Friday, 5 May 2017

Drain 'n Cane

In the absence of any actual spanking activity on my own doorstep the last several days, worse luck, I'm going to reproduce a story which was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. It was sent me by a tumblr poster who doesn't want to be named (let me know if it's yours) and it involves f/m spanking, so turn away if you must, and more interestingly a little twist which has been built into a spanking ritual to make it especially mean.

It employs the so called 'ruined orgasm', something I only learned about relatively late in life and I posted about it here a while back, and it certainly would to my mind ratchet up the spanking if that's what she really does. You never know with these things but it's amusing anyway (for those who aren't squeamish about men getting it). Here goes:-

Drain him Cane him

Discipline and structure; it's part of our way of life, it's served David and me well for fourteen years. Draining
 and caning is a refinement on a particular aspect of punishment which I want to share it with you but first, for those who don't know me, a little background.

You see we didn't have this relationship when we started out. In those days there was no organisation to our relationship at all, I mean don't get me wrong I loved David and I know he loved me, and we were certainly committed but there was no structure and, as an IT team manager, I knew we needed structure to get the best out of things.

So I introduced structure, not in a bossy way but firmly and intelligently, and he responded. It wasn't long before I suggested there needed to be penalties for when structure broke down, I knew it wouldn't be me breaking it but I didn't say that, and David agreed. Spankings were introduced, it didn't seem unnatural at all, I mean I manage a mixed team of professionals and, whilst I obviously don't spank them, I do have to keep discipline and certainly impose sanctions within company rules. Well domestically there are no company rules and no sanctions, I mean I can't deduct pay or withold extra hours or block an expenses trip, you get my meaning. So spankings came about and although I wouldn't say they were accepted with open arms by my husband, he didn't reject them either and over time learned acceptance.

For my part I took to it rather well and to be honest it became normal pracitice for David to get spanked with increasing levels of severity as befitted his behaviour and in recent years a cane and other implements have found their way into our relationship, the cane being by far my favourite and David's least, for obvious reasons. I never got one single spanking myself, not because I wouldn't have accepted one because a deal's a deal, but it just didn't happen because I am structured and organised, something my husband most certainly is not and, accordingly, David got his comeuppance whenever it was appropriate.

I have to admit there was and still is sometimes a slightly erotic edge when dealing with my husband, not at the start but after I've got going, but I always control it and never let it affect the outcome, which of course means David getting properly punished.

No matter where or when it's done, regardless of whether I'm straight from work or relaxed on a weekend or even after being out somewhere enjoyable together, I always rise to the occasion and carry out the necessary task firmly and dispassionately.

To make sure David gets the full benefit from what I give him I've developed a technique and it's really very simple, I call it 'drain and cane' and it's what I'm going to tell you about.

Drain and Cane

Some of you are going to think it's cruel but it's not really, it's just desirable and practical as it takes away any, shall we say, feelings on his part and heightens his sensitivity to what must follow. The spankings I give David these days do nearly always involve the cane, which I've learned to use rather well, and to leverage its effectiveness I always remove his semen, to put it bluntly, before I bend him over to cane him.

I call David to account on a punishment day by telling him we need to have words later, then I tell him to come and see me at such and such time, a recent occasion went something like this:-

"Ah there you are David, are you ready for your preparation now?"

He nodded sullenly that he was and stood next to me while I sat on the couch. I undid his zipper and cupped my hand around his balls squeezing gently, his penis started to stiffen and I used my other hand to stroke the shaft through the thin cotton of his briefs, resting my forefinger at the head then circling and back again.

"Ohhh...and...Urghhh" are the sort of comments I hear from him.

"What's the matter David, cat got your tongue? Are you trying to tell me something?"

I always ask him even though I don't expect an answer, you see we both know that what I'm doing will cause him to have a boy accident in his underpants and that after that's happened he's going to get caned.

He hates the thought I'm sure, yet it does seem to excite him in a peculiarly reluctant way and his penis does respond with a bit of coaxing. I love the feeling when his testes retract in my hand and I know he's getting close, I squeeze a bit harder to encourage him along and then, when I know his man stuff is starting to pulse up into his engorged organ, I take my hand away so that he drains into his underpants without a proper orgasm. I hear him exhale in exasperation at the release he needed but didn't want. It must be so embarrassing for him having discharged into his briefs and knowing that now he's going to be caned soundly by his loving wife.

" we have to," or words to that effect are sometimes heard at this stage.

 "Yes we do David, you know the rules, you get your spankings after you've been emptied, that way you learn your lesson much better."

