Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Smile for Today

A spanker is either of two kinds of sail. On a square rigged ship, the spanker is a gaff rigged fore-and-aft sail set from and aft of the aftmost mast. Almost all square rigs with more than one mast have one or two spankers, which evolved from the driver sail. Taken from Wikipedia.



Roz said...

Love this Ronnie, and I learned something new. Thank you for sharing, hope you are having a great week :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We always enjoyed sailing in a spanking breeze, which is a strong breeze. I am not sure, but a spanking breeze may be the time to set a spanker sail which steadies the ship in a moderate blow. No experience on gaff rigs, so this might not be the case.

abby said...

Master is a sailor, so we both loved this one..hugs abby

Leigh Smith said...

Cute - I did know about the spanker sail from my younger days in California.

Baker said...

Very interesting. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

Ella said...

Sounds good to me.

Ahoy From Across the Pond,

Minelle Labraun said...

By the context and play on words, I figured that this was real! I love the picture to go along with it!

Cat said...

Very cute, Ronnie...learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. Good to learn something new:)

OBB - Thanks. Not heard of a spanking breeze.

Abby - Happy you both enjoyed it. Thanks.

SG - Sounds interesting. You should tell us more. Thanks.

Baker - I hadn't heard of it untill I saw this picture and Googled the world. Thanks.

Ella - Good to me as well. Thanks.

Minelle - It made me smile. Thanks.

Cat - Thanks. Happy you enjoy it. Thanks.


Hermione said...

I love it! I've heard of a spanker sail before but never really knew what it meant. Thanks!


The Glenmore said...

This one reminded me of a female teacher at school who loved using the slipper. I recall her telling us about her disciplinary method and that the boys would be skippered on their 'beam end' and the girls got it on the palms.
She must have had a naughtical background as beam end is a part of a ship.
Thanks for the memory!

ronnie said...

Hermione - I had to look it up. Thanks.

Glenmore - My pleasure. Thanks. Skippered on their beam end - never heard that before.


The Glenmore said...

We didn't know what she meant either when she told us....
But we soon found out. Boy could she swing that thing.

ronnie said...

Thanks Glenmore.