Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Unscheduled shopping, stopover and a spanking

Well the spanking is never scheduled really, although sometimes it seems like it is, but the shopping and stopover were certainly impulsive, spur of the moment stuff. I was surprised, pleasantly I might add, that P not only agreed to it but initiated it.

I'd asked him if he'd come into Birmingham with me on Tuesday to help me choose some sale items, cheapskate that I am. He agreed right away, presumably impressed that some of his own fiscal prudence was rubbing off on me. Then when Tuesday morning came, he said "Why not go up to Chester?" I wasn't going to argue with that but for good measure I asked him if he was sure, could he spare the time, I mean the shopping's better up there but it's a long way to travel etc etc. "Not really, and probably not too busy with people back to work," he said, "in fact why not stay over night." I could hardly believe my ears. So that's where we went and that's where I am now, writing this post before we go out to dinner at either Chez Jules, casual French, or Picanha By Fazenda, which we'd heard of but not tried. P hasn't said which one we're going to yet, we haven't booked.

Most people are familiar with designer outlet villages these days but, for those who aren't, they're a collection of designer 'bucket shops' where they get rid of their end of line stuff cheap, sometimes very cheap. I usually do OK when I visit one and I like mooching for bargains anyway so I've had a good day all round. P was getting a bit tetchy towards the end even though I bought him lunch, we left about 4pm and he drove into Chester to find a free parking space by the university. We walked from there to the hotel, a cramped Macdonalds which he'd booked us into. It doesn't really deserve 4 stars but it's convenient for the restaurants so no drink drive issues.

I got spanked an hour ago for profligate spending well that's what he said, I only had a few packages and not a single item over 50 quid so I didn't agree with him and I argued a bit. It usually gets me spanked harder but there were people on one side of us because we could hear their TV so P was cautious about the noise level. He told me to take a shower, I knew why, because spankings hurt more when you're fresh from a shower, and when I came out with a towel wrapped around me he was sitting on the bed with his otk cane, the short one with the black and red handle which I love and hate. I looked at it and grimaced, he told me get across his lap sharpish if I knew what was good for me. My hair was soaking and I told him I needed to dry it or the bed would get wet. He thought about that and said for me to take the bath towel from around me and make it into a turban over my hair, then get over his lap and be quick about it.

I got the cane about thirty times across my bare bottom, already tenderised by the hot shower. I squirmed around over his thighs of course and as he was caning me he apologised for having to use it but said his hand would have been too noisy. I said he must have intended using it or why would it be there, he just laughed and asked me if he should stop. I said "Don't you dare stop! Not now you've started." P laughed again and increased the strokes. After he'd caned me I thought he was going to fuck me but he didn't although I knew he was hard. Instead he said he had some emails to send and then went for a shower. I dried my hair while he was mailing and started this post while he was in the shower. I'll update it later after we've been out if anything noteworthy happens, otherwise it's scheduled for the morning.



Michael M said...

Lovely shoppping trip by the sound of it. Mind you the cane

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, sounds like a wonderful day and shopping trip all round. Hope the evening and dinner out werd just as good :)


an English Rose said...

Nice way to start the year, shopping and spanking. Way to go Ronnie!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Great shopping trip with happy ending!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You guys have a great life! How thoughtful of him to take the cane.

I am surprised to read that you refer to yourself as a cheapskate.

abby said...

Shopping , a spanking, a lovely dinner....what more could a woman ask for...well there is one thing, but I think that probably was on the 'schedule' also.
hugs abby

Ella said...

The Boy Scouts have a motto, "Be Prepared" and I admire that in a man with a cane. Very jealous - shopping, night away from home, and a spanking. Morning sex is better anyway.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

What a lovely surprise for you - an unexpected overnight in Cheater AND a caning!

We have an outlet mall where I live, but we don't get there too often. When they have sales, the bargains are incredible.


Meredith Malloy said...

Absolutely delicious on all points!

Baker said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Hope things are going even better today.

Leigh Smith said...

I love how he chuckled when you called him out on bringing the cane.
Glad it was a successful trip.
Happy New Year to you both.

DelFonte said...

Caned in Chester! Way to go! Now I was out that way yesterday and it wasn't too busy so I hope you had a good shop.
hugs Del

Diary of Daisy said...

What a fantastic spanking day!
It's nice to know you were close to my home town :)

ronnie said...

Michael - It's one of our nicer canes:) Thanks.

Roz - Dinner was really nice. Thanks.

Jan - Unexpected but lovely. Thanks.

Anon - Good start to the New Year. Thanks.

OBB - He likes to be prepared:) It's a rub of from my nearest and dearest. His motto, why spend more on something you know you can get elsewhere cheaper.

Abby - It was indeed:) Thanks.

Ella - There was a little something extra which I haven't written about yet:) Thanks.

Hermione - This place has good bargains after Christmas. Some silly prices. Thanks.

Meredith - I like trips like that. Thanks.

Baker - A nice little treat. Thank you.

SG - That cane is handy for travel excursions:) Thanks.

Del - I wish I had bumped into you. Thanks.

Daisy - Small world:) Lovely part of the county. Thanks.


Red said...

delightful, a mini vacation, and a thoughtful husband who knew where he booked. Thus, he brought the perfect spanking implement: quiet, and very EFFECTIVE, and the only noise would be of your choosing. Hope you both made noise later that night or the next day.
bottoms up

PK said...

What a wonderful little trip! I still shudder at the cane, but I know you love it! Hope it got even better!

Cat said...

What a delightful surprise, Ronnie and sounds as if you got some very good bargains. With our crazy schedules, sometimes Matthew and I had to meet in the middle or in passing at hotels. He never cared who heard what if I needed a spanking. In fact, you just reminded me of a funny incident...will try to find time to write it up. So which restaurant did you eat at? Did you enjoy it?

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Red - I didn't make too much noise. Have just finished writing about it:) Thanks.

PK - This cane is a sweetie compared to the others:) Thanks.

Cat - We are a little cautious especially when we will be having breakfast in case people in next rooms have seen us. We ate at Chez Jules, really lovely. Shall look forward to ready your funny incident. Thanks.