Monday, 31 October 2016

In with the New - Trick or Treat Edition

An interesting mix of blogs for your Halloween reading pleasure. Please drop by and give these bloggers a warm welcome.

Rouges Awakening 
It's about the journey. 

Captioned Goddess 
Images with captions.

The Online Meanderings of Malignus
Malignus is a dominant, sadistic, atheistic, asexual, INTJ spanko.

Spanking Mackenzie
Spanking model Mackenzie Reed shares original content, debauchery, TONS of spankings, vanilla interests and sometimes thought provoking quotes and posts 


Gallery of spanking pictures.

Enigmatic Amor
Submissive and Dominant relationship.

BDSM, spanking and stories.

Spanking Life
Love Spanking and More

Discipline is Always Needed
All kinds of spankings. 

Miss Hosiery and Babygirl

FemDom stories.

Annabelle Owned

A girl and her Sir.

Meanderings of a Spankee 
Pictures, videos and gifs.

This is Us, The Way We Are
Her first spanking was on the day that she and her husband got engaged.  

Never Mind
A gallery of spankings and more. 

I think you'll all agree we love reading new blogs. So, if on your travels you discover a new blog, or you start one yourself, with adult only spanking-oriented material please email me the link at and I'll be happy to list it on my next 'In with the New' feature.

and remember....

Have a fun day/night and a good week


Let me know if ether picture is yours.


Roz said...

Happy Halloween Ronnie, hope you have a great week :)

Welcome to blogland everyone :)


Minelle Labraun said...

Happy Halloween! Thanks for the new sites!

Hermione said...

Happy Hallowe'en, Ronnie! I hope you get many, many treats!


Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Ronnie. Happy Halloween. Hope you get lots of treats and no tricks.

Downunder Don said...

Another great collection Ronnie. Many thanks and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween

ronnie said...

Roz. Thanks. Hope you have a good one yourself.

Minelle - You're welcome. Thanks.

Hermione - Not a fan of Halloween. Thanks.

SG - My pleasure. Thanks.

DD - Didn't get any trick or treater today. Thanks.


Red said...

Happy Halloween. Thanks for the links
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - My pleasure. If you spot any new ones please let me know.