Friday, 21 October 2016

Real Pasta and those Spankings

Back on our wine and dine circuit, after a couple of years absence all because my husband took umbrage with the owner, is our one-time-favourite Italian bistro. They used to do the best pasta in town and, as we discovered last week, still do. The only trouble is, they've changed the decor and the furniture and the layout so that they can get more people in. So it isn't quite the same quirky little pasta parlour we used to enjoy. The food's as good but the atmosphere is different and I couldn't quite put my finger on why.

The reason we returned was we'd learned from friends that the owner was no longer working there himself (he used to chef and or maitre d' according to his mood). Instead he had swapped places with his brother, who was now running the show and he was doing likewise several miles away. So we returned, sheepishly and cautiously, quite ridiculous really as staff had changed too and we were unknown to his brother, just another couple of customers. Halfway through the meal P remarked how good the food was and how nice it was to get proper Italian food again, made fresh by people who knew what they were doing. There are plenty of places offering Italian in the town but they are plastic offerings (my husband's description), not proper. We've even been known to eat at ASK a few times during our self imposed exile and, lovely though the staff are, it's all pre-made and shipped in (sorry ASK).

But there was still something missing and my husband summed it up at the end when I was finishing my wine and he was sipping coffee. He said it was a pity we'd fallen out, it should never have happened, it used to be nice to be known and to chat with the boss over the counter (it's an open kitchen) or have him sit at the table with us for a while. He was right of course, the personal touch counts for a lot. I agreed and nearly told him it was his fault, his silly pride and stubbornness had caused it, but I didn't. I just said well let's start again and he seemed happy with that.

There was something else though, still gnawing at me. There was romance missing. Yes that was it, definitely. I remembered many an evening sitting in there on the little wrought iron chairs, sometimes with a sore backside after a spanking, always getting a round table in the corner, cosy and warm, in more ways than one. Yes I think that's what I was missing. I told P what I thought, he just pooh-poohed the romance talk but he admitted there had been several times when he'd brought me there after a spanking and a few when he'd taken me home at the end of the evening to give me one. Then he put his hand over mine and said, 'Well, next time you're a naughty girl I'll know where to bring you afterwards.'

He might says he's not romantic but I'm sure there was hint of nostalgia in his voice and his hand said it all. It often does.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

When you get home from the restaurant, you could ask P to Pappardelle your bottom to make it Radiatori and then give him some Fettucini.

Cat said...

Hate when your favorite restaurants change...I would be so sad if our local hole in the wall Chinese or Family Mexican restaurants changed. Oh and yes...P does sound romantic. Hope you're having a great weekend. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I hate it too when favourite restaurants and cafes change or the staff change. I agree, there is nothing like the personal touch. I wonder if you would feel differently about the place if P took you there before or after a spanking :)


abby said...

Dinner and a spanking....much more enticing...and romantic than dinner and a movie.
Have a great weekend
hugs abby

Leigh Smith said...

How romantic -so sweet.

Meredith Malloy said...

I knew just where your post was headed. There are times when the atmosphere just screams spanking before or after. Great post!

Rosie Jones said...

Harry and I like to go to a pub where the staff know us and have time for a chat. I suspect the food is shipped in but it's pretty good nonetheless. I was spanked last night before we went there and I agree, dinner and spanking is a great combination.
Have a great weekend,
Rosie xx

Terpsichore said...

atmosphere and that personal touch makes such a difference...glad you both found the romance :-) Hugs

Enzo said...

Ronnie -
Ah, my kind of romance.


Lucy O'Brian said...

Hi Ronnie
I am a new reader. Thanks for being brave and sharing your story

ronnie said...

Michael - LOL. Very good. Thanks.

Cat - He does have his moments:) Thanks.

Roz - Next time we go I'll have to ask for a spanking to see:) Thanks.

Abby - Oh yes can't beat dinner and a spanking. Thanks.

SG - :) Thanks.

Meredith - Preferably before. Thanks.

Rosie - Oh yes a spanked bottom then out to dinner is wonderful. Thanks.

Terps - We'll see next time we go. Thanks.

Enzo - You romantic:) Thanks.

Lucy - Hello and welcome. My pleasure. Thank you.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, it sounds like a lovely place. We had a favourite "real" Italian restaurant that sadly has closed. There is another one close by with a menu that looks pretty good online so we will try it next week. Maybe with a spanking beforehand, I hope!


Ella said...

Oh, I loved this post, Ronnie, for so many reasons. There is something special about a place like that, where everyone knows you. A place where you have a favorite table and are a little put off when someone else has the audacity to be dining at it when you walk in.

And there is something romantic about a memory attached to a spanking. I can just get this soft, stupid, smile on my face thinking of it. Sounds like there will be more pasta in your future along with some special activities pre or post dining.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Fondles said...

I love a familiar bistro but sadly there aren't many left where I live. new malls get built, landlords raise rents.. proprietors come and go... but if I find a place with good food at not too crazy prices, i'm the first one to be extra friendly to try and get that familiar vibe going. I'm currently working on a new dumpling store that just opened a month ago. so far it's going good.

PS - i was kinda hoping for you that you'd get that post dinner spanking after all :)

Red said...

amazing, that you were NOT naughty instantly.... I might start worrying about you, but know you too well for that worry of your becoming "proper" to take hold.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Hermione - I hope you like the new restaurant and yes hopefully go with a sore bottom. Thanks.

Ella - Yes I know exactly what you mean and yes put out when someone is on YOUR table. More asta and spankings - bring them on:) Thanks.

Fondles - Dmpling store sounds intersting. Yes sad when large shopping centres spring up and the little shops/restaurants disappear. No post dinner spanking this time. Thanks.

Red - Me proper no worry there:) Thanks.


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) That sounds like a lovely Italian restaurant. I'm sorry that things have changed for you there. I did think that your response to P was great- about starting over. Nice!

Sounds like there was definitely romance in the air! Wishing you a new special table, a kind & talented staff to enjoy, a pre-meal spanked bottom, and a whole lot of romantic dinners to come! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie - I'll be wishing for a spanking every time we go:) Thanks.