Monday, 3 October 2016

Too clever for my own good

I thought I was being clever, it was a last minute change of plan, spontaneous and with hindsight stupid. I mean it's going to get me spanked again, he's made that quite clear, so I suppose that's a bonus, sort of...except I fear it will be a rather painful one not the sort that causes my knickers to dampen as it approaches. Or maybe it will, who knows, another day.

You see I'd been taunting my husband good naturedly, it doesn't matter what about but it ended up me daring him to spank me. He told me I was a spanking addict, I didn't disagree and I told him I hadn't had the cane for quite a while, sticking my bottom out provocatively as I said it. Oh it's so easy to say and do that when the flames of the cane are memories and only the sexy bits stay in your mind but I often wonder if I would be so provocative immediately after a strict visit from that revered implement.

Anyway I'd set myself up for it and P decided he would give me a good caning if that was what I needed. I clearly did, in his opinion, the way I'd been carrying on, and he was going to give it me hard and with no sex after it, well not for me, not by way of getting fucked anyway... unless you count my face because he said he'd make me get down and take him in my mouth immediately after he'd caned me while my bottom was still outraged by the assault. He said he'd treat me like a slut, a spank slut, thrash me and then make me pleasure him. To squirm in ecstatic pain as I sucked his cock and swallowed like the little slut I was. I whimpered, I hoped it sounded like fear but suspect it came out like 'oh yes please, fucking do it don't just talk about it'.

Now there's no need to feel sorry for me, I'm a big girl and know what I'm doing, well most of the time, and I was drooling as P took me upstairs to deal with me like a spank slut. It was unceremonious, my trousers were taken down and I was made to lay over a pillow in the middle of the bed, I was allowed to retain my knickers, which were wet, although they didn't offer much protection. Then my husband caned me, he gave me exactly thirty strokes, fifteen from each side in groups of five, and I wailed and wriggled and stifled screams with another pillow as the tempo built towards the end. I'd lost my libido with the end pain but that often happens temporarily. I was nevertheless excited and craved further instructions. They came when P settled on the bed his groin level with my head and told me to undo his zipper and take his cock in my mouth. He said that was how he treated spank sluts and I better do a good job on his cock or he'd give me another dose. I opened his fly and his cock head, squeezing out precum, was in my mouth in no time as I licked and sucked and then...brainstorm....I decided to be clever. 

I decided to wait till he was about to explode and then take my mouth away, I thought it would be disobedient, naughty, evil, whatever, I had the devil in me. So that's what I did and my poor husband spurted his load part onto his shirt and part onto his belly. His grip on my shoulders was so strong it left (unintentionally) a bruise and the desperation in his voice was touching. I just said 'Oops'.

Poor P at first could hardly get over that I'd done such a thing, even though it wasn't the first time I'd been so naughty I certainly don't make a habit of it. Then he told me he was going to cane me again, then he changed his mind and said he wouldn't do it immediately, he'd make me wait and suffer. I was licking around the edges of the cum on his belly and asked him if I was a good girl belatedly and licked it all up, would he let me off. I thought I might get him hard again but it didn't happen. He got off the bed and told me the only way he could deal with what I'd just done was with another sound spanking and there would be no sex for me meanwhile. 

Later in the evening when I was sitting next to him, I apologised and asked if he was still angry with me. He put his hand on my leg and told me he hadn't been angry, dumbfounded was more like it. I wished his hand would move further up my leg but it didn't, he knew I wanted it to though, he can read me like a book. I asked him if he was really going to spank me again and when. He said it would be the next day or maybe the day after and it wouldn't be a spanking it would be the cane. I said that wasn't fair, he'd actually said sound spanking when we were upstairs. He said my little trick hadn't been fair, had it. I just muttered no and nuzzled up to him.

So que sera.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

That caning sounds as though it was ouchy and so probably led to your momentary lack of concentration.

MrJ said...

So ypu got what you, well, I think asked for.

Anonymous said...

Spank slut huh? Maybe that is a term many spankers use as my wife has called me that many times and uses it while she applies implements to my eager and presented bottom. I've also had the pleasure of giving her an oral climax after I've been attended to. Maybe it's time to ask for another spanking, I mean it's been 3 days since my last one.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, spank slut, I love it lol. You naughty thing, P has his work cut out doesn't he lol, but he's up to the task.


abby said...

Nothing wrong with being a spanking addict...and P has many ways to satisfy you.
hugs abby

PK Corey said...

You're a better woman than I am! I'm so glad you and P have each other - you seem to each have what the other needs.

Hermione said...

Ronnie, that was so naughty of you. You really do deserve another spanking, but maybe P will punish you by "forgetting" about it.


Leigh Smith said...

Ronnie, I fear you're in for it now.

Lilli Clairmont said...

Oh dear! I fear your already tender bottom is about to become much more sore! Perhaps at least there will be some lovely bits afterward for you this time, but I'm not sure I'd count on that. Good luck!

Blondie said...

That's why they say to be careful what you wish for. Hope iit all goes better, for you, when he canes next time

Rosie Jones said...

Goodness Ronnie, you may have got more than you bargained for this time.
Rosie xx

Cat said... laid plans go awry? Hope you both enjoy it more when he pulls that cane out again. Sheesh...30?!?!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Michael - He used his long whippy cane and yes ouchy. Thanks.

MrJ - Not quite:) Thanks.

Archedone - I like being his spank slut. 3 days is too long - ask:)

Roz - I don't know what came over me:) Thanks.

Abby - I am thankful he does Thanks.

PK - We have our moments. Thanks.

Hermione - No, he wont forget about it but I'm still waiting Thanks.

SG - P never forgets. Thanks.

Lilli - He said no lovely bits afterwars. We'll see. Thanks.

Blondie - I didn't wish for two canings:) Thanks.

Rosie - You could be right. Hope all's well with Mom. Thanks.

Cat - My naught streak just came over, don't know why:) Thanks.


missy said...

I loved reading this post Ronnie and admire your spirit.

His slut said...

You're a brave girl! I don't think that would be a laughing matter with my Sir LOL! Hope you enjoy that next spanking ;)