I don't accept argument and I don't allow procrastination, I send him immediately to fetch the cane from our wardrobe and come straight back after picking up a towel from the bathroom. Then I have him bend over the sofa back, towel under him so that his nasty sticky boy mess doesn't soil the dralon when I pull his pants
down. I usually cane him about twenty times but it can be double that if he's been particularly out of order, and I pride myself on always having him pleading and apologising by about the tenth stroke.

Of course I pay no attention to his pleas and finish off the caning fully, normally leaving him with a well striped bottom, often with raised welts which can last up to a week.

After the caning I usually send him off to the bathroom to clean himself up, he has to wash his underpants out and come back down as soon as he's done it.

He's sometimes a bit upset and particularly embarrassed if he's been crying but that doesn't matter to me at all, in fact it's quite cute and it's all part of his punishment anyway.

And I have one more little indignity for him to suffer before he's allowed to go and put his clothes back on.....yes you guessed it, I make him do 'that' to me while he's still suffering from his thrashing. You see he still wants me because he hasn't had a proper orgasm and even though I've given him a jolly good caning, believe you me I don't stint on it, he wants to be really close.

Men do that so well after a good dose of wifely discipline, I mean their tongues work double hard to avoid getting a second helping and there's no conflict with his penis inconveniently spilling over because I've already dealt with that. Of course he lacks 'passion' because he's been drained but the will is there and he still works his tongue as hard as he can out of submission and obedience which makes me feel extra good and I like that.

After I've had my orgasms, which I certainly feel I'm entitled to after all that work, I send David off to dress and we both settle down to enjoy the rest of the day - or night - together, structure and respect in our relationship restored as should be.

It's a win win situation I promise you and I'm sure you won't revert to boring old normal spanking once you've tried it.

PS, for accuracy I would point out I don't always make David submit his tongue to me after he's been spanked, just most of the time and especially if there's been any sign of defiance. I think it's a final statement of dominance on my part. Apart from that I do get horny when I'm disciplining my husband and I see no reason not to release some tension afterwards. Mine of course, not his.

Ouch! Her poor husband!' - are you reading this P, would it be transferable to m/f? NO...NO!! Only joking:)

Have a fun weekend.


As I said, let me know if the story is yours so I can give credit or remove.


Cat said...

Whoa, don't care if it was f/m or m/f...either way, that is pure D mean!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Wow,I think David should find a way to turn the tables.


Ella said...

Not my cup of tea at all, but it was interesting to read.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Anonymous said...

My wife insures the same of me, but thankful it is not the cane but a very large hairbrush brings the same results. I was caught masturbating when we were dating, looking at "those" magazines as she calls them. I had to finish and was quickly over her lap for a very sound spanking, hurt like hell. I have to kneel on a towel in the front room and masturbate, knowing the spanking to follow is going to really hurt. She does not always get on with the spanking, most times when finish I have to stand before her, holding my limp penis as I'm scolded, I hate this the most, naked, having masturbated, now get scolded. The spanking is not short and my dancing around the room afterwards she enjoys and facing the wall for at least an hour. Jeffery

The Glenmore said...

Sounds to me like they both enjoy it!

Leigh Smith said...

WOW - that does seem like cruel and unusual punishment - but it works for them I guess.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

After orgasm, ruined or not, a spanking is the bottom of my list of things to do so it would hurt. Nothing like it you could do to a woman.

Doubt this was written by a woman. I don't think women are this mean.

a boy accident in his underpants!!!!!!

Rosie Jones said...

Poor man, whatever happened to loving discipline?
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Cat - Poor hubby. Thanks.

Roz - Somehow I don't think he would want to. Thanks.

Ella - Nor mine but yes, interesting read. Thanks.

Jeffery - Hello to you. Your wife sounds very strict. Thanks for sharing.

The Glenmore - And that's all that matters. Thanks.

SG - Everyone is different and if it works for them, good. Thanks.

OBB - A spanking definitely hurts after an orgasm, I can vouch for that. Personally, I think a women did write it. Thanks.

Rosie - Like to hear what he thinks, if true. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Well, it does seem to work for them, and deep down he enjoys it too, but it isn't our cup of tea.


Red said...

Not our cup of tea either. Thus, be the first to try this m/f wise, and share your thoughts afterwards
You are enough of an explorer to try this for your readers
Bottoms up

ronnie said...

Hermione -If it's true, yes they seem to both enjoy it and that's all that matters. Thanks.

Red - I don't think P would but you never know. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I think this was written by the author of the blog "Strict julie spanks", a well-written blog really worth following.

ronnie said...

Anonymous - Thanks. Yes I do read Strict Julie occasionally but not sure if this is from her blog.