Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Smile for Today

Wouldn't you love to see this happen in one of the shops.

Picture from Strict Julie Spanks.


1ManView said...

YES!... Trying to get my spouse out of the store today with all the X-mas stuff everywhere...

Thanks for the smile.... :)
Excellent Gif Ronnie...

peace and love

Roz said...

Love this Ronnie, would definitely love to see this in certain stores lol. Thank you for sharing, hope you are having a great week :)


Anonymous said...

I would love to see that happening. But in our case that would be me bent over the counter. And more than likely at Walmart LOL.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I reckon that has to be Walmart!
love Jan, xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Maybe P will take a pic after he bends you over the counter?
How would you feel about that?

Leigh Smith said...

You bet. On both sides of the counter.

Rosie Jones said...

Haha, would love to see it in more than one shop!
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

1MV - That would have been hard:) Thanks.

Roz - Thanks. Would be fun to see.

Archedone - You best not show the picture to your wife. Thanks.

Jan - Wouldn't surprise me:) Thanks.

OBB - Oh no, I would be so embarrassed. Thanks.

SG - Many a shop assistant could do with a spanking. Thanks.

Rosie - Imagine something like that happening in Harrods. Thanks.


Katie said...

LOL Ronnie! :) I bet that Rob has chuckled with a thought of that for me, on occasion. HAHA! Shop til you drop?

This looks like some naughty salesgirl though. That would be quite a sight!

Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...I can see a lot of husbands cheering for this. I have been swatted as I walked through a shop and threatened with worse. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Walmart for sure!

Thanks for the laugh!


Anonymous said...
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Red said...

This would make shopping more enjoyable.. You can just imagine the loudspeaker, and Shoppers, today in aisle three we have a husband holding his wife's hands as our secret spanker spanks again.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Mary, my hubby and I've been married three years, he has a daughter and son from previous marriage and so I', the mean old step-mother, his kids call me. They are spanked, in private and now as both are college kids, nine-teen the girl, twenty the boy, if living at home my rules. The step son moved out, he was a good kid, the daughter well typical girl. We enjoy shopping, one particular recent trip, she was trying on to many clothes, I asked if she would not, she said the clerks will pick the up and smiled at me. I quickly closed the curtain to the dressing room and soon had her over my lap, thankful she was only in panties and bra, the panties were soon down. Her bottom was properly spanked, other changing could hear. When I finished, opening the curtain, the clerk was standing there, my step daughter rubbing and crying, the clerk Thank Me and I had my step daughter pick up the clothes and put them back. At home the talk continued, to insure this would not occur again. She has been good, the store we still visit and the clerk, an older lady reminds me the dressing room is available any time, my step-daughter looks down, I thank the clerk, and show her the hairbrush I now carry.

ronnie said...

Katie - I know P has:) Thanks.

Cat - It would be fun to see but would hate it to hapen to me. Thanks.

Hermione - You are welcome. Happy you enjoy it. Thanks.

Red - LOL. More enjoyable indeed. Thanks.


Enzo said...

One of my favorite fantasies especially during this time of the year. In fact, I have written a few stories about this scenario.

Now just for it to happen in real life ;)

Thanks for the great illustration!


ronnie said...

Enzo - My pleasure. Love to see it happen. Will have to pop over and read one of your stories. Thanks.