Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Christmas - Tart Cards

Didn't know what to share with you all today - no spanking story to relate so here's a re post of some pictures from a book I found a few years back called 'Tart Cards'.

Some of you may remember the book and pictures I shared. For my new readers - Tart cards were often printed cards (though some of the early ones were handwritten/drawn) and placed in London telephone boxes by the working girls advertising their different type of services during the 1980's when a loophole in the law meant they were not, strictly speaking, illegal. 

The practice of placing cards was known as carding. It is a particularly English phenomenon specific to London and seaside resort around Brighton and Hove (though they did appear in other towns) For the printers who were prepared to take the risk they represented a very regular and lucrative business.

Sex sells but ironically sex was the one word that was not used on the cards. Hand written, euphemism, double entendres, catch phrases, plain text, rhymes and a specialised vocabulary.

As Christmas was a busy one for the girls they tried to bring as much humour and wit to their Christmas working cards with distinctive illustrations and text in order to entice their clients. They have to be inventive and persuasive with their vocabulary in order to sell their wares. Such as 'Treat yourself to some Kinky Kristmas Kapers' or visit a 'Stunning Christmas cracker waiting to be pulled'

Here are some of the Christmas theme cards I shared before, a bit tenuous with some of them but I thought they were amusing.

"The images that accompany the slogans and the many hand drawn cards with holly, ivy or a cracker adds to the allure and charm of these particular Christmas working cards". Equally festive words play a part.

as this parody nursery rhyme shows - Sing-a-song-of-sixpence:
Sing a song of Christmas.
a grotto full of toys,
Lots of canes, whips and chains,
for all you naughty boys.

Or this playful rhyme:

Christmas cracker needs some fun!
Come along and spank her bum

Some preferred word-play and one liners :

'Good Queen Wence-lust, with the 42" bust'.


'Red hot Xmas cracker'

'Let me play with your Jingle bells'

 Hope you enjoyed them. 

You can see more of these cards here and here (not Christmas ones)



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, some of these girls would have made more money in marketing!
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

These are great,and clever. Jan has a point.


abby said...

These are great, love the creativity..You got me thinking about making up a special card...or two for M...Thanks for sharing. hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think it beats the prose on our post for today.

Fondles said...

I learn something new everyday. Thank you for sharing these. They are rather creative!

Hermione said...

A bubble bath for Christmas? Hotel visits? What fun!


Ella said...

Have never heard of Tart Cards, Ronnie. How festive. I like Abby's idea. There is a present for Sam when we are alone that needs a Tart Card on the front of the package. Every good wife needs to be a little tart for her husband.

"Let me help you with that Yule Log, Mister."

Hugs Across the Pond,

Red said...

fun to read... thanks for sharing..
bottoms up

Rosie Jones said...

I remember this post but enjoyed reading it again, Ronnie. Some amusing puns there.
Rosie xx

Leigh Smith said...

Some very clever advertising there. Thanks for sharing again.

ronnie said...

Jan - I think you could be right. Wish I could be there tomorrow. Thanks.

Roz - Some of the hand printed ones are good. Thanks.

Abby - That's a great idea, now why diddn't I think about that. Thanks.

OBB - I enjoyed your post, had me singing along. Thanks.

Fondles - Take a look at the links, some good ones. Thanks.

Hermione - Some of the cards are really creative. Thanks.

Ella - Oh yes, I'm a little tart quite often. LOL on the yule log, I'm making one tomorrow. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. My pleasure. Fun to see.

Rosie - Happy you enjoyed the repost. Thanks.

SG - Thanks. Some clever with their use of words.