Friday, 6 January 2017

Chester Addendum

I should get spanked for being lazy or tipsy or both (preferable, and separately of course).

So there was more to my post which I wrote on Tuesday evening and scheduled for Wednesday morning. We got back to our hotel late after a very pleasant meal (Daniel Craig used to eat there according to our waitress) and I must admit was pleasantly inebriated. We'd stopped at a cocktails bar on the way and it was brandy alexanders that did it. P said he was having another drink before going to bed but I didn't want one, I was completely fine, just fancied a snuggle and some sex to go to sleep on. I suggested he went down to the bar on his own if he wanted but he didn't bother in the end. He doesn't like it when I get a bit soppy and smoochy after drink, I don't know why but he never has so he was a bit abrupt with me. We went to bed but there was no sex.

In the morning P was late waking which is unusual for him, it was about 7.30am, I heard him stirring. Then I felt his hand touch my thigh. I didn't know whether it had touched me intentionally so I froze and held my breath waiting for confirmation. It was intentional, it moved down my thigh and then back up, slowly, trailing fingers on the inside. Then his voice, softly, telling me I'd been a naughty girl last night. I shuffled and murmured, tried to turn towards him but he stopped me. His hand went under the laced edge of my knickers and I murmured again, he pressed on my belly when I tried again to turn and then his fingers were between my legs. He told me I was lucky he hadn't spanked me last night for drinking too much. That didn't make me feel lucky, I told him it was his fault he'd started me on the brandy alexanders. He told me no excuses and he'd deal with me when it was appropriate. I was only mildly disappointed as I was quite wet from what his fingers were doing down there and I wanted sex as much as a spanking. I said "Ooh you're not really going to spank me just for enjoying myself are you, what about if I said sorry under the duvet to you, would that get me off the spanking?" He said it wouldn't, in fact it would get me spanked harder. So down I went.

I got his cock nice and hard and shiny wet with precum and my mouth juice, it wasn't difficult as it was already excited. I asked him if he'd let me off the spanking now, I'd got devilment in my voice and I was smiling, he must have sensed it even though he couldn't see me. He said he wouldn't, I was behaving outrageously and deserved a very severe spanking, I said "Oh gosh" and resumed sucking and then he exploded in my mouth and seconds later I had to put my hand between my legs because I started to orgasm. God it was powerful and just as well my face was buried under the duvet because I was noisy and I had to take my mouth off his cock in case I bit him. When I came up for air I had semen over my cheek and a big smile. We lay for a while then suddenly P was up and away into the shower. "Breakfast in twenty minutes," he ordered.

I don't think we made it in quite twenty minutes. We were on the road back to the M6 an hour and a half later. A totally pleasant little escapade...and a spanking yet to come, if he remembers:)

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

Must be something they are putting in the water in Chester. All that naughtiness, tut, tut.

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, you naughty thing. Sounds like a wonderful trip all round and I'm sure P will remember :)


MrJ said...


abby said...

Naughty does get it's just rewards, sometimes. I am better P will not forget, and it he has a lapse, you will remind him. hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Just jealous

Leigh Smith said...

As Our Bottoms Burn said...

Cat said...

Ooh Ronnie...what a lovely way to start off the day! Add me to the envious column. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Michael - Can't beat a little naughtiness. Thanks.

Roz - We have to be a little naughty sometimes. Thanks.

MrJ - Nice though. Thanks.

Abby - I doubt he'll forget but yes, I'll give him a little reminder. Thanks.Thanks.

OBB - A lovely treat. Thanks.

SG - Sex before breakfast is rather nice:) Thanks.

Cat - A lovely start. Thanks.


Hermione said...

What a lovely way to start the day!


Red said...

delightful to read, and a wonderful way to start the day..
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Once again, you see more spanking action than me. I am a little envious. Just a little...


ronnie said...

Hermione - It was. Thanks.

Red - Can't beat a day that starts like that. Thanks.

Yorkie - We have our moments:) Thanks.