Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Spanking Positions

Here's a few unusual spanking positions.

I wouldn't fancy any of them.

What's your favourite spanking position/s? 

For me OTK like this

Or P sitting on the bed with me lying across his knee so my whole body is supported.

For the the cane - I like to be bent over the dining room table 

or lying flat over cushions on the bed


Let me know if any of the pictures are yours.


Roz said...

Goodness Ronnie, some very interesting positions. I don't fancy these either. I prefer OTK or over the bed. Hope you are having a great week :)


an English Rose said...

Good grief, how uncomfy these look, give me my pillows over the bed any day!
love Jan, xx

lindy thomas said...

Interesting positions Ronnie. My favourite is OTK.
Hugs Lindy xx

Anonymous said...

Never been in any of those and at my age don't think I could bend the way some of them are. For play time spanking I've been in many positions standing bent over hands on chair seat, bent over the sofa back rest or sofa arm rest. standing hands on the fire place mantel bottom arched out. I've even had a few out in the woods either holding on to a tree or bent over a fallen one. My favorite is OTK for warm up then bent over the side of the bed or laying on the bed with pillows under my hips.

Rosie Jones said...

I don’t fancy any of the weird positions either. My favourite position is where Harry sits on the side of the bed or against the headboard and I lie over his lap with my whole body supported.
Rosie xx

The Glenmore said...

Call me a traditionalist but over the knee is number one for me , although lying down on top of pillows is comfy and effective for longer sessions.

Anonymous said...

My wife believes in oak, comfortable for her and not so much for me. Joe

Hermione said...

We have a a small ladder like the one in the picture, but Iwouldn't fancy it. Most of those positions look very uncomfy!


Anonymous said...

Always over her lap, and always in the front room, could care less if someone walks by and hears or if someone drops in. Having me over her lap reminds me and others that I've been a naughty little boy, and I do. Mark

Leigh Smith said...

Those are some interesting positions and I think some of them would be worse than the spanking.
As for me. OTK is best and none for the cane.

Ella said...

Don't like any position that is so uncomfortable that I am not concentrating on the spanking. The combination of over the knee and over the bed is my favorite. I do love the feeling of the body contact, I suppose. Besides, then you can tell if your guy is getting a hard on, which could lead to something else.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Red said...

fun positions for younger people to try once, but not for us. I have many favorite positions, and you have named them all...
bottoms up

Cat said...

Whoa Ronnie...all of those positions look painful. I agree with you...the best positions for me were over Matthew's lap with my upper body supported on the bed or couch...couldn't have my head hanging down.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

PK Corey said...

I love to be on the bed. I like to sink into the sensation. I like Nick to be able to move around and change implements and angles.

Blondie said...

Those are some interesting spanking positions. We have come up with a few but nothing worth repeating. Like you, my favorite is OTK

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. OTK is a favourite for many of us.

Jan - They wouldn't be for me. Yes pillows work well. Thanks.

Lindy -Thanks. Another one for OTK:)

Archedone - You've had spankings in many positions. Laying on the bed with pillows is a good one for me when receiving the cane. Thanks.

Rosie - Thanks. That's one of my favourites as well.

The Glenmore - Both of those work for me. Thanks.

Joe - Hello. Seems OTK is a winner. Thanks.

Hermione - THe ladder one looks very unsafe. Thanks.

Mark - Hello. OTK seems very popular from all here. Thanks.

SG - Think you are right there. I couldn't bend in those positions.

Ella - LOL. That's what I said to P about being over his lap, I like it as I can feel if he's getting a hard on. Thanks.

Red - OTK is a very popular one. As Ella says love the feeling of body contact. Thanks.

Cat - I didn't mind my head hanging sometimes but not at all now. Thanks.

PK - I like the bed for the cane as P moves from side to side to deliver the strokes. Thanks.

Blondie - Thanks. We've tried a couple of different ones but didn't work.


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) Those are some interesting positions! Not for me though. My very fav is lying over Rob’s lap, when he’s sitting on the bed, his back leaning against the headboard. Many hugs,


ronnie said...

Katie - I couldn't bend in some of those positions:) That's a good position for me as well. Thanks.