Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Bottom Line: that's why people love spanking so much

Look how far back the fine art of spanking can be traced.

In 1960, archaeologist Carlo Maurilio Lerici descended into tombs in the old town of Tarquinia, a necropolis of the refined Etruscan civilization that inhabited ancient Italy from about 800 BC until its assimilation into the Roman Republic in the late 4th century BC. Aside from bodies, he found countless badly damaged frescos depicting comical male boxers, sexualized female dancers, and most notably, in The Tomb of the Floggins, one in which an unclothed woman is bent over and holding the hips of a smiling bearded man while a young man whips her ass from behind—the first discovered example of erotic spanking.

Google found the piece for me on a standard daily search, I just thought it was interesting, in parts anyway. Here's the link to the full article on



PK said...

I think it's comforting to know we are in good company from throughout history.

Minelle Labraun said...

Always been and will continue through the ages!

Cat said...

Doesn't surprise me. LOL Thanks for sharing the article, Ronnie.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

She might be doing a bit more than holding that chap's hips.

Roz said...

Spanking through the ages eh lol. Very interesting article Ronnie, thank you for sharing :)


Anonymous said...

Guess I'm just weird. I'm a very alpha male and receiving spanking I'm very submissive and even though it stings and many times down right hurts it relaxes me. I love knowing a spanking is going to take place and crave to present my bottom to her in any position so she can spank me. All too many of our learned people have theories about spanking. It has always been and always will be.
Remember theories are just someone's idea not known fact. Honey please spank me I want to feel my cheeks bouncing and my butt stinging.

Rosie Jones said...

This was interesting but I've always assumed that spanking is as old as the human race.
Rosie xx

lindy thomas said...

Interesting article, thanks for sharing Ronnie.
Hugs Lindy

ronnie said...

PK - It's good to know. Thanks.

Minelle - Just wish it was more out in the open now. Thanks.

Cat - My pleasure. Thanks.

Michael - I can imagine what she was doing:) Thanks.

Roz - Happy you found it interesting, Thanks.

Archedone - Not weird at all. Know exacty what you mean. Thanks.

Rosie - Yes but still good to read how long it's been going on, Thanks.

Lindy - You are welcome. Thanks.


Hermione said...

That's an amazing piece of history. I didn't learn any of that in school!


Red said...

fun to read, and as Hermione says, too bad they didn't teach us that in school.
thanks for sharing
bottoms up