Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Spankchain returns BOOTY

Some while ago I toyed with the idea of putting a bit of spare cash into crypto currency or blockchain. I asked P about it and also several readers sent me knowledge and thoughts which all added up to me not investing. A wise decision as that sector has been very turbulent since and I would have lost money.

But there was one company I kept a link in with google search, probably because of its name 'spank chain' and because it was connected with the adult entertainment industry. Anyway, a story in the press last week said it got hacked. What! I thought these guys were cutting edge and way beyond that sort of nonsense, well apparently not.

Anyway there's a happy ending. For a start it wasn't a huge amount anyway but the best bit, apparently the company somehow got in contact with the hacker by phone and he returned all the money (or virtual money). So the hacker must have had a conscience, or maybe someone close to him or her threatened to spank them if they didn't do the decent thing:)


Monday, 15 October 2018

Grandmother gets spanked

Is that reasonable? I mean if you saw that in the press as a headline you'd probably think it was not. I can confirm, however, that this particular grandmother (it was me, I became one on the weekend) was entirely happy to be spanked and I hope to be the best spanked grandmother of all time:)

Spanking aside I'm thrilled and the baby's fine, a long labour followed by a water birth but all's well and depending on what time you read this short post I will have held my granddaughter for the first time. I saw a tear squeeze from my my husband's eye after he got the video call, long time since I've seen that. Anyway we couldn't actually visit on the weekend so instead we went out and got a few things and I was so excited I wanted to buy everything and tell everyone I could that I'd just become a grandmother. P said I needed to calm down, he said he knew how to do that if I wanted him to...he actually asked 'if'.

Anyway I did and I got spanked Sunday afternoon. He said I should regard it as a celebratory spanking, well who am I to disagree. There was no sex attached, just a sound spanking which left my bottom very hot and was perfect. As is my granddaughter.

Have a good week.


Friday, 12 October 2018

A Smile for Today

Do you remember Simon Templar, The Saint  played by Roger Moore (I think it was shown in the States but not sure how many other countries)? I  do. I quite liked him as the Saint and, in my opinion, the best of the actors who played the character.  Wasn't a fan of Moore playing Bond though.

So it made me smile when I spotted this picture of him (hadn't seen it before) spanking his co-actress in one of the series. No idea who the actress would have been. 

Funny to think how in those days (b/w TV) it was totally acceptable to show women getting spanked..... The Avengers, Steed spanking Emma Peel and also Dick Van Dyke where spankings were shown more than once. I'm sure there were many more. Anyone think of other old TV shows with spanking?

Have a fun weekend.



Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Like London Buses

They say London buses come in wait for ages, none show up then along come three. So what's the connection with spanking? Well for one, the colour of my backside on the weekend pretty well matched the old image of the London bus and for two, after more than a week of waiting for a spanking three came along within twenty-four hours. Memo to self - careful what you wish for Ronnie.

I got spanked twice on Saturday and then again on Sunday. The second time on Saturday was the hardest but the one on Sunday hurt the most because I was still tender from Saturday and it came shortly after I'd showered.

We finished all the jobs we'd promised to get done on the kids' house, P went over on his own on the last day just to finish up some small touches and I had stuff of my own to get done. I also had time to dwell on not getting spanked, amazing how when you've got it in your system that you need a spanking it just doesn't go away on its own. A bit like when you've got a tune in your head playing over and over which you just can't seem to get rid of. Anyway I decided to send P a whatsapp link to my Wednesday blog and asked him to have a look for me, I didn't say what for or anything, just the link and 'please take a look'.

What did I get back? Nothing sexy, no warning, no promises, just 'I see'. But that was enough to make me excited because he wouldn't ignore it and I'd broken the ice so something would happen, it just had to. When he came home in the evening nothing was said, in fact we went down the road to the local pub and had a couple of beers, no driving, he held my hand which was a good sign but not a word said about spanking. Friday he had to go to Northampton which took most of the day, I thought I might get an email or text telling me what I'd be getting later but not a word until he was leaving to return home and then it was just a guesstimate how long it would take because there was traffic on the M1. No spanking or mention of one as the evening went on and I was getting a bit tetchy. I went to bed unspanked.

