Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Those naughty French, eh? 

France's new premier is apparently into sexting and not averse to spanking either according to the International Business Times. Apparently he accidentally sexted a female minister while in a meeting, the message was meant for his wife Veronique, whom he divorced some while back but then remarried. 
Presumably they were missing the spankings.



Roz said...

Oops! LoL, how embarrassing! Hadn't heard about this. Thank you for sharing, and for the giggle Ronnie :)


Leigh Smith said...

Tee hee - glad our Donald has company in the French sector.

PK Corey said...

Well, well isn't that interesting!

Anonymous said...
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an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, poor man, made me laugh though. Can you imagine if it was our husbands texting a work colleague by mistake?
love Jan, xx

MrJ said...

I have just taken some measures to ensure that spanking won't stop at the continent after Brexit.

Red said...

FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY... Also amusing is that it is being interpreted that it was meant for his wife, and not the woman he sent it to. However, his picture is not one of a virile young man
bottoms up

Rosie Jones said...

How careless of him!
Rosie xx

Baker said...

Hmmm....that's a mistake and a half I'd say.

ronnie said...

Roz - My pleasure. Thanks.

SG - They should get on well then:) Thanks.

PK - Made me smile. Thanks.

Jan - I'll be extra careful when I send P a naughty text:) Thanks.

MrJ - LOL. Thanks.

Red - Wonder if it was to his wife really. Thanks.

Rosie - Caused some amusment. Thanks.


Lea said...

I've sent texts to the wrong person at times, but never on that level! I'd want to crawl in a hole!

ronnie said...

Lea - Would be so embarrassing. Thanks.