Friday, 2 June 2017


May we have yours please?

Have you noticed how everybody wants your feedback? It used to be just the hotel booking companies, tripadvisor, flight bookings, a few eateries depending how you'd booked. But now just about everyone's doing it, anyone that is who has access to your online credentials...which does mean just about everyone. It seemed innocent over the years always giving your email or mobile number but never getting contacted but then all of a sudden they start getting used. 

Of course it's all automated, even if they've totally screwed up and pissed you off, along comes the 'How Did We Do?' email. P chuckled the other morning when he got a text on his mobile from the NHS asking him to rate a hospital visit on a 1 to 5 basis. He got an email the same morning from a parking company he'd used, wanting to know how he'd enjoyed the experience.

He said maybe he should start sending me feedback requests on spankings.
  • How did we I do?
  • On a 1 to 5 basis how likely would you be to recommend a friend?
  • Would you describe your experience as *very satisfying *satisfying *adequate *lacklustre *poor
  • Any comment or suggestions for how your experience could be improved
  • Etc etc...
He was joking but I said "Maybe you should" but I know he won't, he'd forget or just think it was silly. I liked the idea though:)

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, everybody does seem to want feedback these days. I think giving feedback on a spanking is a great idea ... could be fun lol.


Anonymous said...

Spanking feed back is a good idea but I feel if I rated her spanking me as poor she would give me another right away. And that is not a bad idea either.

Baker said...

I've tried that one, Ronnie, lol!
But apparently my feedback is not required or appreciated! Especially if given in a snarky or sarcastic tone.

PK said...

I think it's a WONDERFUL idea! I'd love to give feedback. Although no matter how good a job he does, I will not be recommending him to a friend!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

A little over two decades back we started explaining what we wanted in a spanking. Then we gave feedback after the spanking. Like, I wanted more of this and less of that. This improved our satisfaction immensely. Now, we know what the other needs so well, we could just ask for a #2 please.

Leigh Smith said...

As PK said, no recommendations and I would think that an unsatisfactory review might get you another spanking.

Red said...

What a wonderful idea. you could earn another spanking immediately, or protect your bottom for a few days at lest, depending on your answers. Loved: "would you recommend a friend"
bottoms up

kdpierre said...

Feedback? What's that? As a blogger, the biggest frustration is the persistent LACK of feedback. (Maybe everyone is too busy answering those business requests?)

As for spanking feedback? I think it's very important and I have always made it a point to let the disciplinarians in my life know how I felt about their efforts. And even as an occasional 'switch', I definitely appreciated feedback from my 'victims'.

ronnie said...

Roz - Depends if it's good feedback:) Thanks.

Archedone - If you did, you'd end up with a very sore bottom:) Thanks.

Baker - Oh no, never in a snarky/sarcastic tone as that surely deserves a spanking:) Thanks.

PK - No, recommending him to a friend not a good idea:) Thanks.

OBB - Makes sense, then you both know what the other wants and likes. Thanks.

SG - Surely would. Thanks.

Red - I would get one straight away and it would be hard. Thanks.

KDP - I think if your new to spanking, you should give feedback to each other. Thanks.


Lurvspanking said...

As someone who has worked in retail/sales for a long time, those that serve hate feedback. Hate, hate, hate it. The reason? Because no matter how good or poor the service, the bosses use it as a club to beat down the employees. I used to work for a major corporation that asked customers for an A through F score, but when grading employees, A for completely satisfied was the 100% and B for very satisfied was 0%. How often is anybody completely satisfied? Never!

lindy thomas said...

Great idea for feed back Ronnie. I would love to do that. Don't think it would make much difference though.
Hugs Lindy xx

Hermione said...

What a cute idea! Maybe P could send you an online request.

We get sales receipts with a URL at the bottom and if you go there and spend 15 minutes answering the survey about how they did, you just might win a $1,000 shopping trip. Hardly necessary when all they did was ring up your purchase.


Rosie Jones said...

I think the noise I make during a spanking is all the feedback Harry needs!
Rosie xx

Ella said...

We have a little Post It Note app on our big monitor screen. I love to leave little messages for Sam to see the next time he logs in. And sometimes I do leave a few words about a recent spanking. Mostly compliments, though.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

Luvspanking - I agree with you there. Thanks.

Lindy - Probably get you spanked more:) Thanks.

Hermione - Maybe I should ask for feedback on the canes I sell:) I know what you mean. In some of ur larger department stores, sales people point out you could win £xxxx if you fill in a survey. Thanks.

Rosie - That's all the feedback he needs:) Thanks.

Ella - When I first read your comment I thought it read mostly Complaints:) Thanks.