Saturday morning was raining, cold and miserable. I moaned about it, I had to take some Internet purchases back to Debenhams but didn't want to. P came in from the garden, he didn't seem to mind the rain, he'd picked the last of his tomatoes and chopped the plants up, he was chirpy and made us both a mug of tea. He came into the lounge and I'd got the heating on, he pulled his drizzled sweat shirt off and said he was too warm, I told him not to throw it on the furniture it was soaking wet. He still threw it on an armchair, then he altered the thermostat. He said he thought I was going into town, but I hadn't even showered yet. I answered curtly that it could wait till the weather improved. He made some comment about my mood could do with improving too and said he was taking his tea upstairs to the office and that I should join him up there when I'd finished mine, he wanted a word with me. I felt my heart thump.

Less than ten minutes later I poured a third of my tea down the sink and went upstairs, he was sitting with his back to me clicking away at his laptop. He must have heard the door open but he didn't turn round, just told me sit, while I still could, and wait for him, he'd be a few more minutes. I felt my legs go weak and I needed a wee. I started to say something but he cut me off and said he'd be with me shortly. Oh shit isn't it stupid, I was going to get what I wanted and yet I'd been about to make excuses for myself without even hearing yet what my husband had got to say. Anyway a couple of minutes later he turned around and told me I'd been sullen and ill tempered since last night and it had gotten even worse this morning. He got up and moved onto the futon next to me as he was telling me all this. He said he wasn't going to tolerate moodiness of any sort over the weekend, there was no need for it, it was unacceptable and he was going to nip it in the bud right now. He pulled me across his lap, dragged my shorts down and started spanking me. He continued his exaggerated diatribe as he did it, I still had my knickers on but flimsy silk is no protection against a man's hand and my husband's hands had been working manually all week so they were on top form. He spanked me for about five minutes, covering both cheeks thoroughly, then made me apologise for being sullen. He told me to get up and go shower, he needed to go into town himself so we may as well go together and he didn't want to hear any nonsense about the rain. As I opened the door, he called, "Oh and when we've finished what we need to do, it'll be a snack lunch then back home and a sound spanking for you, my girl".

"But you've just spanked me!" I exclaimed.

"That was for your childish and quite unnecessary mood," he said. "I shall spank you later for that post you published on your blog, or rather for what it implied. Or perhaps both, anyway it was clear from it that you need a very sound spanking indeed and I am going to provide one." I left the office and floated off for a shower.

How a girl's mood can change. I was chatty and jokey and, for the first time, asked him how his little trip had gone, showing genuine interest. I even paid for lunch. I'll admit I was a little apprehensive that he'd said 'very sound' but sometimes he uses words for effect and I was excited too. The earlier spanking had made me horny.

So we got home mid afternoon and P said we should go upstairs to the bedroom. He wasn't just taking me across his lap then. He sometimes use the razor strop in the bedroom and also the cane because he prefers me in the laying position with my hips raised on pillows when he's going to spank me with certain implements, especially if it's going to be hard. I gulped when I heard his words. My knickers had been damp all the way home but I was already having second thoughts about how this was going to work out.

Well I needn't have fretted too much. He did put me across his lap in the bedroom as it happened, on the corner of the bed. He spanked me pretty hard, first with his hand and then with our rosethorn paddle, it super-heated the whole of my backside to the point where I could barely feel the leather when he let it rest against my cheeks, which were half bare and half knickered where my panties had pulled into my crack. I thought that might be the end of it. A pause before he made me go down on him or kneel up on the bed to be penetrated. I was wrong. He lifted me fully onto the bed then got up himself and threw a couple of pillows into the centre. He told me get over them and then pulled my knickers right down to my ankles. I gasped. I heard him walk around the bed and then saw him reach under his side and withdraw his cane. He came back round to the left of me and gave me six strokes, quickly and effectively giving me no time to adjust or protest, only wriggle and squeal. The pain from the strokes was still registering with my brain, it kept coming in waves, I wanted to get up and dance, then I heard him walk back around the bed to my right. I went to twist onto my side so that I could see him. "Get back as you were!" he barked.

