Friday, 9 September 2016


I do  like black and white spanking drawings and gifs:)
Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

But would you like to be her?

Roz said...

This is awesome Ronnie, thank you for sharing. Hope you are having a wonderful trip :)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, hope you are having a great holiday
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

The picture does have a lot of appeal. I wonder what the couple watching are thinking. Wonderful post thank you.

KC Perrin said...

That's a very cute bounce :)

abby said...

I love this one...her bottom's reaction...the couple looking on...hope you are having a marvelous time..
hugs abby

lindy thomas said...

Great picture Ronnie. Hope you're having a lovely holiday.
Hugs Lindy

Minelle Labraun said...

I too love black and white drawings!
Hope you're having fun!

Leigh Smith said...

Poor girl - getting whipped in front of an audience. Hope you're enjoying your holiday.

1ManView said...

I also like the black and white, and the ones with just a hint of color in them...

By the way, do you like the whip or flogger also... :)

peace and love

Njspank said...

I am not into whipping but this is a nice drawing. Thanks

Cat said...

Love B&W drawings and this one is very well done. Thanks for sharing, Ronnie!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Very sexy!


Baxter said...

that is a good one. thanks for sharing

Red said...

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Left a comment on the blog before this one as so VERY HAPPY you have met fellow bloggers


ronnie said...

Michael - I wouldn't mind:) Thanks.

Roz - Happy you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Jan - It was over too soon. Thanks.

Archedone - I wondered the same. Thanks.

KC Perrin - A nice drawing:) Thanks.

Abby - The couple watching add an interesting touch to the picture. Thanks.

Lindy - Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Minelle - They appeal to me. Thanks.

SG - Wonder what the couple are thinking. Thanks.

1ManView - I do love the flogger and we need a new one. That's given me a Christmas pressie idea for P:) Thanks.

Ron - It is a lovely drawing. Thanks.

Cat - I agree I think it's well done. Thanks.

Hermione - I thought so. Thanks.

Baxter - I thought everyone would like it.Thanks.

Red - But did you like it:) Thanks.

Sarah - It was a lovely meet and glad I was able to go. Thanks.