Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Vintage I 1940's - 1960's

Cartoon - Not sure of the year, anyone know?

"Well Danny, I think you have a case of cold feet, so this spanking will get your central heating in great working order"

"Tonight we have the dance contest at the club; I just want to be sure that you don't sit out any of them"

Joker - Year unknown, maybe someone can help us out with this one as well.

Nymph - 1950's

T.N.T - late 1940's.

Jem - 1960's

This one made me smile. "A Magazine For Playful Men"



B'Man said...

Great stuff Ronnie. They're all good. "Jem" was my favorite too.

Elysia said...

Ronnie, these are great. Of course I don't know, but by the hair/clothes styles I would say the 1950s for the first one and the '60s for the second. But I'm just guessing. Where did you find these?

Unknown said...

Oh, I love these, Ronnie!

Great finds.

Sara said...

How cool are these?!? Thanks Ronnie for sharing!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: It's fun to look at those old covers. I wonder where they sold those back in the day.


Daisychain said...

LOL, well discovered, you ever do any WORK??? ;) Hahahahaha! xxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

BabyMan - Thanks. Now what do you think playful men get up to :)

Elysia - Hi. Thanks. I was thinking the same around the late 50's. Found them on my travels around the web

Barley.Pinks - Thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

Sara - Your very welcome

FD - Thanks. I'm not sure where they would have sold them. Our Bottom Burns (sorry can't link) say he used to see them in car repair shops.

Daisy - Cheeky madam, I think I'll be having words with Davey when he gets here :)

Thank you all for stopping by. Hope your having a good week.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I would love to turn the pages of those magazines and see what's inside!


ronnie said...

Hermione - Now that would be interesting. I'll keep trying to get one.


Dr. Ken said...

Ronnie--some great finds, there. And how unusual to find a cartoon in one of those old mags depicting a F/M scene! The Ward drawing from "Joker" is probably my favorite of these.

Dr. Ken

Unknown said...

Fabulous find... thanks for sharing with us. Love the first one also.

ronnie said...

Dr. Ken - Glad you enjoyed them. That was the only F/M I could find.
My favourite mag cover is one I posted a couple of weeks ago. I have more drawings by Ward, I'll post them sometime soon.

Red - Your very welcome.

Thanks both.


Anonymous said...

i had the jem years ago. thet were all sold over the counter at newsstands. my favorite was mr. they always had spanking letters. it burst the bubble when i met the editor [long after he and the mag had retired] andd found out that he and his wife wrote most of the letters.

still it was all fun.

thanx for a great post,