He gave me another six and I screamed, several times. I knew our neighbours were out but I don't think it would have made any difference had they been in. He dropped his cane to the floor as I pounded the mattress with my fists and roared incoherent protests at the pain in my bottom, my legs thrashing wildly trying futilely to dissipate it. P walked calmly to the bottom of the bed and took my knickers from my ankles, goodness knows how they'd kept on.

"You probably won't be wanting to wear these for a little while," he said, "I hope that's cured you of you week-long malaise, just let me know any time it builds up again or perhaps I'll look into your blog more often and see for myself." Oh he was pleased with himself, and amused, I could hear it in his voice. I heard him go downstairs, good, I didn't want him pestering for sex, those thoughts had gone. I spent half an hour or more nursing my smarting bottom before going down and resuming normal contact. We had a lovely dinner just the two of us that evening, I'd gotten over the spanking although my bottom hadn't and I knew there were welts. I was getting horny again but didn't get anything.

Then Sunday morning when I came out of the shower P was waiting in the bedroom for me, sitting at the top of the bed against the wall. He was in just his underpants, his summer tan making them whiter than white, his bulge very evident. I hadn't expected it, my hair was dripping, I has a towel wrapped round me, my backside had been teased back to tingles by the shower, I said, "Let me just dry my hair." I licked my lips and looked directly at his cock. "Please," I added.

"Come here and lay over my lap," my husband said.

"Oh no P, please, you spanked me really well yesterday, I could feel it in the shower my bottom's so tender".

"Do as you're told unless you want me to get the cane out again". I shot over his lap. My towel unwrapped, I could feel his cock pushing against my hip, my hair was dripping, at least it was his side of the bed.

Then he spanked me. He threw the towel off the bed and alternated between hands. Oh god it hurt. I was tender and had bluish smudges where the cane had welted, my sit spots were still pink and the water jets had actually stung so much I'd had to turn them down. I muffled the duvet into my mouth to stop me screaming. It didn't last long fortunately, he had other things on his mind, but it really did hurt, it brought tears to my eyes, the sort you might get when you trap your finger in a door or bite your tongue, short sharp pain. He told me to go down on him, I said I'd just dry my hair off a bit first but he said no, do it right now as you are, with your backside roasting and a sorry look on your face. Well I did it and he was drooling and hard as a flagpole, I thought he was going to spurt into my throat any second but he held off, I don't know how, I was starting to get wet myself when he said, "Right dry your hair off now, I'll sit and watch you. Then we're going to fuck and I don't care what sort of mess we make". So I dried off, a bit awkward with him and his cock watching me and my heat rising. I didn't dry properly, we fucked instead. Then he went downstairs to make a cup of tea while I finished off. So I got my spanking and more:)


Monday, 8 October 2018


Wishing all my Canadian friends and readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your day.


Friday, 5 October 2018

Did you ever get the cane then?

A repost. Hopefully I'll be less busy next week.

"So what were you like then as a schoolboy?" She asked in a desultory fashion. I had a terrible feeling that I was boring her despite trying to appear interesting. I could hardly answer that I was in all probability even duller than I must appear now, so I did the obvious thing, I lied.

"Oh I was a bit of a rebel actually. You know always in trouble!"

She gazed at me, her dark eyelashes fluttering, her large baby blue eyes wide open as if attempting to see me in a new light. Whether she believed me or not I am not quite sure but at least she had stopped yawning and was now looking thoughtful. As we were leaving the car she asked.

"Did you ever get the cane then?"

That question I admit rather stopped me in my tracks. To be honest I had a thing about being caned and partly regretted that I had escaped that particular punishment. Boys were frequently caned but not boys like myself who slavishly followed all the school rules. In fact my behaviour was so exemplary I was never punished at all. My reputation, if I possessed such a thing, was as a blindly obedient boy who did exactly as he was told. Nevertheless I had got the bit between my teeth and was busy rewriting my own legend.

"Oh yes, I should say so. We had this form mistress, Miss Taylor. She was only a young woman but dreadfully strict. I must have had six of the best from her at least a dozen times!"

