Friday, 26 May 2017

Cold Fish

No it's not about a person, it was something I ate on my recent trip t0 Spain, it was the first time I'd tried it, carpaccio of cod to be exact, served with a small salad dressed with romesco sauce, which originated in Tarragona so you'd think they'd be good at it and they were. P had to persuade me to try it, I've always been a bit funny about uncooked fish although he eats it with gusto whenever he gets the chance. Anyway I loved it but I don't suppose it will be going on the household menu because cod from Waitrose or Tesco isn't likely to compare with cod fresh from the harbour. I know they call the stuff on their counters fresh fish but I also know it has been deep chilled and has been out of the sea for a lot longer than they'd care to publicise, long enough for flavour to dilute.

Anyway this post isn't to criticise the supermarkets, it's first to celebrate the fact that I've broken a personal food barrier and I'm going to try sushi next, and secondly to share with you what happened afterwards or the next morning to be precise, or to be even more precise a bit of both.

We'd had a lovely evening, we'd had a couple of beers with a Norwegian couple, eaten well, it was warm and were both in good spirits and decided to walk back through the old town to our hotel, in all about a 40 min walk. On the outside of town we had a stretch of about 3/4 mile of straight line Roman road to negotiate, mostly downhill. As we strolled along, it was near midnight by the way, P spotted a hooded character about a hundred yards ahead, swaying a bit but he didn't seem drunk, he was on the opposite side of the road but going in our direction. I felt P stiffen, he said it was odd we hadn't seen any drunks around, there were no other pedestrians and very few passing vehicles. The guy turned his head a couple of times as he swayed, easily enough to see us. I said maybe we should slow down let him get on his way but P said no that wasn't a good idea, he said druggies sometimes felt the cold even in warm weather he might have been on something. Then the guy crossed the road onto our side and P said "Uh uh, here we go."

I said let's go back into town it isn't far, but P said no way, don't show any sign of any concern at all, stand up straight and we'll cross to where he was, walk briskly as we cross just to show we're fit, and talk a bit louder. Don't look round at him. But I did, I couldn't help it. P said, "Shit, I told you not to do that". Then P turned round and asked loudly, "You alright mate?" Then back to me, "He's probably just had one too many," There was no reply from the hoodie. P said just carry on walking and don't fucking look round, if he crosses over again I'll tell you what to do otherwise just carry on and keep chatting. P put his arm round my shoulder and pulled me against him and then laughed aloud as if we'd just shared a joke. We walked a few more minutes and were within site of our hotel on our original side of the road when P said ok let's speed up a bit now, we'll re-cross the road and when we do if he's still there we're going to speed up and if he does the same I want you to run to the hotel, I won't be far behind. I told him I wasn't going to do that but he snarled, "Fucking do it if I say so please don't argue." I could sense the tension in my husband, he's over six foot and reasonably fit but you never know what a potential assailant might have. Anyway we crossed and P looked round but the hoodie had gone, whether he turned into an alley or a doorway we'll never know. P just said ok, let's just keep going not too fast and not too slow and don't bloody argue with me if ever anything like that happens again.

The hotel bar was closing so we went up to our room, had a glass of wine, watched the boats out at sea and chatted a bit, P wouldn't say what he was going to do if the guy had turned out bad but he did say he was going to spank me for questioning his order at a time like that. I knew he wouldn't do it then but, sure enough, he did in the morning, early too about half seven, the TV came on, cold water running in the bathroom, me still half asleep when the sheets were pulled off me and he turned me over and gave me a short but sharp caning reminding me about last night's incident, or non-incident which could have been an incident, and stressing not to doubt his judgement no matter how loyal I felt to do as I was told.

Then I told him I was sorry and he gave me a cuddle. Then I reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants and it was hard and I slithered down the bed and took it out of his pants. He said he hadn't showered, he'd eaten shellfish as well as fish the night before. I just said "Shhhhh....I know what I'm doing". And I did and I got a nice reminder of the fish, not too strong, as my husband and protector ejaculated into my mouth:)

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

well, you can eat sushi, it is wonderful. i donot know who in england suhsi is made but here in germany it is great.
kind regards
ralph from germany

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, good on you for broadening your taste buds, glad you enjoyed the meal. I'm afraid I don't like seafood at all.

Goodness, what a scary walk, so glad nothing untoward happened! Sounds like a wonderful and interesting trip overall, and that you got your share of canings :)


Fondles said...

Yay for new food. I got to try more different types of sushi too since BIKSS happened. i'd never go beyond the more common salmon sashimi otherwise. So far i've had more hits than misses so its all good! And yay for the morning-after caning. Sounds like a great morning call!

Hermione said...

I'm not fond of sushi myself, although it is available everywhere, and the biggest supermarkets make it fresh on the spot. I bought some once but neither of us would want it again.

Very frightening experience with that guy in the hoodie. I would have been quite scared.


Ella said...

I remember a line from Tennyson's "The Charge of the Light Brigade" -

"Ours is not to reason why,

Ours is but to do and die."

Hugs Across the Pond,

kdpierre said...

Besides sushi, which is truly raw, you might want to try ceviche. The fish is never heated but is technically 'cooked' chemically by immersion into citrus juice (which is also heavily spiced). It is very popular in Peru but quite easy to make anywhere. All the best!----KDP

abby said...

I am a little squirmy about sushi myself........but have learned to enjoy some of the milder offerings. That was quite a little adventure..luckily all ended well..with a red bottom. hugs abby

Leigh Smith said...

I can imagine how scary that encounter had to be, especially in this day and age. Glad all turned out well.

Let me know how you like the sushi, me I love the stuff.

Have a good weekend.

Rosie Jones said...

I'll pass on the sushi, I'm not a fan of fish or seafood. That was a scary encounter with the hoodie, glad all turned out well.
Rosie xx

Red said...

scary adventure... maybe best to hail a taxi next time, before oyu start walking home late at night... Glad you had a spanking while on holiday... and rewarded P for his efforts on your behalf.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Ralph - Hello. We have places here that make it fresh. Thank you.

Roz - I never liked prawns until recently. Yes could have turned out different, thankfully it didn't. Thanks.

Fondles - I'll try the salmon first and see how I get on. It certainly woke me up:) Thanks.

Hermione - Some of my friends love it. There is one big store where you can see them make it fresh. Yes frightening. Thanks.

Ella Thanks. Don't remember that line. Must Google the poem.

KDP - Yes I know of cerviche, may try that. Thanks.

Abby - Thanks. All ended well:)

SG - It still comes to my find. Next time I'm with one of my friends that like sushi I will try it. Thanks.

Rosie - It's only recently that I've like prawns and mussels. The cod was in a sauce with a light salad so I think that's why I liked it. Thanks.

Red - We love to stroll back to hotel or villa on holiday. More than one caning. Thanks.