Friday, 18 November 2016

11th Love Our Lurkers

Welcome one and all. 

Yes it's that time of year again...a day we bloggers set aside to show our appreciation to you our silent readers.

Love our Lurkers day is special and one I really enjoy. This will be my 8th LOL. I was a lurker once, yes really, I read and enjoyed blogs I found but never left a comment. Why? didn't feel as though I should but one day I thought why not and took the plunge, I had such a lovely reply back that I continued to comment and that eventually led me to starting this blog.

I know I have many readers from around the world who read but don't leave a comment and that's fine, I appreciate your visit but today is your day, so go on, say hello. Don't be shy

Thank you.

Hermione has a list of other bloggers who I know would love you to stop by and say hello.

Not around much today and not at all tomorrow or Sunday:( 

Will catch up when I can.  Have a fun weekend.




lindy thomas said...

Happy LOL day Ronnie and have a good weekend.
Hope you have lots of new people drop by to say Hi.

Hugs Lindy x

Meredith Malloy said...

Happy LoL Day to you, way across the pond. Here's to many more spankings.

Minelle Labraun said...

Hi ya lady!! I'm with you, this is such a great place! I'm a regular reader but love this day!
Waving hi! Hope for many more LOL Days!

abby said...

Have a great weekend...I am always very curious as to what you will post for us.
hugs abby

Cat said...

Happy LOL Days, Ronnie! Wow, your awesome is that. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Ella said...

Ronnie, I always love my visits here. You never fail to find something new and different to titillate our senses. And you always do it with an loving heart and a mischievous soul. No wonder you are so loved.

Hope you get to meet lots of new readers.

Hugs Across the Pond,

cutiebootie said...

Happy LOL day, Ronnie! Enjoy your weekend. =)

Michael M said...

And their off. Have a good LOL day and thanks for promoting it. Look forward to reading about your weekend away. Hope you get warmed up.

Rosie Jones said...

Happy LOL days Ronnie. I always enjoy visiting here.
Rosie xx

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, Happy LOL days to you. Hope you get lots of new visitors
love Jan, xx

ronnie said...

Lindy - Hello to you. Thank you.

Meredith - I'll drink to many more spankings for all of us:) Thanks.

Minelle - Thank you. Waving back to you. See you later.

Abby - I try and find things I know my readers will enjoy. Thank you.

Cat - Thanks. Can't believe it's my 8th.

Ella - You are the sweetest lady. Thank you.

Cutiebootie - Happy LOL to you. Enjoy the day and your weekend. Thanks.

Michael - Thanks. Happy LOL to you. I think we all need to promote it. Not away.

Rosie - Thank you. Happy LOL day to you.

Jan - Thanks. Happy LOL day to you. Hopefully see you aroound later.


Roz said...

Happy LoL Day Ronnie, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


ronnie said...

Roz - Thank you. Always good to see your lovely comments. Happy LOL day to


Jz said...

I'm a demi-lurker myself, but I wanted to wish you Happy LOLling! :-)

Leigh Smith said...

No lurker here. I love coming here to visit. I always leave with a smile on my face.

Terpsichore said...

Just dropping in to say hello. I always love visiting you when I can. :-) Hugs to you and have a wonderful week-end!

Baker said...

Hi, Ronnie,
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy you LOL readers when you return! Sending you well wishes for LOL Day!

Diary of Daisy said...

Happy LOL Day Ronnie!
Thank you so much for commenting on mine. I admit I do lurk on your blog. I love your smile for today posts!

Kaelah said...

Happy LOL-Day, Ronnie! I am still a regular reader of your blog but don't manage to post any comments these days. Always enjoy reading about your kinky exploits, though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

Former lurker here. Just reiterating that I love your recounting of your spankings. Like me, you enjoy them for the sheer pleasure of it and I donget quite aroused by your splendid, well written tales. Keep it up!

Happy LoL day


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie! I love your blog although this is my first time commenting. It is so interesting to read about all of your adventures, and I enjoy when you share lists of new bloggers. Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with your favorite things!!

Red said...

Happy LOL, and as one happy spankee to another, LOL also means we Love Our Life.
bottoms up

Katie said...

Happy LOL Days to you, Ronnie! :) I always love coming by and reading here about you and your P. Thanks for sharing your spanky adventures, and smiles with all of us. Have a great weekend! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

JZ - Hello and good to see you. Thanks. Happy LOL-Day to you. Looking forward to Cookie day:)

SG - Thank you. You are like one of the family.