I shrugged my shoulders and affected an air of heroic fortitude. Miss Taylor indeed had a reputation for strictness, she frequently sent to the Head with a hand written note and I'd once witnessed her cane two boys in my class for bullying. The incident lingered still in my memory. I was almost envious of the bullies as I was in the stock room next door doing my good deed for the day and returning some text books when the punishment took place. Each boy received four strokes of the cane. The first boy took his punishment in silence, all you could hear was the cane falling on tightly stretched trouser seat. However, the second boy was crying even before it started and after each stroke of the cane let out a desperate howl of pain. Not that the boy's tearful pleading stopped Miss Taylor carrying out the punishment. Susan had a most disconcerting way of staring, she was now gazing at me as if I was suddenly a person of great interest.

"Really, how awful. It sounds like something Charles Dickens would write about! They never had anything like that at the girls school I went to!" She said almost enviously. Yes, she was definitely seeing me in a new light. In fact I was seeing myself in a new light and feverishly hoping we weren't going to meet anyone who remembered me as I really was. I pointed out the cricket pitch and the nets which still hadn't been taken down despite the term ending. Then the swimming pool, which was always freezing cold I remember. However it seemed Susan was much more interested in the disciplinary practices of the school.

"Did it hurt dreadfully when you were caned?" She enquired. As we were walking she inserted her hand in mine which was rather a nice surprise.

"Well some chaps used to make a fuss but I just used to grin and bear it! No it never really bothered me being caned. Just an occupational hazard of being a bit of a rascal I suppose! You know how it is, you do the crime you accept the punishment!"

This was a bit rich since the one thing I have always been incapable of is suffering in silence. She was now looking at me with something like hero worship in those large blue eyes. Unless I was very much mistaken, Susan had more than a passing interest in corporal punishment herself. Well we certainly now had something in common at least.

We were standing in the shadow of the schools main entrance but I didn't want to risk going in so I was quietly attempting to lead Susan back to the car.

"Shall we go inside? Aren't you curious to see if it has changed at all?" She asked. I was just about to say no, not in the least, let's go back to the car, when an attractive well dressed woman seemed to appear from nowhere. It was Miss Taylor! I could feel the colour draining from my face.

"Are you aware that this is private property and you are trespassing?" She asked with intimidating politeness. Her face was tired but still unquestionably, undeniably beautiful. Obviously she didn't recognise me, after all it was six years since we had last seen each other. I don't suppose quiet well behaved boys are all that memorable anyway.

"I am terribly sorry we are just going," I said. Stress had made my voice rise an octave. I lurched towards the car still clutching Susan's hand. Glancing at Miss Taylor over her shoulder she said,

"James used to go to this school many years ago!"

"Come here!" She commanded. Her voice still had the ability to freeze the very marrow in my bones. I turned I was still hoping to make it back to the car before she recognised me. Suddenly a smile of recognition illuminated her severely attractive features.

"Oh yes, I do believe it's James Anthony Mortimer!" She said brightly. Inwardly I groaned, the only thing to do now was make sure our chat was as brief as possible. The last thing I wanted was a trip down memory lane.

"Miss Taylor," I said, "allow me to introduce a friend of mine, Susan Catesby! We were just passing but we really must be getting back now!" I glanced at my watch and smiling nervously said.

"My goodness, is that the time?" I started edging back towards the car park. Susan had a bewildered look on her face as if she couldn't understand my sudden hurry. If only I had been truthful with Susan. Better to have been a bore than a teller of tall tales.

"Nonsense, of course you have time to come to my study both of you and enjoy a cup of tea!"

So I really didn't have much choice in the matter. Fate had conspired against me and before I knew it, there I was, perched on the edge of my seat, waiting to be exposed as a fraud, a young windbag, a one time teachers pet! The blow was not long in coming. Susan sitting on the sofa next to our host, accepting her cup of pale fragrant tea said enthusiastically,

"James, was just telling me how he was always in trouble at school!"

Miss Taylor's eyes seemed to widen perceptibly. A smile hovered for a brief moment on her soft red lips.

