is - straight-shooter, as Roz says. Unfortunately I don't think that straight-talking trait of his is enough to redeem his other bad points. i'm not a fan either. BIKSS is even less of one.

PK said...

If he were the best president ever (and he is so far from that) his lacking as a human being would far over ride it. Hitler got things done too and on a humanity level I think the two men are closer than anyone would like to admit.

kdpierre said...

When I hear "straight shooter" I think of the term as meaning someone who tells the truth even if it's unpopular. Trump can't say two sentences in one speech without one being a lie. However, he is unabashed about brazenly letting loose with whatever comes into his oddly-coiffed head....true or otherwise.....but that does not make him a "straight shooter". It makes him a "blowhard".

As for getting things done? If you mean doing more to undermine the health of the planet......that affects folks in Europe too, then yes, he has dismantled more environmental protections for the sake of a quick buck than any president I can recall.

And there are rare times when I sort of agree with him, but wonder, "what am I agreeing with? Am I agreeing to something he actually believes, or another lie he's spouting to pander to his base, but that he has no interest in at all?"

(Have you ever seen his "Fact Check" record?! Nothing that would define him as a "straight shooter" there!)

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I thought it interesting that P used the "hand up" signal that the discussion was over. Ron does that too. Maybe it's an innate gesture among spankers.

Hermione, who will be watching the post-summit press conference shortly.

Red said...

I agree with P. A person who is shaking up the status quo, which needs shaking up. Newsies talk about a trade war, and just the use of the term WAR is despicable. Rearranging the rules of trade, many set 40 or 50 years ago, needs doing, but protectionism is rampant.
Such an easy way to be spanked, so do go for it.
bottoms up

Leigh Smith said...

I don't have anything good to say about that man. He is despicable and the only thing he is shaking up is racism and bigotry. There I've said my piece, plain, simple words.

If bad mouthing Trump would get me spanked, I'd have no bottom left by now.

Windy said...

People can "blame the media" for misinterpreting everything Trump, but those people are wrong. I do not need to listen to commentary on Trump's trip to other countries, nor do I need to hear Sarah Huckabee Sanders say what she thinks Trump means by anything. All I have to do is pay attention to what Trump says HIMSELF, straight out of his face and what rolls off of his tongue. That is the most pure form possible of the media capturing the TRUE news and I don't need anyone's opinion on it to tell me what I just heard or did not hear. Even a child in grade 1 would know that the words they hear from their president's mouth are often pure hate. And if any of us thinks that for half a second that those children are not listening and that they are not scared to death here in the USA is blind and in denial and irresponsible.

Meredith Malloy said...


We are becoming numb to this horrible man and very angry as well. We apologize for this man and his horrid manners while visiting across the pond. I am right with Sunny and PK.

NoraJean said...

I hardly pay attention to the man himself any more. He has come and he will go. What worries me most is the divisiveness his campaign and his government have created, pitting neighbour versus neighbour, family versus family, family member versus family member and country versus country ... and if these rifts continue to deepen, nothing good can come of it ... and all of this bleeds across the northern border ... nj

Deena said...

Oh DT pushes every one of my buttons. I understand your husband's point, I just think DT has crossed many a line, much times too often. Still, huge kudos to you for letting go of the conversation!

ronnie said...

Michael - I've heard a few say the same. Thanks.

Roz - Exactly. You said it. It's what he says. Thanks.

OBB - Don't know the history of him. Will Google. Thanks.

Fondles - Does he have any good points? Thanks.

PK - I would never have thought of them alike. Thanks.

Kdpierre - I wouldn't class him as a straight shooter. Looking in from the outside I don't think there is one policy I like. In your opinion, do you think he will run for a second term?Thanks.

Hermione - I wondered that so I think you could be right. Haven't heard how the sumit went yet. Thanks.

Red - We are in a total mess with Brexit. Trump told our PM to sue the EU. Thanks.

SG - Thanks I like your straight talk:)

Windy - Thanks. Do you think he'll win if he goes for a second term?

Meredith - I was surprised he actually came on a visit to the UK. I heard him talk about the meeting with our Queen and I like that he really seemed genuine about her. Thanks

NoraJean - To be honest I was shocked that he actually got elected. Thanks.

Deena - Hello. I agree. I haven't headr how the sumit went but I did hear one of George Bush advisors (think it was GB) call the meeting reckless. Thanks.


kdpierre said...

To answer your question about a second term, there is a technicality that a person can't run for president while in prison.....and hopefully that's where he will be before 2020.

I am also hating and loving his Putin press conference. I hate it because it shows just how dangerous a situation we have, but another part of me loves the irony that the hard right-wingers, who for decades were staunch anti-communists, will now have to put a Russian flag next to their "Dixie" flags on their 4x4 pick-ups as they drive around with their MAGA caps to show support for their boy. LOL!

Windy said...

I agree with kdpierre.

If he is not in prison and I do not think he will be, I think he will run again and he will win the Republican nomination because that is what these crazy people on the right want here. They don't like him personally, but everything else is fine with them pretty much. And they will vote for him again. Whether he wins or not will depend upon how strong the left's candidate is and if that side has a very strong voter turnout. The next generation of voters will help to change things in the long run. Of course, I could be completely wrong about everything!! LOL

ronnie said...

KdPierre - LOL. Thanks for answering. P thinks he will probably go for a second term. I couldn't believe what he was saying when he was giving press conference with Putin.

Windy - Somehow I don't think he will be in prison at the time of the next election. I agree they will need a strong other candidate. Thanks.


Lea said...

If only all differences of opinion could be handled so easily, or with a nice spanking!!