Friday, 13 July 2018

Dubious story but very good advice

So I have a little story for you (not mine) which I will accredit at the end, it's on the website. It's set in an English boarding school, I don't know how true to life it would be but the part about the naked 20-year-old assistant matron seemed a bit imaginative. I asked P about it because he didn't go to boarding school but did go to a fairly posh grammar and he said the canings were commonplace but he couldn't remember any nubile matrons:)

Anyway at the end of this story is a link which gives really excellent information about caning, written by the story's author, and as I often get asked about it I thought I would share. 

 Getting the Cane ...

"A true and personal memoir ... "

Like all pupils at a Public School one expected sooner or later to be caned, one dreaded the moment only knowing by rumour and ear what it would be like. Public caning was not practised very often.

I was introduced to the cane in the late 1050's when our Form Master lost it and decided to cane the whole class. I remember as if it was yesterday when it came to my turn to bend over and touch my tows. The surprise that it didn't hurt very much, that was until about 20 seconds later when I was back at my desk, I was aware of the sudden appearance of an erection in my trousers and a sharp pain throbbing from my bottom up my spine, it was not unpleasant but it did hurt!

Like the others at break I went to the lavatory to look at the damage, I could feel the lump of the single stripe and could just see the classic twin tracks of deep red with white in between, by tea time they would be dark blue as the bruise developed. Later just grinding my buttocks into the desk seat where the bruise was would produce an erection.

The next time was memorable if only for the occasion, It was in gym by our second gym master a Turk who was a brute and strong, the pain was much greater the single stroke having been laid on especially hard through only my shorts and with great accuracy, the "mark" took five weeks to go away.

The next time was rather more serious. Two of us were in trouble and told by the master a Physics Master called Hancock (I'll never forget him) to report to the First Aid Room which doubled as an execution chamber! WE knew we were going to be caned and Hancock's reputation went before him! He arrived carrying the standard senior school can between 3/8" & 1./2" thick straight and made from rattan cane. The other boy (David Brett) went in first and after some talking  a brief silence and then the whistle of the cane and the "thwack as it hit the target" Repeated four times! David came out looking white but walking! Then it was my turn, "bend down" some fumbling as he hitched up my jacket and felt to ensure I hadn't put on any padding like extra pants or gym shorts, he pulled up my shirt tail which I had carefully pulled right down. "Four and don't move!" Then swish crack thump as the first stroke hit home, not too bad, but I spoke too soon at about ten second intervals, and by the time he'd laid on the fourth my bottom was really thumping! The usual erection was by now showing.

He then left the room with me and told us both to report to the matron after school.

I went straight after teas and Matron was expecting me, she was a very neat 20 year old assistant matron.
She made me take off my trousers and lay down on the couch in the room, she rubbed in some cream and told me to turn over. Why? I turned over and there she was naked. She pounced on me and took me into her very quickly and went at it, demanding that I then come on top of her, the ejaculation was a blessed relief, and it's no wonder that I got a taste for being caned! 

Which in turn lent me to get taste for being caned as an adult.

And here's the link for anyone who's thinking about using a cane or just curious, it is very informative indeed.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

Thanks for the story and the link. I was slippered, rulered and caned at school but not by the sort of matron described here.
PS - it didn't do me any harm.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, dreadful school!
love Jan, xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We can do without the cane. Leave all that to you.
I like a story with a happy ending.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Great little story if a bit far fetched, especially the matron part. Thank you for sharing, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Rosie Jones said...

Pretty dubious but entertaining nonetheless.
Have a good weekend, Ronnie.
Rosie xx

PK said...

Suddenly American schooling seems rather dull.

Minelle Labraun said...

Well then! What a fine end to that caning! Pure fantasy I’m sure! Lol

Ella said...

Sounds like fiction to me, Ronnie, but I am sure most boys that age would find it a very suitable fantasy. Reminds me of a story I found in a magazine discovered while cleaning my older son's bedroom when he was a teen. Of course, I read it!!!

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Ronnie, taht's a lovely fantasy for a young man to have. I believe the canings, but not the nubile matron. School matrons were always MUCH older and not at all seductive. A happy ending to the story, though :)


ronnie said...

Michael - You must have been a naughty one. Thanks.

Jan - As you know canning happened a lot in our public schools. Thanks.

OBB - I think we all do Thanks.

Roz - I definitely didn't think the matron bit was true. Thanks.

Rosie - Did make me smile. Thanks.

PK - A lot of canings went on in our public schools. Thanks.

Minelle - I think the canings were true. Thanks.

Ella - Now that doesn't surprise me. Did you read the caning tips, very good. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes I agree not the matron. Thanks.


Red said...

very dubious fantasy.

ronnie said...

Red - The caning tips are very good. Thanks.