"Really!" She said. She sipped her tea smiling it seemed at my discomfiture, in a moment I should be revealed in my true colours. Susan, however was not finished yet.

"And you gave him six of the best a dozen times!" She laughed, as if sharing an amusing joke.

Miss Taylor's eyes seemed for a moment to twinkle with merriment.

"I don't think that is true!" She said, sternly. That's it, I thought, put me quickly out of my misery. I waited for the fatal blow to fall.

"No, I am sure I caned him much more than a dozen times and you know the funny thing was!"

Susan, glanced at me in admiration. I heaved a huge sigh of relief as Miss Taylor continued.

"That he never seemed to really feel it!"

I grinned weakly and wished desperately that someone would change the subject or the ground would quickly open and swallow me up. Miss Taylor was now beaming at me as if I was her favourite little rascal.

"Do you know I never did cane you for putting that mouse in my desk on the last day of term!"

Susan clapped her hands in admiration, laughing as if it was the most amusing practical joke. Of course it wasn't me, everyone knew that it was Edwards, I am sure Miss Taylor knew it was Edwards. Her sources of information I seem to remember were always impeccable. I could hardly spill the beans though, so I grinned weakly and played the part of the unrepentant rascal. I wished fervently the tea wasn't quite so hot.

"Oh he was a naughty boy wasn't he! The funny thing is you would never guess it, to look at him, I mean!" laughed Susan. Her face was looking bright and cheerful for possibly the first time that day.

"How very perceptive of you Miss Catesby! This young girl is a shrewd judge of character I can see. You are very fortunate to have her as a friend James!" Purred Miss Taylor. Her eyes seemed to be shining with mischief. She continued, her smile quite terrifying.

"Yes, I think we can safely say, Master Mortimer has hidden depths!"

"I bet your happy Miss Taylor hasn't got a cane in her desk now!" Chuckled Susan, as she sipped daintily at her tea. I glanced at Miss Taylor a little nervously, who was to say what she had in her desk. I wasn't at all sure I liked the way this conversation was heading.

Miss Taylor, crossed her slender legs on the settee and laughed,

"James would know of course that the cane was never kept in my desk!" Miss Taylor was obviously enjoying herself greatly.

"Of course I remember!" I said, nervously. For a brief moment there was an uncomfortable silence before Miss Taylor said brightly.

"Oh yes! I used to keep it in that large cupboard by the bookshelf as you will no doubt recall James! In fact it's still there now, although I haven't had reason to use it for a week or two!" Desperately I blew on the tea, the quicker we were on the road again the happier I would be.

"I don't suppose it would be possible to see it?" Asked Susan in a thrilling voice.

"Oh indeed. Why not. I am sure it will bring back many painful memories for James though!" Miss Taylor showed no sign of moving.

"James would you be a dear and fetch the cane!" As I put my tea cup down my hand shook, and somewhat nervously I walked over to the large cupboard, Miss Taylor smiled at Susan who laughed. I opened the cupboard door which creaked noisily. In amongst the piles of text books and rolled up maps I could see a thin yellow cane. I picked it up. It felt strangely light in my hand, almost as if it weighed nothing at all.

"Painful memories!" I heard Susan titter. I could feel my cheeks beginning to blush as I handed it to the still seated Miss Taylor. She looked up to me with those merciless bright blue eyes and said jokingly, whilst tapping the cane against her palm.

"It was you that put that mouse in my desk on the last day of term, wasn't it?"

Susan laughed, noisily. A look of horrified delight on her pretty face. I was temporarily deprived of the power of speech and stood there foolishly in front of the two woman seated on the sofa.

"Why don't you sit down James. You look uncomfortable standing there!" Said Miss Taylor, smiling gently and winking at Susan who responded with another peal of laughter. I could feel my cheeks burning as I sat down. One of the disadvantages of being fair skinned is people can easily tell when you are embarrassed.

"For a moment there, I thought you were going to cane him for putting that mouse in your desk!"

Giggled Susan, looking rather pink herself. Miss Taylor and Susan seemed to be getting on so well I seemed almost superfluous.

"Why, would you like me to?" Asked Miss Taylor, She had stopped laughing and then Susan stopped laughing too. Suddenly there was complete silence in the room.

