Monday, 9 January 2017

In with the New - January Bargain Hunters Edition

Between us we found over 360 new spanking orientated blogs/Tumblr sites last year. So thank you to Bonnie and to all who sent links.  Let's try and beat that number this year.

Don't forget to stop by and say hello to these bloggers.

Intensive learning at the School of Ouch.

Spanking, Domination, Chastity
Women taking charge.

Boy Stray
A Gay BDSM submissive Journal.

Women who know Their Place
Dominant Women and the Fashion that oozes control over men. A lifestyle classic look.

School Spanking and Uniforms
Lift that plaid pleated skirt and bend over, young lady.

Spanking Confessions
Bad girls with painfully punished posteriors.

Nothing a Smacked Bottom Wont Fix 
Posterior pain, rear redness, seat soreness, hiney heat, and bottom bruises.

Sweet Submission
Spankings, submission, and random cute things.

Babygirl's Corner
A glimpse into the world of Babygirl and her Daddy.

Kacy Hammell
Author of: Paranormal, Suspense, Contemporary and Erotic Romance.

His Bratty Princess
Story about her journey and experiences with her Dom.

Une Bone Fessee
On est jamais trop âgé pour mériter une bonne fessée et en bénéficier.

Red Cheeks
The art of corporal punishment.

Cane in Hand 
Parallel lines - A study in red.

Naughty Girls' Poses and Predicaments
Naughty girls in assorted poses and predicaments before, during and after punishment. 

Naughty Bad Girl
Spankings given to naughty ladies.

Old School Punishment
Where spankings with the cane, tawse, and ruler teach memorable lessons.

Spank Videos
Lovely bottoms set aglow. 

Domestic Discipline
Spankings are serious punishment.

Ritual Discipline
Discipline spanking gallery.

Petadvacet na Zadek (Twenty Five-Ass)
A 35 years old whose's hobby is beatings on the backside

Some of these blog may not be new to you but to others a new discovery.

Send me links for any new spanking-orientated blog or Tumblrs you spot and I'll add them to my next 'In with the New' spot.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, wow, that's a great number of new blogs, thanks to you and Bonnie for keeping us updated and thank you for sharing these latest links. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am of the opinion that tumblr sites are not blogs, since I define a blog as having words.

Hermione said...

A warm welcome to all these new bloggers. Thank you for sharingthese, and I love the picture at the top.


Leigh Smith said...

Welcome to all - Thank you Ronnie and Bonnie for shining a light on these sights and sharing them with us.

Red said...

Welcome to all the new spanking bloggers. Thanks Ronnie, for spreading the word with your blog about these sites.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Roz - Thank you.

OBB - I know what you mean.

Hermione - Thank you.

SG - A pleasure. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. Let me know if you spot any new ones.


JLG said...

Good evening,
Sorry for my english, but it is not a language that I master well.
I find my blog in those you present in your article. This probably brought me new readers ... and that's why I have a blog.
Just a note in French "good" takes two "n".
Thanks again

ronnie said...

JLG - Hello and thank you. It was Bonnie who spotted your blog but my pleasure to add you to the list.


JLG said...

Thank you Ronnie.
The title of the blog is written "une bonne fessée" with two "n".

Butterfly said...

I have mine ... I'd love for you to include it!!!