Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How embarrassing

I am uncovered, a ruined woman, exposed. Well maybe.

You see I keep a few canes at my office, it isn't really an office more of a storage facility where I keep other items I sell online and have done for years, it does have a desk though and a little packing area so I suppose it is technically an office. Anyway I had to consent to the maintenance man accessing my little store room on Friday last week. I got a phone call saying one of the guys in the age care charity office had reported noises from inside and they knew I wasn't in. Dave, the maintenance man who we've known for years, asked if I could come in or could he have my permission to go in because he'd stood outside my room and heard the noise himself. I asked him if P was in his office but he wasn't. I said I couldn't get there in less than about forty minutes and I'd make a quick phone call to my husband and call him back in minutes.

I've got no problem with Dave going into my office trust-wise but I couldn't remember whether I'd left any spanking implements out on view, or even whether the top flaps on the box containing them were open or closed. I tried P's phone but he didn't answer, then I thought quickly the longer I delay calling back the worse it will seem, as if I'm trying to hide something (which I was), so I called Dave back very quickly and sounding as casual as possible just said, "No good Dave, sorry I thought P might be nearby and save you the hassle but he's not answering so sure, go ahead by all means. Do you want me to stay on the phone while you go in?" He said he didn't and that he'd call me back after he'd investigated.

Half an hour later I got a call back, there was a bird in there, my window was open about ten centimetres and it must have flown in, a real fluke. He said the alarm couldn't have been set or it would have gone off immediately. Anyway he'd got rid of it and locked up, he said there was some bird poo on my desk but he couldn't see any anywhere else. Shit (no pun), I thought, so he'd had a look around. I just said "Great thanks Dave, I'll be in later so I'll clean up, sorry about that can't imagine who left the window open, maybe Clare's been up there, anyway thanks again".

I didn't go straight to the office, I waited for P to call me back and told him what had happened and what I was worried about. He said it was no problem and I'd done the right thing answering Dave very quickly. He said the best thing to do was to just be normal when I went in and ask Dave to go back upstairs with me when I did turn up, in case there were any more birds, he said he knew that was ridiculous but men expected women to be ridiculous about things like that. Then, once in the office, make a point of shifting a few boxes to make sure another bird hadn't come  in, and make sure to shuffle the canes box if the lid flaps were open and to make a comment on it. I asked him what sort of bloody comment could I make? He thought for a bit and then said,

"Hmm ok, leave it then and I'll get back to the office later and ask Dave to open up for me because I haven't got a key with me. I'll think of something to say about the canes, no problem. All you need to worry about is why your window was left open and why the alarm wasn't set. Naughty girl, see what can happen when you get slack, I think you need a little reprimand."

P told me later he'd spun Dave some yarn about me buying a job lot of stuff from a shop closure off ebay and the canes had been amongst it, weird stuff the things people got up to. He said Dave didn't seem too interested, just sort of tut tutted and shook his head. I said well that might be how he was with you, bloke to bloke, but he might have a look in his eye next time he sees me. 

Anyway it's done now and I suppose I'll brazen it out next time I see Dave. I haven't been reprimanded for it yet but P does say his headaches are reducing:)



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, oops! bet you remember to shut the window in future. Glad P. is a bit better, let's hope he doesn't make you wait too long ;)
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Oh dear Ronnie, nice work on P's part. Glad he is feeling a bit better.


Ella said...

Ronnie, there simply must be a sequel to this one. I want to hear what Dave has to say. Sounds like P is going to reprimand on his own. At least he will have a whole case of canes from which to choose. Might be a selling point. "Every cane we sell has been rigorously tested."

I often think I will slip up with our toy drawer and even with my posts as I carry a hard copy of things I am working on if I know I might have to wait somewhere. This post makes me think I need to be more careful.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Leigh Smith said...

Glad P's headaches are lessening. As for yours, well the maintenance man might have a new gleam in his eye for you. WHo knows, maybe you'll spice up his home life. lol

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie,

I hear you on this one. Sigh. I blew it a few months ago. Eric was threatening me by text and I responded with a very cheeky "Next time I see you, you better run fast if you think you're going to spank my ass". Well, I'm absolutely mortified to say I sent it to my boss' admin assistant, Erica. I was walking, texting and doing three things at once and we had all been texting around the same time. I hit the wrong response and was horrified. She waited about a minute and texted back, "How much trouble are you in? This must have been meant for someone else." I died. Still haven't had the nerve to tell Eric. Erica has never said a word since but I still turn bright red whenever I see her at the office. My fear, of course, is that she has or will share that text with others.

Red said...

best news is that P's headaches are reducing. hope the doctor has been able to help. I just wonder if you ever walk into the building arguing with P sometime in the future, and Dave is there. He might find a reason to be nearby to hear if the cane is being used. Brazen it out, if he asks. You could ask him if he would like to buy one.
Always delightful happenings in your life to read about. thanks
bottoms up

lindy thomas said...

Oh dear Ronnie was a tricky situation to find yourself in. Glad Ps headaches are diminishing.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Jan - I'll take the blame for leaving the window open and alarm off:) Thanks.

Roz - Day by day they seem to be getting better. Thank you.

Ella - That's what P said, we just test the canes before sending:) I don't think my bottom would handle it with all the canes we have. You be careful what you do in case you slip up. Easy done.

SG - Thanks. Not going into office until next week so we'll see if he says anything or if he ha a gleam in his eye:)

Amy - Oh. Never done that myself. I don't think she will share your text but if she did you say you were joking with hubby. Thanks.

Red - Thank you. We give him a gift every Christmas as a thank you for looking after things so maybe I could gift him one of the canes:)

Lindy - Thank you. Dave is quite sweet so I can I can handle it.


PK said...

I love it! Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Hermione said...

I wonder how Dave will look at you next time he sees you. I want to read the sequel too:) Better keep those canes out of sight!


Rosie Jones said...

Quick thinking on P's part. Glad his headaches are subsiding, migraines of any kind are the pits.
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

PK - Not so funny for me:)

Hermione - Knowing him, can't image him saying anything but he could have a gleam in his eye. Thanks.

Rosie - Thanks. pits indeed. Glad I don't get them.


Lea said...

I always feel that in situations like this, what is in my head is always so much larger than what happens. I always feel overexposed and it is usually no big deal!

I hope it turns out this way for you!

ronnie said...

Lea - I know what you mean. H'e probably forgotten about it already. Thanks.