Terps - I love when you stop by. Thank you. Happy LOL day.

Baker - Lovely to see you. Thanks. I hope you enjoy LOL day.

Daisy - My pleasure. I will be back to read more. Thank you.

Kaelah - Great to see you here. Thanks. Happy LOL-Day to you.

Yorkie - You are very kind. Thank you.

Anon Anon - Thank you so much for leaving a comment. You have made my day. I hope you will stop by again.

Red - And we do:) Thanks.

Katie - You are so sweet. Thank you. Happy LOL-Day.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I always enjoy reading your blog. You make me laugh! :-) from Scotland.

ronnie said...

Anon - How wonderful, thank you so much for leaving a comment. I hope you will stop by again.


Anonymous said...

Yo Ronnie! Always a pleasure to visit your blog. Happy LOL day from Rod of The Canery

Downunder Don said...

Hi Ronnie and Happy LOL day to you. My cat Xena visit daily and love your stories but I tend not to comment as trying to type and cuddle a cat at the same time is just a bit impossible.

Lilli Clairmont said...

Happy LOL Day!!! :)

OldFashionGirl said...

Happy LOL day, I love your blog... XoXo

Cassie said...

Hello dear Ronnie. We've been friends a long time now. I've read all you've written including your books. I may let PK do most of the commenting, but know I'm reading too.

Olivia Hisservant said...

Hi, Ronnie,

Just wanted to say hi - hope you're having a lovely LoL day!! I do read you often, just don't usually comment.

Bleue D'âme said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie! :-)

1ManView said...

Hello, Ronnie- I stopped in-to wish you a happy LOL Day... Like yourself, I visit and sometimes don't leave a comment, especially of late. I always enjoy reading whatever you post and your sense of humor. I get many ideas for my blog from your spicy attitude and your many loyal follower comments... Have a sexy and spanked weekend my friend...

Peace and love

Ripley said...

Hi Ronnie,
I read here often but I rarely comment. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

The blogs I visit regularly are:

Consensual Spanking
Chross Blog (mainly for the links to the below as it's easy.
Erica Scott
Hermoine's Heart
Heart and Soul
Our Bottoms Burn

Red and Bogey's blog always provide a wide variety of topics. I love Hermoine's spanko brunches. Ronnie is a master spanking story writer, very witty and oh, so hot. Erica has a wonderful wit and, being an editor I admire her spelling and grammar. Not to mention her open and honest posts.

You all make my day.

Happy Spankings and a joyful LoL day.


Eric51 Amy49 said...

Ronnie, Even when life gets overwhelming and busy, I always find the time to lurk on your blog. Keep writing and posting articles. Love it! Amy

Dr. Ken said...

Happy LOL Day, ronnie! I tend to lurk here more than comment, but I always enjoy the time I spend here. I hope the comments keep coming for you!

Dr. Ken

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, happy LOL Day, and I love the whipped cream cartoon from last week. :)



Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -
Frequent visitor here over the years although recently haven't been able to read too often, much less comment. Always enjoy the visiting here.
Happy LOL Day!

Poetic Estrus said...

Suprise!... Yes I'm still around and still lurking your blog. Life got too busy to keep my blog going, but I still follow this blog and you know who... :) There has been a lot of life changes, but my persuit of happiness has not changed... Wishing you nothing but the best of what life has to offer....


ronnie said...

Rod - Kind of you to say. Thanks.

DDon - Good to see you today. Like your cat's name. Thanks.

Lilli - Thanks. Hope you enjoyed LOL day.

OF Girl - Thanks so much.

Cassie - A pleasure to see you here. Thank you.

Olivia - Hello to you. Thank you.

Bleue D'ame - Thank you. Hope you enjoyed LOL day.

1ManView - Always good to see you. Thank you.

Ripley - Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you will come back and say hello again.

Yorkie - Hello. You are so kind. Thank you for reading and stopping by today.

Amy - Thank you so much.

Dr. Ken - Thanks for stopping.

Nina - Thanks. Hello. Good to see you. Made me smile as well.

Enzo - Hello. Always good to see you here. Thank you.

Poeticestrus - A lovely surprise and happy to hear from you. Keep well.