"It might be amusing, I mean just for fun!" She said after a seemingly endless pause. Susan looked even paler than usual as she sat there in a state of nervous anticipation. Miss Taylor turned to me, smirking like a cat that had swallowed the canary. She stood up to her full height and swished the cane menacingly through the air.

"It's only a bit of fun, James! So I mean why not, after all it would be nothing new to such a naughty boy as yourself!" There was that twinkle in here eye again.

She knew I had little choice but to play along. The butterflies in my stomach certainly seemed to be working overtime as I stood up from the chair. Susan had her mouth hidden behind her small pale hand as if she might scream in equal amounts horror and delight at any given moment. Her blue eyes seemed larger than ever.

"Bend over the armchair will you Mortimer! I think Miss Catesby will agree with me that you will benefit greatly from six of the very best!" Said Miss Taylor sweetly. Susan sat on the very edge of her seat as if she was about to witness the changing of water into wine.

The use of my surname had unsettled me still further. Surely this was only going to be a "bit of fun" as Miss Taylor put it! I tried a cheerful smile and failed miserably. Reluctantly I walked over and slowly bent over the armchair. A few moments later I felt the cane tapping gently across the tightly stretched thin cotton of my trousers.

"The thing is when you cane a boy!" Explained Miss Taylor. "You must do so firmly!"


It felt as if a explosion had recently taken place across my buttocks. Susan was looking directly into my eyes, a rapt expression on her face, as the cane bit. I attempted a brave smile as the excruciating pain made my body arch in agony. Susan's smile grew wider with her eyes.



I made a gulping sound. My smile by now was that of the condemned man as he draws his last breath and I am sure I did little to convince Susan I was enjoying myself. Nevertheless she smiled back reassuringly.

"..there is no point to it!"


After that one I nearly dived over the armchair. It felt like someone was holding a barbecue on my behind. I could feel my smile turning into a rictus grin. The next blow came a little quicker with a little extra zest as if Miss Taylor felt she was beating a particularly dusty carpet.


"Aaaaaah!" It was a new language I had recently invented. The language of untold agony!


It was definitely getting harder. God it was awful. I suddenly gripped my bottom with both hands and howled like some wounded animal.


" Oh dear! You have moved your hands I am afraid! That one will not count which is a pity!"

Explained Miss Taylor with infinite patience. I was about to complain when the next stroke landed and all my thoughts were suddenly concentrated in one place. Nothing else mattered other than the pain in my backside. Right then if you had told me I had won a fortune I shouldn't have cared less.


"Please no!" I begged. Miss Taylor took a step back smiling and affected not to hear. I was going to get an extra stroke whether I liked it or not. She put plenty of beef into it!


"Ah nooooooooooooooooo!!"

It felt as if my bottom had been sliced in quarters, as if the skin had been taken off. It is was all I could do not to burst into tears which were welling up in my eyes! I was still bending over, when Miss Taylor said brightly.

"You may get up now!"

She was still smiling hugely as if she had won first prize in a beauty contest. She turned to Susan whose smile was even wider than Miss Taylor's. Neither of them were offering the slightest sympathy despite my pitiful groans.

"That is how it's done! I do hope you were paying attention my dear as I am sure, if you intend to remain together for any length of time, James would benefit from an occasional good hard caning to remind him... of his schooldays!"

They both laughed as if it was the best joke they had heard in years. But the look on Susan's face as we walked back to the car, me wincing every now and again as some new sharp after-shock reminded me of the ravaged state of my bottom, told me she had taken Miss Taylor's 'joke' far too seriously. When we got in the car and started off, Susan turned to me and asked.

"Where do you suppose someone might acquire a cane like Miss Taylor's, James? I should have asked her before we left, shouldn't I. Just out of interest I mean."

I didn't answer because I didn't know, but I got the impression that Susan was planning for the long term.

A reader sent me this story. I enjoyed it so sharing with you.  Anon said he found it on one of the true experience websites but can't remember which one. So please, if it is yours, let me know so I can give credit or remove if that's your wish.

Story by Arthur James at malespank.

Have a fun weekend.