Friday, 12 May 2017

BBQ time

It's not, unfortunately, time to have a barbecue. The great British weather tells us when we can or cannot have one. But P tells me it's going to be a hot summer, better than last year, and we'll be having plenty. 'Well that will be nice,' I said, I didn't bother asking him where he'd got his information from, it was just chat. We were sitting outside with mugs of tea after he'd cut the grass and I'd been pottering around with some plants.

Then two days later a Parcel Force man called, he had a delivery, it was a very big box and it was heavy, too much for me and I asked him to pop it into the garage for me. It was a BBQ grill with a smoker box attachment, I thought at first he'd gone modern and bought a gas one to save all the mess of setting up and then cleaning down (I'm the one who always cleans the ashes) but he hadn't, it was clearly stated on the box 'charcoal'. I closed the garage and went down to the shed, our trusty BBQ was still there so I called him and said what a nice surprise getting a gas barbecue for the garden. He nearly erupted over the phone, he said they must have sent the wrong one, he'd check his order, they better bloody not have sent a gas one. I didn't tell him I was only joking, I said he should double check it when he got home.

When he did come home he went straight to the garage, I heard the door go. He came into the house and told me it said clearly on the box it was charcoal, hadn't I read it? I said yes I saw that but I thought maybe it was the type you can sprinkle charcoal on top of. No no, that would be lava rock, he said, not for me thank you. Then I told him we'd already got a good BBQ in the shed, why have two, He said this one was bigger and better, an oil barrel type with a facility for smoking food and lots of space. I asked him what were doing with the other one, were we keeping it as a spare in case the super duper new one ever broke down? I was being sarcastic. Pointless waste of money in my opinion. Boys with toys. He stood and looked at me as if he could hardly believe I said that.

Then he saw me smile as if I was pleased with what I'd said. Then he dropped his bag on the floor, came across the room and put me across his knee and spanked me, lecturing me about the benefits of the new grill and why he preferred real coal and wood over gas and how it wasn't a waste of money at all and I'd see how much better it was when we got some BBQ weather. He wasn't spanking me hard, nowhere near hard enough and it was over cotton so I told him the truth that I'd spotted it was charcoal right from the start, I knew it wasn't gas. 

He started to ask 'Then why did you call me and say...' and then decided not to waste time on words; instead he pulled my shorts and knickers down, clamped his leg across my thighs and gave me humdinger of a hand spanking which had me squealing with protest and secret joy. When he stopped we were both panting, I could feel his bulge against my left hip, I spluttered that maybe we should go upstairs. He said he didn't think so and let me off his lap onto the floor. I thought his zip was coming down and if it hadn't I would have pulled it down but instead he bent me across the seat of the sofa. Then he got behind me, then I heard the zip undo and then I felt his cock against me then in me, and I squealed again as he slapped my bottom and fucked me at the same time. Lovely. The only thing that got barbecued was my backside!

With family all day Saturday then on Sunday we fly out to Spain. Wont be commenting or posting while we're away. 

Have a fun weekend.



1ManView said...

😮 Naughty girl... P is right, you can't get the taste like charcoal with a gas grill. L kept after me for a gas grill because she hard how easy it was to use. (Guess who would be cooking anyway) But after being over a friend house who was cooking with a gas grill, and she purposely asked him a dozen questions about it while I stood there to hear him boost how easy it was to cook and how he made his barbecue taste better than charcoal. After being served, L took a big bite of chicken he handed her with a proud smile on his face. She smiled at him like it was really good, but I knew better. I haven't heard about a gas grill anymore,but she have been bugging me about getting a new one that start the charcoal with a butane lighter. After showing her how I start the charcoal with one flick on a match, she realize I''m not giving up my old grill... 😮

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie,always love hearing about the inventive ways you manage to engineer a spanking. Hope P is right and that you do get lots of bbq weather and enjoy the new bbq.

Have a wonderful trip :)


MrJ said...

And thus everything turned as should be. Any sequel when placing the new thing in the shed= Would be a classic.

Hermione said...

I'd love to have a smoker and I suspect so would Ron. Maybe this summer once the rain stops!


The Glenmore said...

Sounds like your bottom was the only thing smoking Ronnie!Enjoy your vacation.

Leigh Smith said...

Now matter how often you use the new one, it's already worth the money. Your life is better than my stories. Have a wonderful time in Spain.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It's really good of you to constantly ensure that your husband maintains his cardio workout.
You are truly a Spanking Engineer.

Ella said...

Talk about boys and their toys - Several years ago, Sam got a combination charcoal, gas, and smoker. It is his pride and joy. Don't mess with a man with a spatula in his hand.

Have to agree with P, though, the charcoal is still the best. Wait until you taste smoked ribs, Ronnie!

I love this spanking, and perhaps I shall try a little BBQ teasing.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

IMV - Me naughty, never:) I don't think I've tasted anything done on a gas one. Yes, don't come between a man and his BBQ:)

Roz - So do I. Thanks

MrJ - Good to see you. No sequel:) Thanks.

Hermione - The smoker will be interesting but to be honest I'm not a big fan of smoked food. Thanks.

Glenmore - LOL. Thanks.

SG - You stories are great, we all love them. In my mind, I'm already walking by the ocean:) Thanks.

OBB - Well a wife has to look after her husband's health:) Thanks.

Ella - Don't mess with a man with a spatula in his hand - love it:) I do agree with charcoal being the best and I love ribs done on the bbq but smoked, not sure. I'll let you know. Thanks.


Meredith Malloy said...

I love this spanking.......... who cares about the BBQ!

Sarah Coltman said...

Barbecued bum! LOL!

Dan turned up with a new large charcoal barbecue for us last year from IKEA, but without a smoker. I hope P is right and we end up with another long hot summer. We've already eaten outside a couple of times and there is nothing to beat it.

Hope you have a good trip to Spain!

We need to meet up again this year!


Downunder Don said...

Its always the same with us mens....More Power. Hope you enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed for More Spanks.

ronnie said...

Meredith - LOL. Yes who cares. Thanks.

Ami - Good to see you. Thanks. No eating out in our parts yet so I hope he's right. Yes, definitely meet up again.

Don - As I said - Boys and their Toys:) Thank you.


Cat said...

Good gravy...boys and their toys. Hahaha I have an electric grill since I don't want to mess with all the charcoal mess and hauling propane for a gas grill is not something I want to do. Should have seen my oldest son's face when he was here and saw that he was going to have to cook on an electric grill. Too funny. But it does a nice job as far as I'm concerned and is much less trouble for me. :)

Have a lovely trip...hope you get some more bun warming while you're away. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat - Don't think I've every= had anything cook on an outside electric grill.

Had a lovely time, thanks and yes a few warm buns.