Friday, 4 November 2016

Rosemary Gone

Did I ever tell you we have a park next to our offices? I think I must have mentioned it some time or another; it's separated by a painted iron railings fence and we have about two metres of border on our side of the fence which is (was) full of shrubs and bushes. Squirrels play there, you can sit and watch them, in fact you can open the door and they come right up to the edge, P says it's therapeutic sometimes. But there's something else (or was), right outside our office a rosemary bush has provided us with beautiful aromatic flavour for our lamb dishes, chorizo, casseroles and soups right throughout Summer and Winter, even in the snow and ice it never let us down.

Last week the morons who run our office block decided it would all look nicer if the border was 'tidied up' and the fence repainted. Neither of us were at the office when it was done but I got a call from P on Friday afternoon saying the border had been totally stripped and our rosemary bush had been stolen (his word) and there was no one in reception, because of cost cutting, to complain to. I said he could hardly complain because we hadn't planted it, it just existed and we'd had the benefit of it....and so had many others because we used to give bunches of the stuff away to friends, its production was so prolific and much better than supermarkets...and of course free.

P sounded genuinely annoyed. I asked him if they'd taken it to the other side of the building or maybe put it in a skip or something, maybe he could go and recover it, bring some of it home and re-plant it. He said he'd already looked but it seemed all the foliage had been taken away. I said perhaps he could plant another one. He said maybe but it would have to be mature and he'd want some other stuff to go with it. I said I didn't think they'd like it if just the bit outside our office was verdant with herbs and bushes and the rest of the offices barren or perhaps with flowers.

Then we got down to the second part of his gripe. "No I suppose not," he said, "but I'm definitely going to complain to someone on Monday. Apart from the rosemary and our bushes, we now have full views into the park and unfortunately vise versa....and I don't want footballers, bowls players and dog walkers staring in when I have to cane your bottom over my desk, which is in direct line of sight of the door."

I was taken aback and glad we were talking by phone or he would have seen my eyes light up.

Have a fun weekend.



an English Rose said...

Oh now we are getting to the root of it! he needs blinds for the windows and a Rosemary bush at home for all his lovely recipes!
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, oh how annoying the rosemary bush has been taken away. Love how P though about spanking lol. Jan has the perfect solution.


Rosie Jones said...

I can't beat Jan's solution.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Rosie xx

abby said...

Ahh...a man who thinks ahead, love it. I agree with Jan.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

How sad! People think that they need to "tidy" and remove valuable wildflowers, shrubs, trees, wildlife, removing the pleasure and natural benefits that these things give us.

You will have to plant a rosemary shrub at home for P.


PK Corey said...

I hate change and that includes someone ripping out a bush I felt was my own. I was extremely annoyed when they cut a tree near my room at school. As for the caning - I think you're going to have to invest in curtains.

Leigh Smith said...

P definitely knows how to stir your soul. I love the smell of fresh Rosemary, not only is is fragrant but tastes good too.
Have a great weekend

ronnie said...

Jan - The perfect solution. Thanks.

Roz - I'll be looking for blinds the weekend:) Thanks.

Rosie - Don't think I can either. Thanks.

Abby - I was at the office the other day and he's right, anyone looking can see right into our office. Thanks.

Hermione - I said I would buy him a small one and he can watch it grow. Thanks.

PK - It had been there for years. Whoever they got to rip the bushes out made a complete mess. Thanks.

SG - Yes rosemary has a lovely smell. Got me tingling mentioning the cane:) Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

I love Rosemary! At school I always have some Rosemary essential oils. The kids often have stuffy noses and I put some on a tissue so they can breathe!
I wonder who would have taken that bush! What a mystery!

Red said...

Sounds like some interior decorating is needed so that you can draw the shades or curtains for your caning. A very worthwhile investment.
PS: With P annoyed, you should be able to wrangle a s panking this weekend.. Maybe an advance caning for when he is unable to do it at the office, and afterwards tell him about putting up curtains.
bottoms up

MrJ said...

I'm sure you'll be a good girl now.

Cat said...

I do understand why P is annoyed...removing all the foliage...especially the lovely Rosemary has to be frustrating. As far as the clear line of site...I agree with Jan...tell P to buy some blinds and then remember to pull them prior to caning. LOL If you search a bit, you might be able to find a mature Rosemary bush to plant at home.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

Rosemary is a hard shrub to cultivate. Your office building border example probably found conditions it loved. You could install a one way mirror film on your window. Go round to the park to check it has been correctly applied before removing the cane from its hiding position.

ronnie said...

Minelle - Yes rosemary has other uses than in cooking. Apparently they got some firm to do it. Don't think they were expereinced at removing shrubs. Thanks.

Red - Maybe if we complain the office manager will put something up, if not we will have to put blinds up though we do have my small office upstairs.

MrJ - Hello. I'm always a good girl:) Thanks.

Cat - Yes I thought about a mature one but heard they don't do very wel in pots. Thanks.

Michael - One way mirror that would be different. Thanks.


1ManView said...

OK Ronnie, was the thought of the future spankings is what lit up your eyes, or was the thought of someone watching it got the naughty girl in you going? :)

Peace and love

ronnie said...

1MV - Hello. The mention of the cane:) Thanks.


Ella said...

You really must count your blessings, Ronnie. Getting a caning at the office has always sounded so lovely. Perhaps it is time for a bit of window dressing.

Also, I grow rosemary in a huge herb pot out the back door. It does quite well, but it certainly takes some time to mature.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

Ella - I love office canings. Yes I've heard Rosemary takes ages to mature. I might buy a mature one and plant in soil, not sure. Thanks.