Friday, 30 September 2016

Spanko Ladies

You may have read an earlier post about me going to meet a group of spanko ladies. Jan, Rossie, Ami, DF and Ella. We met in our capital city. It was a delight. They are a great bunch of women. Ella came from across the pond and it was her who organised this lunch. Thank you for that Ella. We're all thinking of you.

Ami took some great pictures which I enjoyed showing to P and would so love to share here in blogland but of course I won't. We talked and talked and all got on so well. I 
felt like I'd know these ladies for ages. Time went far too quickly but before we left, when there weren't so many people around us we exchanged gifts, laughs and thanks followed.  I bet you can guess the gifts I received ......and as you can probably imagine many were related to our shared interest:)

Not one 
(perfect size for your handbag:))
not two
not three
but four kitchen implements
One even had my name on it which was lovely and thoughtful. 

I  mentioned that I was tempted to give each a gift of a cane and one of the girls told me that she had said to her husband if I gave her a cane she would refuse it. How ungrateful would that have been:) 

We don't generally use kitchen implements for spanking in our house (except for the odd opportunistic swat) so I added them to the stone jar we keep on the kitchen counter with other regularly used kitchen implements. My husband, who does more than his share of the cooking and has an eagle eye, soon spotted the newcomers and has already tested a couple of them 'out of interest'. His favourite so far is the long lovely wicked wooden spoon which he tested on me in the kitchen and declared worthy of a place under the mattress after he heard the yelps it produced with hardly any effort. I never realised wooden spoons packed such a wallop, perhaps it's the extra long handle with the added leverage or maybe it's the type of wood or the sculpting of the bowl, I honestly can't say. But it's definitely severely ouchy! So you won't mind if I take back my 'thank you', Ami:)

Jay Peaches gave us a copy of her book.

If you haven't read any of Jaye's books I suggest you remedy that straight away as she is a very good writer.

It was a lovely day and look forward to meeting up again.

Have a fun weekend.



Cat said...

So happy for all y'all, Ronnie. Also a tad bit envious...of the get together, not the weapons of m'ass destruction. LOL

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

The Secret Five go to London. I am sure there is a book in there somewhere.
The "mattress spoon" looks stingly. Hope it gets another outing this weekend.

abby said...

Yes, wooden spoons are best for stirring cookie batter! I envy all of you, having that wonderful opportunity to meet.
hugs abby

PK said...

I so wish I could have joined you! Spoons have a nasty habit of concentrating all their sting on one contact spot. It does make them interesting.

Hermione said...

Those are lovely spoons, Ronnie. I have fond memories of wooden spoons, especially the one we broke.


Roz said...

Ouch, that's a lot of spoons. Glad you were all able to meet and that you had such a wonderful time. I would love to be able to meet blog friends in person.


Leigh Smith said...

So happy you all had a chance to meet up and enjoyed the visit. Time is always short when you're having fun - hope you get to do it again.

Lovely gifts - practical too.

Meredith Malloy said...


It has sounded like a wonderful time with each recounting I hear. How fun for all of you.
I am not a fan of the wooden spoon either.

Lilli Clairmont said...

Wooden spoons should be banned from the bedroom! Mind you, even if they were, you'd have to be very careful about behaving whilst in the kitchen! What a lovely assortment ... though I'm glad they were given to you and not me! lol

ronnie said...

Cat - I did expect one spoon but not four:) Thanks.

Michael - I hope I don't. Thanks.

Abby - They should onlybe used for stirring cookie batter:) Thanks.

PK - I wish you'd been there. The small paddle Ella gave is a little devil, quite stingy. Thanks.

Hermione - I don't think this one will be easy to break. Thanks.

Roz - Maybe you will one day Roz. Thanks.

SG - I hope so too as they are a breat bunch of girls. Thanks.

Meredith - I'm definitely not a fan now. Lovely to meet them. Thanks.

Lilli - I wish they'd been given to someone else:) Thanks.


DelFonte said...

They are lovely spoons and worthy of attention ;)
I love Michael's comment, it was like a secret meeting in that pub, all clandestine and hushed tones and giggles.
I must get on and edit the next book!
hugs Del

ronnie said...

DF - I wonder what the other people around though of us. Look forward to your next one. Need a month off to catch up on books I still haven't read:) Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Do you know, I am still grinning from ear to ear when I think about our wonderful lunch.

Such an atmospheric pub. I hope the 'ghosts' had a good laugh. That couple on the table near ours must have been quite fascinated.

Are you telling me you never tried a French jam spoon before? Shame on you! I am so glad P liked it and is considering keeping it close. Dan loves it because he has to do hardly any work at all. I hate it, and must admit that mine is relegated to the kitchen, where I feel it belongs!


Blondie said...

How fun! I can only imagine meeting up with such a great group of blog friends.

ronnie said...

Ami - I'm the same. I smile every time I think of that lunch. No I've never tried a French jam spoon and I hope it becomes out of favour very soon but that I doubt. Thanks.

Blondie - They really are a great bunch of ladies. Thanks.